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Use our battery lookup guide to find the right battery for your vehicle. Battery Lookup Guide

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  1. Voltek 20 ft. 2 Gauge Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cable JC220HD

    Voltek 20 ft. 2 Gauge Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cable JC220HD


    Travel with peace of mind with the Voltek 2 Gauge 600 Amp 20 Foot Booster Cables! These JC220HD booster cables are constructed with durability in mind. This jumper cable set is constructed of heavy duty 2 gauge copper clad aluminum wire and E-Z reach clamps. Both the clamps and the cables are color coded for easy polarity identification and are coated with kink-free weather resistant insulation. The contoured copper plated jaws attach easily to side post, top post, and remote battery access terminals. Use these Voltek jumper cables with confidence in any weather conditions.

    These booster cables are versatile and will be a welcome addition to your automotive preparedness supplies. The 600 amp rating makes these booster cables by Voltek a useful choice for commercial applications, yet they can still be used to start tractors and small machinery safely. 20 feet of cable provides enough length to reach between vehicles in tight spots.


    • Heavy Duty 2 Gauge Wire
    • 600 amp
    • 20 feet long
    • Color coded for easy polarity identification
    • Contoured jaws fits original equipment side batter cable bolts
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  2.  GoodYear 600 AMP 12V Jump Starter GY3031

    GoodYear 600 AMP 12V Jump Starter GY3031


    You no longer have to wait on someone to come help you out! The 600 PEAK amp Jump-Starter allows you to jump-start your own battery. The Good Year 600 peak amp jump-starter will get you up and running in no time. And for those on the go, an integrated 2.4 Amp USB port and 12V DC outlet will give your electronic devices a boost in a pinch. You will be able to fully charge current phones, tablets and other 500mA or greater Amp requirement.

    Product Features:

    • 600 PEAK amps
    • Higher Cranking Amps / Holds More Charges
    • Maintenance Free
    • 2.4 AMP USB Port
    • Operate / Recharge 12 Volt Accessories
    • Battery Status Indicator Lights
    • Built-In LED Work Light
    • Reversed Clamp Alarm
    • AGM Battery Construction
    • Pressured for Long Life & Efficiency


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  3. Voltek 6/12V Engine Starter/Battery Charger TE4-0232

    Voltek 6/12V Engine Starter/Battery Charger TE4-0232


    When your car battery won't hold a charge or, in those worst case scenarios, completely dies, it can be an utter inconvenience to say the least. It always seems to happen when you're already running late to work or school and you have no time to waste. Don't let this headache happen to you. The Voltek battery charger is the perfect fix to this unwanted problem. The Voltek battery charger offers you a 6V or 12V option and a 4 ½ foot lead with copper plated clamps. It has the ability to charge, maintain, and jump start your battery. This battery charger has a built-in display which shows the current draw on the machine and automatically switches to trickle mode once the battery is fully charged, thus preventing an overcharge to the battery. So the next time you face that frustrating moment when your car battery won't start make sure you have the Voltek battery charger on hand to make your life just a little bit easier.


    • 10/2/50 Amp
    • 6/12 Volt
    • Built-in ammeter displays active current draw
    • Warning lamps for reverse polarity & charge complete
    • Automatically switches to trickle mode when battery is completely charged
    • 4 1/2 ft. battery leads with copper plated clamps for superior conductivity
    • Self-resettingcircuit breaker
    • Auto shutoff
    • Heavy duty copper plated clamps
    • Thermal protection shutoff
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  4. Voltek 2/6 AMP 6/12V Battery Charger BC26A

    Voltek 2/6 AMP 6/12V Battery Charger BC26A


    Whether you leave your lights on, or your battery is getting older, you can save yourself a lot of time by purchasing this product. Voltek battery chargers are incredibly useful. If your battery goes dead all you have to do is clamp on the connectors to your battery and you will have a fully charged battery. It is incredibly easy to carry from place to place too. It is lightweight and small so that you don't have to hassle with an over sized piece of equipment. Also, you can easily check the voltage on your boat battery before you head out onto the lake so that you aren't stranded later in the day. Become a life saver when it comes to helping your friends and family out when their battery needs jump started too. If you get a phone call from a loved one who is stranded with a dead battery just bring the Voltek battery charger and jump start their battery, and be a modern-day superhero. So grab your Voltek battery charger today and jump start your life.

