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  1. Exide Edge L5/49/H8 Automotive AGM Battery FP-AGML5/49DS

    Exide Edge L5/49/H8 Automotive AGM Battery FP-AGML5/49DS


    Exide Edge batteries are the first and only absorbed glass mat (AGM) products that feature SureLife Graphite Technology to maximize available energy capacity – helping batteries perform at higher levels longer. Exide Edge provides more protection against battery failure, helping vehicles stay strong and perform like new.

    Product Features:

    • SureLife Graphite Technology: Advanced graphite additive that maximizes energy capacity for more protection against battery failure ever the lifetime of the battery.
    • Absorbed Glass Mat Construction: Specialized, fine glass fiber mats designed to absorb the electrolyte like a sponge, keeping it uniformly distributed and held in place. This construction helps the batteries to be sealed and spill-proof, vibration and corrosion resistant.
    • Special Pressure Venting System: This special valve system helps the water recombination reaction, which reduces water loss for less evaporation and dry out. Individual pressure valves eliminate cell-to-cell vapor migration for less variation across cells that can reduce power and shorten life.
    • Highly Engineered Alloy: Special engineered alloy of lead/calcium/tin/silver to maximize life even under extreme operating conditions.
    • Continuous Cast Grid: Provides excellent conductivity for stronger power and fewer shorts.
    • High Conductivity Post: Low resistance design ensures fast cranking.
    • Recessed Suitcase Handle: Provides easy transportation and installation.
    • Compact & Space Efficient Weld: Computer-controlled welding process and a low profile weld shape helps deliver maximum current.
    • Spill-Proof: Non-spillable AGM construction battery may be oriented on side.
    • Ideal for Everyday Consumers: 55% VIO coverage targeted to meet mainstream consumer vehicle requirements. Designed for today’s active families and busy professionals, from minivans and SUV’s to sedans and trucks.


    Group Size L-5/49
    Part Number FP-AGML5/49DS
    CCA at 0°F 850
    RC MIN @ 25A 160
    Ah Cap. @ 20hr 90
    Dimensions 13 7/8" L x 6 7/8" W x 7 1/2" H
    Battery Terminal Type  A
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  2. SunForce Products 60 Watt Solar Back-Up Kit 50048

    SunForce Products 60 Watt Solar Back-Up Kit 50048

    Product Features
    • Excellent for Cabins, Remote Power,Backup Power
    • 12 Volt Battery Charging, RV’s & Boats
    • Maintenance Free / Easy Installation
    • Works in All Weather Conditions
    • Built-in Blocking Diode Protects
    • Made of Durable ABS Plastic with an Amorphous Solar Cell
    • Temperature Range: -40° to 176° F
    • Max Output 60 Watts 4 Amps
    • Battery NOT included
    Kit Includes
    • 4 x 15 Watt Amorphous Solar Panels
    • Plastic PVC Frame for mounting panels
    • 12V DC Plug, Alligator Battery Clamps, Mounting screws & extra wiring
    • 4 in 1 wire connector so that all 4 panels can be wired together in an easy fashion
    • 12V DC Socket for powering 12V Products
    • 200 Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter
    • 7 Amp Solar Charge Controller

    View the Owner's Manual Learn More
  3. SunForce Products 600 Watt Marine Wind Turbine 45446

    SunForce Products 600 Watt Marine Wind Turbine 45446


    Generate power day & night with the Sunforce 600W Marine Turbine! Designed to perform in low wind speeds, this unit charges both 12 Volt and 24 Volt battery banks. Ideal for salt and marine applications, this product comes with a corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum cast body for superior durability.

    Product Features: 

    • Charges both 12 Volt and 24 Volt battery banks
    • Designed to perform in low wind speeds
    • Weatherproof marine grade industrial design
    • Low noise aerodynamic fiberglass blades
    • Corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum cast body
    • Ideal for salt and marine applications
    • Do-it-yourself maintenance free installation
    • Tower kit sold separately


    • Turbine
    • (3) blades
    • MPPT charge controller for safe and efficient charging
    • Hub
    • Vertical tail
    • Nose cone
    • Amp meter
    • Screw pack
    • Replacement screw pack

    MPPT Charge Controller: 

    The included Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller enables the 600 watt marine turbine to achieve its highest possible performance by periodically tracking the maximum power point of the turbine’s output. The MPPT can be used with battery systems of either 12v or 24v DC. The controller features a corrosion and water resistant heat sealed casing to insure longevity in the marine environment.

    Controller specifications:

    •     Prevents overcharge and discharge of batteries 
    •     Power Output: 450 Watt at 12V (Max 450W) / 500 Watt at 24V (Max 600W)
    •     Charge Voltage: 12V / 24V (auto detect)
    •     Input Voltage: 5 - 75 Volts AC
    •     Efficiency: >97-99%
    •     Battery Type: 12V / 24Volt
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