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Horse Grooming - Show Supplies

Horse Grooming - Show Supplies

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  1. Wahl Standard 30-15-10 Adjustable Blade 1037-400

    Wahl Standard 30-15-10 Adjustable Blade 1037-400


    Product Features:

    • Fits Wahl Kennel Pro, U-Clip, Stable Pro, Iron Horse & Show Pro
    • Cut length of 3/64"-3/32"
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  2. Wahl Stainless Steel Attachment Comb Set 3390-100

    Wahl Stainless Steel Attachment Comb Set 3390-100


    Product Features:

    • Universal self-adjusting Snap-on stainless steel combs for professional clippers
    • Glides through coats quickly and efficiently for a smooth finish and to save time
    • Securely fits all 4 sides of the blade eliminating comb detachment/gouge mistakes
    • For best performance use Wahl #30 Ultimate or competition blade; but thay can be used with any brand #10, #15, & #30 blades
    • 8 color-coded combs included with cutting lengths from 1/8
    • The convenient professional attachment guide combs are the perfect accessory for grooming pets and coats of all types.
    • The stainless steel technology allows combs to glide through coats quickly and efficiently leaving a smooth finish and will not leave track marks.
    • Each comb has smooth tips for snag-free grooming and are conveniently color coded for easy reference
    • The Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Comb kit includes all the comb lengths you need for a complete professional style clip at home:
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  3. Wahl Equine Show Pro Plus Clipper Kit 9482-700

    Wahl Equine Show Pro Plus Clipper Kit 9482-700


    Product Features:

    • Reliable electromagnetic motor
    • Thumb controlled adjustable blade #30-#15-#10
    • High speed for quick trims
    • Includes: Clipper, New Equine Line Bonus Soft Face Brush, Cleaning brush, Blade oil, and Instruction Book (English & Spanish)
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  4. Cranky Horse Swivel - Horse Training Aid

    Cranky Horse Swivel - Horse Training Aid


    The Cranky Horse Swivel is simple to install and is very affordable!  Cranky Horse Swivels are proudly made in the U.S.A!  The are forged out of solid quality steel and no corners are cut.  Teaches and promotes discipline and respect!  Great for training or retraining problem horses.  


    • Installs on wood or metal post
    • Galvanized lag bolts included

    Essential Uses:

    • "Quality" time-out
    • 360 degree of movement
    • Cooling down time
    • A must for spoiled horses
    • Perfect for colt training
    • Great for bathing
    • Encourages tielding of the hindquarters
    • Safely tie for long periods
    • Attractive & Conveinent


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  5. Wahl KM5 Purple Equine Clipper 9787

    Wahl KM5 Purple Equine Clipper 9787


    The new KM5 rotary motor, German engineered professional 2-Speed clipper delivers maximum performance, increased power and torque and extended durability with essentially no maintenance.

    Product Features:

    • Professional 2-Speed rotary motor clipper with superior power and torque
    • The KM5 features Constant Speed Control which automatically delivers more power when needed while clipping through mats and thick coats making quick work of tough situations. Proven increased power and torque while being extremely quiet.
    • New Ergonomic design confirmed by ergonomic experts in Europe. The KM5 design features an ergonomic and lightweight body shape for increased comfort and control with all the benefits of being correctly-balanced and minimal vibration for reduced wrist fatigue.
    • #10 Ultimate Competition Series blade set for better clipping performamce
    • Excellent blade system: blades stay secure and are easy detachable
    • Great for all over grooming, including mats and complete shave downs
    • Quote: Certified Master Groomer, Suesan Watson ~ It's a great working clipper; maneuvers nicely and will go through coats smoothly. With the KM5 you get a true cut without having to go over a spot more than once making better use of your time. It's an affordable clipper that will save you both time and money.

    Kit Includes:

    • Professional 2-Speed Rotary Motor Clipper with 14 ft. Flexible Cord
    • Ultimate Competition Series #10 Detachable Blade Set
    • Blade Oil
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Instruction Book
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  6. Wahl #10 Ultimate Series Detachable Blade 2358-500

    Wahl #10 Ultimate Series Detachable Blade 2358-500


    Product Features:

    • Fits Wahl KM-2, Switchblade, and Storm Clippers
    • Cuts 2.5 x's faster
    • Cut length 1.8mm (1/16
    • New ultimate blade line has silky, shiny finish
    • New Distinctive Black Chrome finish has been added for superior rust protection
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  7. Wahl 5-in-1 Fine Reaplacement Blade 2179-301

    Wahl 5-in-1 Fine Reaplacement Blade 2179-301


    Product Features:

