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  1. EnduraPlas Diesel Fuel 25 Gallon Compact Style Transfer Tank RDU025C10D

    EnduraPlas Diesel Fuel 25 Gallon Compact Style Transfer Tank RDU025C10D


    Specially formulated EnduraPlas compact diesel grade polyethylene fuel transfer tank provides a hasslefree, completely assembled option for transporting diesel fuel. Features a built-in 10 GPM pump with on/off switch and integrated bypass valve. U.S.A.


    • (1) 25-gal. compact diesel fuel transfer tank with 10 GPM pump
    • (1) 15ft. hose
    • (1) Auto shutoff nozzle


    • Strong, lockable poly lid protects the pump compartment and reduces fuel theft
    • Durable, corrosion-resistnat polyethylene construction
    • Includes 15ft. of 3/4in. hose with an anti-kink spring and swivel to prevent tangles
    • Easy-to-clean suction strainer and splash-resistant breather installed
    • 3/4in. auto shutoff nozzle adds convenience
    • Molded-in plastic handles for easy maneuvering and tank relocation
    • Bottom drain plug on tank allows for complete drainage when desired
    Tank Type Transport
    Mounting Type Strap, bolt
    Tank Size (gal.) 25
    Shape Square
    Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 31 x 27 x 19
    Outlet Diameter (in.) 3/4
    Inlet Diameter (in.) 2
    Finish Type Poly
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  2. National Spencer Stainless Steel Rotary Pump 11219

    National Spencer Stainless Steel Rotary Pump 11219


    Stainless Steel Rotary Pump For pumping Fuels and Harsh Chemicals.


    • Dispenses approximately 1 gallon per 24 revolutions
    • For 15, 30 and 55 gallon containers
    • Stainless Steel construction
    • PTFE vanes and shaft seal
    • Stainless Steel spring
    • 3 piece Stainless Steel pickup tube
    • 3/4” Hose barb on spout
    • Aluminum handle
    • Rubber water deflector (WD950)
    • Stainless Steel bung adapter
    • Stainless Steel hardware
    • Used for most alcohols, ammonia, detergents, diesel fuel, gasoline, glycerine, kerosene, lacquers. thinners, silicone, turpentine, mild acids and antifreeze.
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  3. Better Built Steel Transfer Tank 150 Gallon Capacity, Rectangular 37224243

    Better Built Steel Transfer Tank 150 Gallon Capacity, Rectangular 37224243


    14-gauge steel tank features a durable, powder-coat finish, lockable cap, reinforced bung and much more. Baffles add strength while preventing the contents from shifting too quickly. Not intended for use with gasoline.

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  4. Weather Guard Saddle Box - Steel Extra Wide Black 116-5-02

    Weather Guard Saddle Box - Steel Extra Wide Black 116-5-02

    • 90 deg. cover opening for easy access
    • Level storage secures 48" level
    • 12v access for electrical up-fits
    • Features black Armor-Tuf powder coat finish

    Dimensions: H: 18 1/2 W: 27 1/2 L: 71 1/2

    Cubic feet: 15.3

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  5. Stanadyne 55 Gallon Diesel Fuel Performance Formula

    Stanadyne 55 Gallon Diesel Fuel Performance Formula


    Add Stanadyne Additives to tank before filling with diesel fuel to ensure thorough mixing. Tighten additive cap securely after use and store upright. Store above 32°F (0°C). All Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives can be blended with each other and double-dosing is not damaging although itmay not provide twice the benefit. Where engine and vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have approved Stanadyne, most of them recommend Stanadyne Performance Formula, which should be used at every refueling year-round to ensure protection against fuel related problems and to maximize performance.The premium all-season, multifunction diesel fuel additive, designed to tackle virtually any diesel fuel related problem.

    Product Features:

    • Meets all fuel system requirements
    • Approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
    • Cold Weather Protection - reduces diesel pour point up to 40°F (22°C), and cold filter plug point by up to 25°F (13°C), depending on base fuel
    • Hot Weather Protection - lubricants and cetane improver help when fuel is hot and “thin”
    • Increases Horsepower - with up to 5 point cetane gain to improve combustion, resulting in better acceleration, power and torque
    • Reduces Fuel Consumption - independent tests show gains up to 9.6% in MPG
    • Easier and Faster Starting - in all conditions
    • Reduces Smoke and Particulate Emissions - and is suitable for ultra low sulfur diesel
    • Cleans and Protects - detergents and deposit modifiers help protect injection pumps, injectors, nozzles, etc.
    • Reduces Wear - lubricity improvers restore lubricity to ultra low sulfur and other low lubricity diesel fuels
    • Stabilizes Fuel - antioxidants keep fuel fresher
    • Contains No Alcohol - avoids corrosion and accelerated wear
    • Helps Remove Water - special demulsifiers cause tiny water droplets to come out of suspension/emulsion, so the filter/separator can more effectively remove water
    • Specially Formulated for use with ultra low sulfur diesel fuel
    • Can be used with Bio Diesel Fuel (up to B5, or 5% bio content)
    • Treats 55,000 gallons of Diesel Fuel
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  6. National Spencer 3/4" Double-Diaphragm Pump 1038

    National Spencer 3/4" Double-Diaphragm Pump 1038


    3/4” Double-Diaphragm Pump For Transferring And Distributing Oil, Waste Oil And ATF.

