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Swine Waterers - Accessories

Swine Waterers - Accessories

There's no questioning it: hogs are tough on waterers. Whether they are fighting over a spot at the drinking fountain or doing their best to bathe in a trough, pigs can be damaging to their watering equipment. Thankfully Rural King provides swine watering options for hog farmers that are practical, durable, affordable, and built pig strong.

Swine waterers are available from Rural King in various sizes to suit your needs. Whether you need a simple one gallon waterer for baby pigs, a 170 gallon steel tank, or something in between, Rural King has you covered. The baby swine waterer features a gallon water tank that utilizes a gravity flow system to keep fresh water available at all time for piglets. A metal tray for attachment to a wall or rail allows extra stability. It can be used from the day after farrowing in your crates or barns.

The adult swine water troughs are coated with a heavy duty zinc protective layer to guard against the aging effects of harsh weather conditions so that your water tanks will last for years to come. Crafted from tough and durable metal, the swine waterers are reinforced with deep corrugation in their sidewalls, 4-ply double lock floors, and a 1 inch tube insert in the rolled trim top to provide extra strength and rigidity. Optional stand accessories are also available.

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