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Swine Feeders - Accessories

Swine Feeders - Accessories

Few livestock are as tough on equipment as swine. When choosing swine feeders and accessories, durability comes first. That's why Rural King offers the highest quality feeders and corresponding accessories, manufactured by trusted brands such as Tarter and Little Giant. These feeders allow you to give your hogs the nutrition they need at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. These swine feeders and accessories can withstand the roughest treatment and continue working efficiently.

Rural King's swine feeders are crafted from sturdy materials such as heavy duty steel and galvanized steel. Feeders are available in both adult and baby pig designs and can hold as much as 100 pounds of feed in a single feeder. Adult designs feature a door to protect the feed from damaging moisture and pests can be easily mounted on a wall or rail.

In addition to swine feeders, water tanks are also available in 40, 100, and 170 pounds sizes. The water tanks are built with heavy zinc coating to protect them from the damaging effects of harsh weather. They also feature 4-ply, double lock bottoms, deep sidewall corrugation, and a rolled top rim with 1 inch tube insert for additional strength. Larger tanks feature a drain plug for easy draining. There are also optional stand accessories for the smaller stock tanks.

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