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Chicken Supplies

Chicken Supplies

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  1. Country Road Layer Crumbles Feed 16% Hens 50 lb. 2492

    Country Road Layer Crumbles Feed 16% Hens 50 lb. 2492


    Purpose: This feed is designed to be fed to layers as the sole ration.

    Feeding Direction: Feed as the sole ration to laying birds. Birds 22 weeks and over will consume approximately 85 pounds per year. Keep feeders half full at all times. Oyster shell or ground limestone may be feed in addition to Rural King Layer Crumbles. Provide plenty of fresh water, for more information refer to the back of the bag.


    • Amino Acid Balanced
    • Crumbled form
    • Bolstered calcium levels
    • High energy level


    • Optimum growth and development
    • Easy to consume, low waste
    • No oyster shells required.
    • Strong bones for layers
    • Vitamins help fight stress
    • Maximum egg protection

    ***Ingredients and Nutritional Facts under manual

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  2. Layer Pellet Feed 16% 50# Value 46249

    Layer Pellet Feed 16% 50# Value 46249


    Pricing Varies By Region.  Please Contact Your Local Store for Pricing.

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Chicken supplies include more than just live chickens, a coop and nesting boxes. They include everything from Egg Cartons to Chicken Incubators and Chicken Containment areas.

The basic Chicken Supplies are feed and watering systems, chicken habitats or coops, accessories such as lights and nesting boxes, and nutrition items such as feed and supplements. Some of our best sellers in Chicken Supplies include waterers, feeders, nesting boxes and brooders. Waterers and feeders come in a variety of sizes from small cage devices to large galvanized systems. For small farms and hobby chickens, our small coops are great for getting started, and for egg or meat production farms, chicken containment can be purchased which is larger . Coops and containment areas are made from wood or metal, can be enclosed or open. Our heat lamps, heated waterers and bedding are items that make winter poultry ownership a bit easier to manage for any size operation.

The various incubators include small sized incubators for hobby farms and educational uses, and larger incubators which will hold up to 250 chicken eggs. Various supplies for incubation such as thermometers, egg hatching supplies, nesting boxes and egg cleaners are also available.