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Horse Health

Horse Health

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  1. Bimeda Equimax Equine Tapeworm Dewormer PFG421

    Bimeda Equimax Equine Tapeworm Dewormer PFG421


    EQUIMAX® is the ONLY combination ivermectin/praziquantel dewormer safe for ALL horses, including:

    • Foals four weeks of age and older.
    • Pregnant and lactating mares - No adverse effects on fertility.
    • Breeding stallions - Semen quality and reproductive hormone levels remained unaffected.

    • A full dose contains enough active ingredients to treat horses weighing up to 1,320 lb.

      Easy-to-use-and-handle syringe/applicator for more accurate dosing. A smooth, quick-dissolving apple-flavored paste provides palatability. FDA-approved to effectively treat the most common equine parasites, including:

      • Tapeworms
      • Large Strongyles (adults)
      • Small Strongyles (adults, including those resistant to some benzimidazole class compounds)
      • Small Strongyles (fourth–stage larvae)
      • Pinworms (adults and fourth–stage larvae)
      • Ascarids (adults and third– and fourth–stage larvae)
      • Hairworms (adults)
      • Large-mouth Stomach Worms (adults)
      • Bots (oral and gastric stages)
      • Lungworms (adults and fourth–stage larvae)
      • Intestinal Threadworms (adults)
      • Summer Sores caused by Habronema and Draschia spp. cutaneous third-stage larvae
      • Dermatitis by Neck Threadworm
  2. Farnam Pine Tar  32oz

    Farnam Pine Tar 32oz


    A natural, antiseptic, germicidal treatment for use on hooves.  Pine Tar’s natural antiseptic properties help combat fungicidal & bacterial infections in the frog.  A major ingredient in hoof dressing preparations. 

    • Pine Tar Pruning Sealer
    • 90% Pine tar, 10% resin
    • Used for sealing foilage cuts
    • A natural, antiseptic, germicidal treatment for use on hooves
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  3. Pfizer Animal Health Quest Wormer for Horses 2200

    Pfizer Animal Health Quest Wormer for Horses 2200

    Quest Gel for Control Against Internal Parasites - 11.3G : Provides horse owners worldwide with safe, effective control against a broad spectrum of internal parasites, including bots. Numerous research trials have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of moxidectin in breeding mares, stallions, and foals 4 months of age or older. Learn More
  4. Farnam Viodine Medicated Shampoo

    Farnam Viodine Medicated Shampoo

    [description] Learn More
  5. Povidone-iodine Scrub

    Povidone-iodine Scrub

    [description] Learn More
  6. Apple Electrolyte

    Apple Electrolyte


    Electrolytes and trace minerals powder with no sugar or dyes. Apple-A-Day electrolyte is the original apple flavored source of electrolytes and trace mineral.


    Electrolyte salts with a delicious, palatable flavor
    * Perfect for performance, endurance, racing, and long trail rides
    * Granules can be top dressed or mixed in feed
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  7. Farnam Repel X  Fly Spray 32 oz ( RTU ) 010330

    Farnam Repel X Fly Spray 32 oz ( RTU ) 010330

    • Ready-to-use, water-based formula
    • Contains pyrethrins and permethrin
    • Repels and kills six fly species, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and ticks
    • 32 oz. with trigger sprayer
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  8. Equifusion Horse Shampoo 1 GAL

    Equifusion Horse Shampoo 1 GAL


    EquiFusion 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is a biodegradable, phosphate-free shampoo and conditioner that cleans and moisturizes hair in one step. It is specially formulated with high-sudsing cleansers that deep clean to remove dirt and debris. Deep conditioner and coconut oil ingredients restore moisture to the hair for a soft, silky feel and add shine to the horse’s coat. Easily detangles manes and tails, without excessive build-up, for softer, more manageable hair. pH-balanced to rinse easily and thoroughly, leaving no residue behind and returning the horse’s skin pH to a normal/healthy level.

    Directions For Use Wet the horse’s coat thoroughly with water. Apply a sufficient amount of EquiFusion™ 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner with a sponge and massage into a rich lather over the horse’s entire body. Let lather stand for a couple of minutes. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Remove excess water and dry horse as desired.

    ● Biodegradable & Phosphate-Free

    ● pH-balanced

    ● Gentle Enough for Daily Use

    ● For Performance Horses

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  9. Equi-spot For Horses100506084

    Equi-spot For Horses100506084


    Kills And Repels House Flies, Stable Flies, Horn Flies, Eye Gnats, And Ticks. Helps Control Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Mosquitoes And Black Flies (3 Tubes To A Pack)/Don T Let Product Get In Eyes, Or Muco.

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  10. Thermaflex Gel (display)

    Thermaflex Gel (display)

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