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  1. RV Antifreeze Drum - 50 Gallons

    RV Antifreeze Drum - 50 Gallons


    RV Antifreeze protects from freezing down -50º Fahrenheit. There is no mixing of the antifreeze. This antifreeze is non-toxic and tasteless. Use 1 gallon for small units with no tanks, appoximatly 2 gallons for units under 18 feet, use 3 gallons for 18 - 20 feet long. Use 3 or more gallons in cabins. Safe for all pool surfaces including copper, brass, plastic, but not acetate.

    Use For

    • Recreational Vehicle
    • Boats
    • Swiming Pools
    • vacation Homes

    Not for use in engines

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  2. Exide Edge 51R Automotive AGM Battery FP-AGM51RDS

    Exide Edge 51R Automotive AGM Battery FP-AGM51RDS


    Exide Edge batteries are the first and only absorbed glass mat (AGM) products that feature SureLife Graphite Technology to maximize available energy capacity – helping batteries perform at higher levels longer. Exide Edge provides more protection against battery failure, helping vehicles stay strong and perform like new.

    Product Features:

    • SureLife Graphite Technology: Advanced graphite additive that maximizes energy capacity for more protection against battery failure ever the lifetime of the battery.
    • Absorbed Glass Mat Construction: Specialized, fine glass fiber mats designed to absorb the electrolyte like a sponge, keeping it uniformly distributed and held in place. This construction helps the batteries to be sealed and spill-proof, vibration and corrosion resistant.
    • Special Pressure Venting System: This special valve system helps the water recombination reaction, which reduces water loss for less evaporation and dry out. Individual pressure valves eliminate cell-to-cell vapor migration for less variation across cells that can reduce power and shorten life.
    • Highly Engineered Alloy: Special engineered alloy of lead/calcium/tin/silver to maximize life even under extreme operating conditions.
    • Continuous Cast Grid: Provides excellent conductivity for stronger power and fewer shorts.
    • High Conductivity Post: Low resistance design ensures fast cranking.
    • Recessed Suitcase Handle: Provides easy transportation and installation.
    • Compact & Space Efficient Weld: Computer-controlled welding process and a low profile weld shape helps deliver maximum current.
    • Spill-Proof: Non-spillable AGM construction battery may be oriented on side.
    • Ideal for Everyday Consumers: 55% VIO coverage targeted to meet mainstream consumer vehicle requirements. Designed for today’s active families and busy professionals, from minivans and SUV’s to sedans and trucks.


    Group Size 51R
    Part Number  FP-AGM51RDS
    CCA at 0°F 440
    RC MIN @ 25A 75
    Ah Cap. @ 20hr 45
    Dimensions 9 5/16" L x 4 15/16" W x 8 5/8" H 
    Battery Terminal Type  A
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  3. Terracair Diesel Exhaust Fluid 55 Gallon Drum DEF 55

    Terracair Diesel Exhaust Fluid 55 Gallon Drum DEF 55


    In order to meet the demands of EPA2010 standards, commercial vehicle manufacturers have evaluated various engine technologies that will provide low emissions and increased performance. SCR technology or Selective Catalytic Reduction is the option many engine and truck manufacturers have chosen. In simple terms, a fine mist of emission fluid is dosed into the exhaust that reacts and neutralizes the NOx molecules. A separate tank is fitted on the SCR truck to house the emission fluid. The rate of consumption for the fluid is 2 to 4% per gallon of diesel fuel. Manufacturers estimate that refueling the emissions tank will occur every other diesel fuel fill up.

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  4. ESCO 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10450

    ESCO 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10450


    Product Features:

    • Bottle Jack
    • 20 Ton
    • Air Hydraulic
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  5. Rigid Industries Marine SR-M2 Wide LED Light 95211

    Rigid Industries Marine SR-M2 Wide LED Light 95211


    SR-M (Single Row Mini) - The Rigid Industries SR-M LED Light is one of the most versatile lighting products on the market today. This compact LED light can be used for virtually any lighting application - from off-road to agriculture. The SR-M utilizes the same technology as the D-Series, but is half the size and incorporates half the number of LED's. The size and shape of the SR-M LED Light allows it to fit almost anywhere. Its cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens are sealed against the elements for years of trouble-free operation.

    Quality Construction - Rigid's circuitry is designed in-house to be more powerful, be more efficient, and generate less heat. The durable aluminum housings feature custom, over-sized heat sinks which keep the temperature down and allow the LED's to run cooler and brighter. All Rigid Industries LED lights receive a high quality powder coat finish, a custom-molded rubber seal, and an unbreakable, scratch resistant lens. Rigid Industries LED lights are engineered to withstand whatever you, the road, or nature can throw at them.

    Specter Optics - Rigid's patented Specter optics system features 50% more LED's than the Hybrid optics in the same footprint and is specifically designed to cover more area. By incorporating a reflector with no facets or orange peel, the Specter optics system produces an intense, smooth beam with minimal wasted light.

