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Chicken Feed

Chicken Feed

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When choosing chicken feed for your flock, Rural King has all of your bases covered. If you are just getting started and need Starter/Grower for those baby chicks, both Country Road Chicken Feed and Nutrena Naturewise Chicken Feed varieties are available. Pro-Medicated Starter by Manna and Medicated Starter by Country Road are also options, along with a Chick Vitamin Pack for new chicks. There is also Organic Starter produced by Manna available for those with organic needs. For your laying hens, you can choose from a Layer Crumble Chicken Feed or Layer Pellets chicken feed and top off the diet with the all important Scratch Grains. Both Layer Crumbles Chicken Feed and Layer Pellets Chicken Feed are available from Country Road. Nutrena Naturewise offers a Feather Fixer diet for those feather issues, along with Poultry Grit, Oyster Shell, Scratch Grains(Nutrena County) and an All Flock Poultry Feed, perfect for mixed flocks of birds. The protein in the Meat Bird Crumbles provide what a flock needs for producing quality products for the dinner table, available by Country Road and Nutrena Naturewise. Along with basic feed items, there are also a variety of snacks and treats for poultry which include mealworms by Happy Flocks and chicken bricks by Country Road. Manna also provides a Game & Showbird Feed.