    WARNING! not suitable for flammable liquid


    • Diamond Selection 5 year Warranty
    • Non-stalling
    • Lube-free


    • Maximum Flow: 14 GPM
    • Inlet/Outlet: 3/4" NPT
    • Body Construction: Aluminum/Poly
    • Diaphragm: Buna N
    • Balls: Acetal
    • Seats: Aluminum
    • UL Listed: No
    • Bolt Pattern: 3.25" x 4.37"
    • Height: 10.25"
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  7. Dee Zee Underbed Box - L: 48" x W: 18" x H: 18" Vol: 9 cu. ft. DB-2602

    Dee Zee Underbed Box - L: 48" x W: 18" x H: 18" Vol: 9 cu. ft. DB-2602


    Dee Zee Heavy Duty Tool Box - Underbed style boxes add storage to your semi cab or trailer. Heavy duty 12 gauge steel construction. Gloss black powder coat finish. 3-point latching system with stainless steel T-handles. Mounting braces sold separately.

    • Heavy Truck Underbed Box
    • Heavy-Duty 12-Gauge Steel
    • Lockable Stainless Steel Lockable T-Handle Latch
    • 3-Point Latching System
    • Protective Black Powder-Coat Finish
    • Single Drop Down Door For Easy Access
    • Safety Cables To Support The Open Door
    • Water Resistant C-Channel And Bulb Seal
    • Mounting Brackets Sold Separately
    • Several Size Options Available
    • Made In USA
    • Three-Year Warranty
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  8. National Spencer 115V AC Oil Pump 936G

    National Spencer 115V AC Oil Pump 936G


    115-Volt A/C Electric Oil Pump. Heavy Duty Oil pump designed specifically to transfer bulk oils, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze or antifreeze mixes.


    • Non corroding Aluminum Die cast pump body
    • A high horsepower to flow ratio assures adequate power to pump viscous fluids at low temperatures
    • Sintered Powder Metal Gears
    • Self priming, positive displacement design
    • Pump has an internal bypass valve to bypass flow, if the discharge pressure exceeds the bypass valve setting
    • Built-In 2” Bung Adaptor for mounting on drums/ tanks
    • Air Cooled Motor with Thermal Protection
    • Can be used to transfer used oil with a screen fitted onto the Suction Tube
    • UL listed frame & motor components


    Aluminum, Steel, Cast Iron, Nylon, NBR, Zinc, Polypropylene, PVC


    Oils, Synthetic Oils, Antifreeze, Used Oil, Hydraulic Fluids, Cutting Oils, Oil based Herbicides, Non Flammable Oil Based Solvents, Liquid Soap etc.



     Heavy Duty 115V AC


    4 GPM (15.10 LPM)


    1/2 HP 115V AC, 60 Hz.


    9 Amp



    Construction - Pump Housing

    Aluminum Die Cast


    Gear Pump

    Gear Material

     Sintered Powder Metal

    Internal Bypass Valve


    Suction Pipe

    34” long PVC


    3/4” x 8’

    Bung Adapter

    2” Threaded
    Inlet 1” NPT
    Outlet 3/4” NPT
     Dispensing Nozzle Ball Valve 
    Power Cable 30” (762 mm) 
    Air Cooled Yes 
    Max. Viscosity of Oil SAE 90
    Max. Working Pressure 65 PSI (4.5 BAR)
    Thermal Protection Yes
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  9. National Spencer Gallon Totalizing Quart Meter 1520

    National Spencer Gallon Totalizing Quart Meter 1520


    Quart Meter. Preset 1 to 60 quarts.


    • 1/2” NPT Inlet/Outlet
    • 4.0 GPM maximum flow
    • 0.4 GPM minimum flow
    • Maximum 1000 PSI
    • Maximum Temperature 150°
    • ±0.65% Accuracy
    • Extremely durable for indoor & outdoor applications
    • Large easy to read dial
    • Automatically shuts off at pre-selected quantity. 
    • Includes MODEL 1101 swivel connector and MODEL 1340 automatic non-drip rigid nozzle for motor oils.
    • 1/2” pipe with automatic nozzle (1340)
    • (1/2” ID, 3/4” OD, 6” Long)
    • Dispenses: Quarts
    • Totalizes: Gallons
    • Preset: 1-60 Quarts
    • Graduated: 1 Quart

    Recommended Use:

    • Motor Oils
    • Gear Lube
    • ATF
    • Glycol
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  10. Knaack Rolling Work Bench 45

    Knaack Rolling Work Bench 45

    • Load Capacity 1,000 lbs.
    • Left Side Includes 2 Model 474-3, 4.5
    • Right Side Includes 2 Model 474-3, 4.5
    • Includes 6" caster set (2 swivel & 2 rigid)
    • Designed to be more heavy-duty than our JOBMASTER® Product Line.
    • WATCHMAN® IV Lock System saves you time and money with a one-time install and two-point latching on each door provides extra security
    • Heavy duty drawers are rated for 100 lbs and operate on ball bearing slides.

    Dimensions: H:37 1/2 W: 25 L: 46 1/4

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