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Seed Testers

Seed Testers

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Nothing is more essential to a profitable harvest than the seeds. Don't throw away money by planting seed without testing it first. Instead, browse Rural King's selection of seed testers to find an option that is perfect for you. After all, you rely on your seed and without it there would be no harvest. Seed testers allow you to check the weight, temperature, and moisture levels of your seeds quickly and easily. This information is invaluable to farmers who depend on their seeds to grow their crops.

Rural King offers multiple options in Dickey John seed testers, including portable, semi-portable, and non-portable designs. They can be used for a wide variety of seeds and the moisture content of the seeds can be available within seconds. Dickey John seed testers are easy to use and reliable. Dickey John has been dedicated to agricultural electronics for over forty years, and their manufacturing is done in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

In addition to seed testers, Rural King also offers a number of related accessories and tools. These include replacement parts, carrying cases, and cleaning supplies.