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Automotive Battery

Automotive Battery

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2012):

I got a group 65 battery for a ford truck. The plastic was weak and thin especially on top. I was having connection issues so i decided to replaced the terminals on my truck. When i disconnected the battery the postitive+ post broke inside the battery. Rural King would not warranty the battery. It was bought in December of 2011 and it broke in April of 2012. These batteries are cheap and built that way as well. I will add Exide to my list of dislikes for batteries. Went to Walmart paid $77 and bought an Everstart. That battery is reinforced and has 850CCA where as my Rural Crap has 650. Also made by Johnson Controls. Anywhere else such as Autozone and Advance wanted $115. I have used Everstarts before they aren't bad. Never again will i give my $$$ toRural King.