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Swine Feeders - Accessories

Swine Feeders - Accessories

Few livestock are as tough on equipment as swine. When choosing swine feeders and accessories, durability comes first. That's why Rural King offers the highest quality feeders and corresponding accessories, manufactured by trusted brands such as Tarter and Little Giant. These feeders allow you to give your hogs the nutrition they need at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. These swine feeders and accessories can withstand the roughest treatment and continue working efficiently.

Rural King's swine feeders are crafted from sturdy materials such as heavy duty steel and galvanized steel. Feeders are available in both adult and baby pig designs and can hold as much as 100 pounds of feed in a single feeder. Adult designs feature a door to protect the feed from damaging moisture and pests can be easily mounted on a wall or rail.

In addition to swine feeders, water tanks are also available in 40, 100, and 170 pounds sizes. The water tanks are built with heavy zinc coating to protect them from the damaging effects of harsh weather. They also feature 4-ply, double lock bottoms, deep sidewall corrugation, and a rolled top rim with 1 inch tube insert for additional strength. Larger tanks feature a drain plug for easy draining. There are also optional stand accessories for the smaller stock tanks.

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  1. Single Door Hog Feeder HGFS

    Single Door Hog Feeder HGFS


    When you decide to raise hogs you want to be sure you have the best supplies available to ensure the hogs are healthy and well taken care of. One of the most important supplies to have when raising proper hogs is a single door hog feeder. A single door feeder is a wise choice because it allows you the option to have several feeders throughout your hog pen which will prevent food aggression among the animals. This single door hog feeder is constructed of extremely sturdy steel which is extra thick in the trough and feed door areas. The feed door is crafted to ward off moisture preventing the feed from spoiling but can be wired open to train the hogs to feed. This single door hog feeder is loadable from a door on top of the feeder which opens from the back making refilling it a breeze. The feeder measures 19" long by 12.75" wide by 29.5" high and it has a 50 lb feed capacity. This single door hog feeder is an essential item for raising hogs.

    • Heavy-gauge steel with slots for hanging
    • Deep trough with feed-saver lip
    • Feed door specially designed to keep out moisture and pests, but can be wired open for starting pigs
    • Top door for easy loading
    • Completely assembled, 50-lb. capacity.
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  2. Little Giant 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder BPF2

    Little Giant 2 Hole Baby Pig Feeder BPF2


    These durable feeders are manufactured from 24-gauge galvanized steel. Designed for crate or stacked nursery, these feeders have open troughs for easy removal of stale feed.

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  3. Tarter John Deere Spigot Tank Stand JDWTS

    Tarter John Deere Spigot Tank Stand JDWTS

    From: $74.97

    Product Features:

    • Stands are constructed of 1-3/4″ tubular steel
    • Stands feature our superior finish in John Deere’s signature green
    • Tank and Stand sold separately
    Product Specifications
    Item #  Water Tank Stand fits:  Height  Width  Length 
    JDWTS Tank JDGCT21S 28 Inches 22 Inches  22 Inches 
    JDWTSL  Tank JDWTSL 28 Inches  30 Inches 42 - 1/2" Inches 
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  4. Tarter John Deere Galvanived Tank w/ Spigot JDGCT21

    Tarter John Deere Galvanived Tank w/ Spigot JDGCT21

    From: $109.97

    Product Features: 

    • Great drink coolers, planters, and merchandise holders
    • Spigots for easy dispensing of water
    • Customized for our 2′ x 1′ canning tank and 2′ x 1′ x 4′ stock tank
    • Stand and Tank Sold Seperately 
    Product Specifications
    Item #  Height  Width  Weight 
    JDGCT21S 13 Inches  26 Inches  19 lbs 
    JDWT214S 13 Inches 23 Inches  30 lbs
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  5. Double Door Hog Feeder HGFD

    Double Door Hog Feeder HGFD


    Hogs are a lot like college football players. They are loud and obnoxious, they smell to high heavens, and they eat a lot. When they don't eat, they both get hangry. That's anger caused by hunger.

    This double door hog feeder is constructed with fifteen gauge steel, capable of withstanding any of those hangry hogs. Designed with durability and ease of use in mind, the top door can flip open, allowing for easier loading and happier hogs. You also don't have to worry about assembling this feeder either. It comes completely assembled, so there's no more poorly-written instruction manual to contend with. Simply put this feeder where you want it and let your hogs go wild with food fever while you load from the top. The feeder holds one hundred pounds of food, making it ideal for your farm or ranch. The double doors allow for two hogs to eat at the same time, limiting the squabbling that may occur.

    Made of heavy-duty steel. The top door flips open from back for easy loading. Ships completely assembled.

    • Holds 100 lbs. of feed
    • Made with 15 gauge steel
    • W 19 3/4"
    • L 24 1/4"
    • H 35 3/4"
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  6. Tarter John Deere Galvanized Oval Water Stock Tank JDWT2

    Tarter John Deere Galvanized Oval Water Stock Tank JDWT2

    From: $103.97

    The preferred watering method for all types of livestock!

    Product Features:

    • Heavy-duty zinc G90 coating withstands harsh weather conditions
    • 1-1/8″ rolled top rim with 1″ tube insert for additional strength and rigidity
    • 4-ply, double-lock bottom and deep sidewall corrugation for strength
    • Larger tanks feature a 1″ drain plug
    • Unmatched quality and consistency in construction
    Product Specs
    Item# Size Capacity Product Weight
    JDWT214 2′ x 1′ x 4′  40 Gallons  30 lbs.
    JDWT224  2’x 2′ x 4′ 100 Gallons  46 lbs.
    JDWT226 2’x 2′ x 6′ 170 Gallons 63 lbs.
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