    • The '5 in 1' Blade group is a specific blade group that fits on specialty clippers such as the Arco, Bravura, Chromado and Li+Pro interchangeably. They are easily detachable which makes them easier to clean than standard blades that require screws to be taken out for cleaning and maintenance.
    • The '5 in 1' blade is unique because it has 5 of the top used blade sizes integrated into just one blade, saving time and costs.
    • There are currently 5 blades in this series: 2179-301 '5 in 1' blade Fine; 2179-401 '5 in 1' blade Coarse; 41884-7190 '5 in 1' blade Pro Blade/Fine; 41854-7603 '5 in 1' blade Champion blade; & 41873-7200 Non-Adjustable 45 blade
    • This is the 2179-301 Fine '5 in 1' blade: This is a standard blade. It is meant to be used on animals with fine hair and it easily adjusts to blade sizes #9, #19, #15, #30 and # 40. This is a standard blade because it is typically the blade that comes already attached to clipper units. (Except for the current Li+Pro).
    • Fits Wahl ARCO SE, Bravura, Chromado & Li+Pro clippers
    • Cutting positions #9, #10, #15, #30, #40
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  8. Ozark Leather All American Trophy Saddle 1341

    Ozark Leather All American Trophy Saddle 1341


    Ride your horse in style with the All American Trophy Saddle! This saddle is handcrafted in the U.S.A.

    ***Saddle sold without tie straps***

    Tree Poly-Ride - 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
    Seat 15", 16", 17" Padded
    Bars Semi-Quarter Horse
    Swell 11 1/2" Wide
    Gullet 6 3/4" Wide, 6 3/4" Tall
    Horn 3 3/4" Tall, Leather Covered
    Horn Diameter  2 3/8"
    Cantle 4" Cheyenne Roll with Rawhide Overlay
    Rigging Stainless Steel Dee Front & Back
    Skirts 26" x 14", 27" x 14", 28" x 14"
    Stirrups 2" Laced Rawhide Covered Bell
    Weight 29 lbs.
    Finish  Medium Oil
    Extras 3" Flank Cinch, Rawhide Overlay on Fork, Hand Rubbed/Dyed Edges, Silver Conchos
    Tooling 3/4 Spot Tooled Oak Leaf Pattern
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  9. Wahl Pro Ion Cordless Pet Clipper Kit 9705

    Wahl Pro Ion Cordless Pet Clipper Kit 9705


    Enjoy a more sophisticated technology with the Lithium Ion battery power Wahl PRO ION clipper. This rechargeable animal clipper has new innovative Lithium Ion technology that provides optimal performance and up to 2 hours of cordless runtime that will operate at full speed until depleted.

    Product Features:

    • Professional power with up to 6,000 SPM & up to 2 hours of runtime
    • 15 minute quick charge option for up to 8 minutes of additional use
    • New high performance blade easily adjusts blade sizes #10, #15 & #30
    • Ergonomic design provides ease of use and the comfort required when grooming
    • New Lithium Ion battery technology gives optimal performance
    • Great for clipping or trimming fine to thick coats

    Kit Includes:

    • Powerful Lithium Ion Rotary Motor Clipper with Adjustable High Performance Blade #30-#15-#10
    • Durable Storage Case
    • Grooming & Styling DVD
    • Stainless Steel Scissors
    • Pet Styling Comb
    • Seven Attachment Guide Combs (red-1/8 in., purple-1/4 in., blue-3/8 in., orange-1/2 in., yellow-5/8 in., light purple-3/4 in., green-7/8 in.)
    • Red Clipper Blade Guard
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Blade Oil
    • Instruction Book
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  10. Wahl Equine Arco Professional SE Clipper Kit 8786-800

    Wahl Equine Arco Professional SE Clipper Kit 8786-800


    Product Features:

    • The Wahl Arco is a Professional Equine clipper kit that is perfect for the bridal path, fetlocks, face, ears and finish work on all breeds
    • Professional cordless '5 in 1' blade clipper kit with 2 NiMH batteries and unsurpassed cutting performance
    • Exceptionally lightweight, amazingly quiet with no vibration at 5,500 strokes per minute, the Arco gives you the power and performance you need
    • The adjustable '5 in 1' blade has blade sizes #9, #10, #15, #30, & #40 all in one blade and glides through coats quickly and efficiently
    • The clipper and blade are ALWAYS cool running and give you continuous cordless operation with the dual-charge battery packs
    • The unsurpassed cutting ability of the '5 in 1' blade by Wahl ensures top clipper performance for all grooming needs
    • 6.75 inches long, weighs 7.9 ounces; 1-year limited professional warranty
    • The Arco clipper is a must have clipper for every horse owner who wants to save time and have a great finished clip!

    Kit Includes:

    • Professional cordless Arco clipper
    • 2 NiMH batteries giving you continuous runtime
    • '5 in 1' adjustable blade
    • Durable storage case
    • BONUS
    • Charging base
    • 4 slide on attachment guide combs
    • Blade oil, cleaning brush and instructions
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