    Wide Pattern - The Wide version of the Specter optics system projects a less concentrated beam to provide better visibility of a larger area while still reducing the amount of wasted light. It produces the same lumen output and center intensity as the Driving version, but its scalloped design allows more light to spill to each side for a wider horizontal dispersion.

    Marine Grade - The Marine Series products are given special attention due to the elements they will be exposed to in a marine environment. The aluminum housing receives a chromate conversion coating that acts as a corrosion inhibitor against elements such as salt. Rigid then gives the housing a high quality, UV-resistant powder coat finish. Rigid uses 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware that receives a coating that's been tested for over 1,000 hrs of corrosion resistance. The mounting bracketry included with the marine products is also 316 stainless steel. This product does not include a wire harness or switch, due to the fact that most installations on marine equipment are custom and require smaller holes and unique components.

    • Patented Specter Optics
    • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
    • Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Over / Under Voltage Protection
    • Cast Aluminum Housing
    • Durable Polycarbonate Lens
    • Integrated Thermal Managament
    • GORE® Pressure Equalizing Vent
    • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA


    Watts 11.25
    Amp Draw 0.82
    LED's 3
    Raw Lumens 1125
    Lux @ 10m 66.2
    Beam Distance 162.7 m
    Peak Beam Intensity  6,618 cd
    Mount Type Surface
    Finish Color White
    LED Color White
    Optics Specter - Wide 
    Family SR-M
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  6. Biltrite Radiant 5 HID Light BR2636.Z001

    Biltrite Radiant 5 HID Light BR2636.Z001


    The Radiant 5 HID light features a 5" square lens and a spot type reflector perfect for all conditions. This light features a fully integrated digital ballast, durable composite housing, IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, as well as a vibration dampening mount.


    Input Voltage 12 V DC
    Inrush Current 5.0 A
    Running Current 3.2 A
    Housing Durable Composite
    Lens Hardened Glass
    Operating Temperature -40 to 185° F
    Dimensions 5.00" W x 5.52" D x 5.98" H
    Weight 2.1 lb
    Estimated Operating Life 3000 hours
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  8. ESCO Save-A-Stud Rethread Kit 30120

    ESCO Save-A-Stud Rethread Kit 30120


    Product Features:

    • Restore don't replace. 
    • The best way to fix damaged threads. 
    • A 30-second solution to an hour-long job. 
    • Repairs wheel studs, spindles, and standard threaded studs. 
    • Damaged studs can be renewed in minutes without removing the caliper, rotor, or stud. 
    • Unique, patented hinged design (instead of two separate halves). 
    • Every shop needs them. 
    • Lifetime guarantee. 
    • Unit comes complete in a plastic carrying case. 

    Sizes: 9/16-18, 5/8-18, 14mm-1.50, 14mm-2.0, 7/16-20R, 12mm-1.25, 12mm-1.50, 12mm-1.75"

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  9. BriskHeat Xtreme FLEX Emergency De-Icer w/ Adjustable Thermostat 1"x10" HSTAT10R

    BriskHeat Xtreme FLEX Emergency De-Icer w/ Adjustable Thermostat 1"x10" HSTAT10R


    BriskHeat’s XtremeFLEX® Emergency De-Icer is for rapid-de-icing, thawing,temperature control, and emergency supplemental heat. It is used on metal pipes, valves, pumps, and other metal surfaces. Since 1949, BriskHeat Corporation has been THE trusted source for heating applications.

    Industrial Grade

    Rugged construction for unsurpassed durability

    Common Uses:

    • De-Icing Pipes
    • Thawing Valves
    • Warming Pumps
    • Improving Cold Weather-Related Flow Problems


    • Portable plug-and-play, ready-to-install design
    • Rapid heating: 10X heating output of a typical water pipe freeze protection
    • Exceptional flexibility - Wraps around metal surfaces as small as 1/2” diameter
    • 1” wide moisture and chemical resistant heat tape
    • Available in variety of lengths: 2 ft, 6 ft and 10 ft

    Voltage: 120VAC
    Controller: Built-in, adjustable between 50°to 160°F
    Power cord: 120VAC with 6-foot power cord with standard 2-prong wall plug
    Watt density: 6 watts/sq in

    Voltage: 120VAC
    Controller: Built-in, adjustable between 50°to 160°F
    Power cord: 120VAC with 6-foot power cord with standard 2-prong wall plug
    Watt density: 6 watts/sq in
    Wattage: 720
    Dimensions: 1" x 10"

    1 year warranty

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  10. National Spencer 33' Enclosed Hose Reel 1459

    National Spencer 33' Enclosed Hose Reel 1459


    Closed style reel for air or water. For use with air-operated tools. Versatile and highly mobile for many applications. 3/8” x 33-ft service hose with stop. Bayonet coupling bracket for quick mounting.


    • Bayonet coupling bracket for quick mount
    • Outlet swivel joint
    • 3/8” x 33 ft. service hose with stop
    • Maximum pressure 150 lb.
    • Swivels for convenience
    • Can be locked with bolt or lock for security

    Recommended For:

    • Air
    • Water


    • Industrial
    • Workshops
    • Service Stations
    • Garages
    • Agriculture
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