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  1. Rigid Industries RAM Bolt Down Mount - 2.4 in. Arm w/ 1X1 Plate 40071

    Rigid Industries RAM Bolt Down Mount - 2.4 in. Arm w/ 1X1 Plate 40071


    To accommodate Rigid Industries' SR-M Series, SR-Q Series and D-Series LED Lights, Rigid Offers 17 different custom RAM mounting systems. You may choose from three different surface attachment methods: Suction Cup, Flat Surface Bolt-Down or a Pole Clamp. You can choose from three different arm lengths: short, medium, or long. You can also choose a single light attachment point or a plate for mounting multiple lights. RAM Mount's ball and joint design allows for a full 360° rotation. RAM Mounts are extremely durable (supports up to 5 lbs in a rugged environment), all stainless steel hardware, provide maximum adjustability and are backed by RAM Mounts' lifetime warranty.

    This mount features a 2.5" diameter round base with 7 bolt holes. The base holds a 1" diameter ball which connects to a 2.38" long arm. At the end of the arm is another 1" diameter ball which connects to a small light mounting tab. Great for permanently mounting a SRM, SRQ or D-Series light on a flat surface with maximum adjustability.

    • All 1" ball connections can be interchanged between arms for total customization.

    • RAM Mounts pair well with Rigid's 15' wiring harness with 12V adapter plug

    • RAM Mounts are a perfect fit for many vehicles: Bikes, UTVs, ATVs, Snow mobiles, Sleds, Public Safety etc.


    ************LIGHTS NOT INCLUDED**************

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  2. Automotive Battery

    Automotive Battery

    24F-72, 675 CCA, 72 Month Warranty Learn More
  3. Biltrite Radiant 8 HID Light BR2637.Z001

    Biltrite Radiant 8 HID Light BR2637.Z001


    The Radiant 8 HID light provides a bold look, and blinding performance. This light features a fully integrated digital ballast, durable composite housing, IP68 rating for continuous dust and water resistance, as well as a vibration dampening mount.


    Input Voltage 12 V DC
    Inrush Current 5.5 A
    Running Current 3.2 A
    Housing Durable Composite
    Lens Hardened Glass
    Operating Temperature -40 to 185° F
    Dimensions 7.77" W x 5.98" D x 8.40" H
    Weight 2.0 lb
    Estimated Operating Life 3000 hours
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  4. National Spencer Ryton Rotary Pump with 3 Piece PTFE Vane 10231

    National Spencer Ryton Rotary Pump with 3 Piece PTFE Vane 10231


    3 Vane PPS Rotary Pump. Smoother operation and higher flow than standard rotary pump.


    • Dispenses 1-gallon per 10 revolutions
    • PPS construction
    • Lightweight and corrosion resistant
    • 1" Hose barb
    • PTFE Vanes
    • PTFE Seals
    • Recommended for pumping aggressive chemicals including chlorinated solvents, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, etc.
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  5. National Spencer Rubber Edge Follower Plate 18573

    National Spencer Rubber Edge Follower Plate 18573



    • For 400 lb. drums
    • Flexible rubber edge
    • Ideal for 1212A Grease Pump
    • I.D.: 1.175"
    • O.D.: 23.25"
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  6. Valvoline Max-Life 10W-40 Oil 1 Quart VV150

    Valvoline Max-Life 10W-40 Oil 1 Quart VV150


    Keeping your higher mileage car on the road means doing everything you can to protect it from engine breakdown. MaxLife motor oil extends the life of higher mileage engines by fighting the four major causes of breakdown – leaks, deposits, sludge and friction. The synthetic blend formula contains our Multi-Life™ additive system designed to combat these problems unique to older engines. In fact, no leading conventional motor oil is formulated to protect higher mileage engines better.

    • Special seal conditioners rejuvenate seals within the engine block to help prevent oil leaks that lead to sludge and deposits
    • Anti-oxidant additives reduce oil viscosity breakdown to help prevent engine-clogging sludge and deposit formation
    • Detergents chemically bond with and remove existing sludge and deposits
    • Additional friction-reducing additives help reduce abrasion within engine
    • Anti-wear agents help prevent engine damage
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  7. Rigid Industries Marine SR 6 in. Combo LED Light Bar 30631

    Rigid Industries Marine SR 6 in. Combo LED Light Bar 30631


    Low Profile - The Rigid Industries SR-Series (single row) Light Bar, like the flagship E-Series, leads the industry in low profile performance LED lighting. Available in a wide range of lengths and configurations, the SR-Series light bar is the perfect low-profile option for everything from on and off-road racing to police and fire rescue vehicles to marine applications. The SR-Series light bar is designed to project light at extreme distances while consuming very little power. Its durable extruded aluminum housing and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens are sealed against the elements for years of trouble-free operation.

