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Swine Feed

Swine Feed

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  1. Manna Pro Adult Potbellied Pig Food 20 lb. 00-6930-2120

    Manna Pro Adult Potbellied Pig Food 20 lb. 00-6930-2120


    Manna Pro Adult Potbellied Pig Food

    Feeding Directions:

    • Use Potbellied Pig Food as the sole ration for adult pigs
    • Provide sufficient feed to maintain the desired body condition
    • This will typically be in the range at 1-2% of body weight daily
    • DO NOT ALLOW pigs to become obese

    REMINDER: Feed is perishable. Store this product in a cool, dry area away from rodents and insects.


    • DO NOT OFFER any feed that is spoiled, moldy, rodent or insect-infested, or abnormal in appearance or odor, as it may cause illness or death.
    • This product contains supplemental copper. DO NOT FEED to sheep or other copper-sensitive species.
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  2. Cargill Pig Finisher Showmaster 50 Lb 10758-T

    Cargill Pig Finisher Showmaster 50 Lb 10758-T


    Product Description:

    This feed is formulated for show pigs from 175 lbs-market weight and specifically designed for adding the perfect finish and is ideally formulated to be fed with Sweepstakes. Form: 5/32 mini pellet.

    Active Drug Ingredients:

    Medicated with Tylan at 100grams/ton

    Feeding Directions:

    Showmaster Pig Finisher should be fed as the sole ration to barrows, gilts, and boars from 175 lbs to ideal finishing weight or following SM Pig Grower.

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    • Crude Protein -- 17%
    • Lysine -- 1%
    • Crude Fat -- 4.50%
    • Crude Fiber -- 3.50%
    • Calcium -- (Min. - 060%) (Max. - 1%)
    • Phosphorus -- 0.75%
    • Salt -- (Min. - 0.50%) (Max. - 1%
    • Sodium -- (Min. - 0.20) (Max. - 0.60)
    • Selenium -- 0.30 PPM
    • Zinc -- 140 PPM

    Features & Beneftis:

    • Ideal Carbohydrate Balance: Improves show pig performance due to a better gut environment from ideal balance of starch, sugar, and fiber from start to finish. Keeps your pigs on feed, on schedule and performing their best with superior energy metabolism, gut condition, stool consistency, and more.
    • Ideal Amino Acid Balance: Supports the immense muscle mass in show pigs by providing enhanced amino acid levels, all balanced to support lean growth.
    • Innovative Ingredients: Improves feed intake and performance. Tight formulation designs- in combination with ongoing world class research- set a new industry standard for keeping your show pigs at the head of their class.
    • Active Nutrient Supply: Nourishes show pigs through elevated nutrient levels, enhanced nutrient availability and superior balance for unprecedented performance in show pigs at every stage.
    • Show Micronutrients: Supports strong bone growth and immense muscle mass in superior show pigs from start to finish, includes vitamin E, vitamin D, biotin and minerals like digestible phosphorus, potassium, chromium, and zinc. All balanced to maximize show pig performance.
    • Odor Control: Contains Yucca Schldigera Extract as an aid in the control of manure odor.
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  3. Swine Pellets Feed 50# 1186-B

    Swine Pellets Feed 50# 1186-B


    Pricing Varies By Region. Please Contact Your Local Store for Pricing.

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