    Product features are as follows:

    • Charging rates at 2 amp and 6 amp
    • Automatically switches to trickle charge mode after battery is fully charged.
    • Self-resetting circuit breaker
    • 4.5 feet long battery cables
    • Heavy duty copper plated clamps
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  5. Schumacher Electric 1.5A 12V Automatic Trickle Battery Charger/Maintainer SE-1-12S

    Schumacher Electric 1.5A 12V Automatic Trickle Battery Charger/Maintainer SE-1-12S


    Keeps 12 volt batteries charged. Fully automatic. Turns on and off as needed. Allows safe charging of RV, deep-cycle or most batteries that may have a long storage period. “On-Board” feature allows mounting of charger next to battery on collectibles, street rods and other infrequently used vehicles. Hardware and mounting brackets are included. • 1.5 amp trickle charge rate – charges in 2 to 12 hours. • LED lights – indicate Power On and Charged. • Reverse-hookup protection. • Molded plastic case. • Short leads for safety – won’t get tangled in moving engine parts. • CSA Certified: Model SF-1-12S

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  6. Schumacher Electric 10/2 amp Manual Battery Charger SE1010-2

    Schumacher Electric 10/2 amp Manual Battery Charger SE1010-2

    • 2 amp trickle/slow charge - charges a small battery in 3 to 8 hours.
    • 10 amp rate for most everyday charging needs - charges in 3 to 5 hours.
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  7. NOCO .75 Amp UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger G750

    NOCO .75 Amp UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger G750


    Product Description:

    NOCO's G750 UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger is perfect for charging motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, lawn mowers and more. Extremely effective for maintaining automotive, marine, RV, powersport, lawn & garden and deep-cycle batteries. Its compact, yet powerful form factor allows it to charge batteries 2X faster than ordinary chargers, and one of the safest, most advanced charger on the market.

    Product Features:

    • Charge fully drained lead-acid batteries up to 30 amp-hour with zero overcharge - Stay safely connected 24/7.
    • Ultimate performance and versatility. Charge 6-volt and 12-volt batteries, recover damaged batteries, suitable for micro-hybrid start-stop vehicles and works with CANBUS electrical systems.
    • Ultra-compact, portable, energy-efficient design that's impact, UV and water-resistant (IP60). Easily mounts into any AC outlet.
    • Actively monitors battery for safe and efficient charging. Includes spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.
    • Advanced diagnostics automatically tests and detects a bad, damaged, or shorted battery.
    Technical Specifications
    Input Voltage AC

    85-130 VAC, 50-60Hz

    Battery Voltages

    Charges 6 Volt and 12 Volt Lead-Acid Batteries

    Types of Batteries Suitable for Wet Cell (Flooded), Gel Cell, Calcium, AGM, Enhanced Flooded Battery or any Maintenance-Free Battery
    Battery Capacity Range

    Ideal for Batteries Between 2 to 30 Amp-Hours. Suitable for Maintaining All Battery Sizes.

    Charging Amperage .75 Amps
    Power Consumption 20 Watts (Max)
    IP Protection IP60
    DC Cord Length 60 Inches
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  8. SunForce Products 1.8 Watt Battery Maintainer 50012

    SunForce Products 1.8 Watt Battery Maintainer 50012

    Product Features
    • Maintains Car’s, SUV’s, Boat, ATV, PWC Batteries
    • Maintenance Free / Easy Installation
    • Charges in all Weather Conditions
    • Plugs into Cigarette Lighter
    • Battery Clamps Included
    • Mounts on Windshield with Included Suction Cups
    • Made of Durable ABS Plastic & Amorphous Solar Cells
    • Plugs into Cigarette Lighter with Alligator Battery Clamps Included
    • Temperature Range: -40° to 176° F
    • Max Output 1.8 Watts 125 Mah
    • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 19 5/8" x 61/2" x 1 1/8" (50 x 16.5 x 3 cm)

    View the Owner's Manual Learn More
  9. Grip Tools 12v Solar Battery Trickle Charger 38074

    Grip Tools 12v Solar Battery Trickle Charger 38074


    Use this 5 Watt solar powered battery trickle charger to preserve battery power in boats, SUVs, RVs, and vehicles that use 12 V batteries. Weatherproof design works in all daylight conditions. The Solar Cell has heavy duty alligator clips that can be easily connected directly to any 12 volt battery. Built-in overcharge protection that keeps the solar cell charger and battery from getting damaged. Includes 5 watt solar panel and battery clamps. Dimensions: 13" L x 13" W x 3/4" D. 13.8VDC 5Watt (approx 375mA)output. Manufacturer Model 38074

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  10. NOCO AC Port Plug With Extension Cord GCP1

    NOCO AC Port Plug With Extension Cord GCP1


    Product Description:

    NOCO's GCP1 is an AC Port Plug with an integrated extension cord (16-inches) that offers optimal flexibility and ease of installation. It can mount to the exterior of any vehicle to make the charging port accessible in a more convenient location. Quickly plug-n-play with any extension cord and requires zero cord modifications or hand wiring. Its sleek, ultra low-profile design works seamlessly on any application and includes a snap-fit cap for a watertight seal. Perfect for engine block heaters, battery chargers, home improvement and much more - endless possibilities. Rated for use at 13 amperes, 125 volts, UL certified and fits into any standard 2-inch hole size.

    Product Features:

    • Peak performance rated at 13 amperes, 125 volts.
    • Integrated extension cable (16 inches) requires no cable modification.
    • Easy installation (2-inch hole size) with a watertight seal and snap-fit cap.
    • Full-sized AC prongs for maximum conductivity.
    • Ultimate flexibility makes it perfect for engine block heaters, battery chargers, home improvement and more.
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