    Marine Grade - The Marine Series products are given special attention due to the elements they will be exposed to in a marine environment. The aluminum housing receives a chromate conversion coating that acts as a corrosion inhibitor against elements such as salt. Rigid then gives the housing a high quality, UV-resistant powder coat finish. Rigid uses 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware that receives a coating that's been tested for over 1,000 hrs of corrosion resistance. The mounting bracketry included with the marine products is also 316 stainless steel. This product does not include a wire harness or switch, due to the fact that most installations on marine equipment are custom and require smaller holes and unique components.

    Hybrid Optics - Rigid's patented Hybrid optics system is the most powerful, most efficient LED optics system on the market. Utilizing a combination of lens and reflector, the Hybrid optics system captures the maximum amount of light emitted from the LED and projects it exactly where you want it.

    Spot / Flood Combo - This Rigid Industries light features a combination of both Spot and Flood versions of the patented Hybrid optics system. The Hybrid Spot optic projects light over great distances in a concentrated beam and is the most powerful spot-style LED light in the industry. This makes it perfect for for high speeds and situations where you need extreme distance. The Hybrid Flood optic, while offering just over half the distance of the Spot version, provides twice the coverage area. When combined, The Hybrid Spot and Flood optics provide the perfect combination of both distance and area.

    Quality Construction - Rigid's circuitry is designed in-house to be more powerful, be more efficient, and generate less heat. The durable aluminum housings feature custom, over-sized heat sinks which keep the temperature down and allow the LED's to run cooler and brighter. All Rigid Industries LED lights receive a high quality powder coat finish, a custom-molded rubber seal, and an unbreakable, scratch resistant lens. Rigid Industries LED lights are engineered to withstand whatever you, the road, or nature can throw at them.

    • Patented Hybrid Optics
    • Spot / Flood Combo
    • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
    • Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Over / Under Voltage Protection
    • Extruded Aluminum Housing
    • Durable Polycarbonate Lens
    • Integrated Thermal Managament
    • GORE® Pressure Equalizing Vent
    • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA


    Watts 23.5
    Amp Draw 1.7
    LED's 6
    Raw Lumens 2250
    Lux @ 10m 310.0
    Beam Distance 352 m
    Peak Beam Intensity 31,000 cd
    Mount Type Surface
    Length 6 in.
    Finish Color White
    LED Color White
    Optics Hybrid - Spot / Flood Combo
    Family SR-Series
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  8. Transmedic 12 Oz

    Transmedic 12 Oz

    [description] Learn More
  9. National Spencer High Pressure Hose - 2 Ft. 1802

    National Spencer High Pressure Hose - 2 Ft. 1802


    Ideal for air operated grease pumps and hose reels.


    • 1/4" I.D. wire braid
    • Maximum working pressure: 5,000 lbs.
    • Minimum burst pressure: 20,000 lbs.
    • Fittings: 1/4" NPT (M) both ends
    • Length: 2 ft.
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  10. National Spencer Pneumatic Grease System - 60:1 Ratio With 12' Hose 1213R-12

    National Spencer Pneumatic Grease System - 60:1 Ratio With 12' Hose 1213R-12


    Air Operated Chassis Lube System. Portable Style. Fits 120 lb. drums.


    • Heavy-duty 60:1 ratio
    • Pump tube is 1.18” diameter and 29.13” long
    • Pump head is 3.15” diameter and 13” long
    • Fits 120 lb. drum
    • 1/4" x 12' grease hose (1812)
    • 1/4" x 48" air hose
    • Suction tube constructed with no seals to eliminate excessive wear
    • Free flow rate 66 oz. per minute
    • Air regulator with gauge, filter and automatic water drain
    • Ball valve
    • Quick connect couplers for air


    • For dispensing most greases short and long distances
    • Particularly suitable for centralized dispensing systems
    • Highly recommended for specific needs requiring a higher quantity of grease and higher pressure
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