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Fluids - Lubricants

Fluids - Lubricants

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  1. 14 oz. High Temperature Grease

    14 oz. High Temperature Grease


    Provides superior rust, oxidation and corrosion resistance. Designed to meet the high temperature conditions of modern universal joints, the extreme pressures of wheel bearings and the water washout conditions of fifth wheels and chassis points.

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  2. RV Plus Water Line Antifreeze

    RV Plus Water Line Antifreeze


    RV Plus Antifreeze protects from freezing down -50º Fahrenheit. There is no mixing of the antifreeze. This antifreeze is non-toxic and tasteless. Use 1 gallon for small units with no tanks, appoximatly 2 gallons for units under 18 feet, use 3 gallons for 18 - 20 feet long. Use 3 or more gallons in cabins. Safe for all pool surfaces including copper, brass, plastic, but not acetate.

    Use For
    • Recreational Vehicle
    • Boats
    • Swiming Pools
    • vacation Homes
    Not for use in engines Learn More
  3. Valvoline Premium 5W-30 Oil - 1 Quart

    Valvoline Premium 5W-30 Oil - 1 Quart

    Regular Price: $3.79

    Special Price: $2.99

    Valvoline offers a full line of premium conventional motor oils that are specially formulated for the full life of the engine. Valvoline's conventional motor oil product line comes in both multi-viscosity and mono-grade formulations. Multi-viscosity grades provide protection in all climates while mono-grade oils are formulated for warmer conditions. All Valvoline oils are formulated with advanced additive technology and premium base oils for high performance and an enhanced engine life.

    • Keep the engine clean by minimizing deposit formation
    • Reduce oil consumption by fighting volatility and oil evaporation
    • Resist oil thickening by providing enhanced oxidation control
    • Improve gas mileage in the lower viscosity grades (5W20, 5W30 and 10W30) by reducing friction
    • Provide thorough anti-wear protection exceeding current U.S., Japanese and European wear tests for gasoline and gasoline turbo-charged engines where each grade is specified
    • Valvoline's line of multi-viscosity oils include the following grades: 5W20, 5W30, 10W30, 10W40, 15W40 and 20W50
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  4. Pennzoil Multi-Purpose 2-Cycle Oil

    Pennzoil Multi-Purpose 2-Cycle Oil

    • Protects against piston scuffing and ring sticking
    • Helps keep spark plugs and exhaust port clean
    • Case qty: 24
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  5. Pennzoil Marine Premium Plus 2-Cycle Oil

    Pennzoil Marine Premium Plus 2-Cycle Oil

    • Keeps spark plugs clean
    • Protects against piston scuffing
    • Keeps exhaust parts clean
    • Protects against ring sticking
    • Added engine protection
    • Performs in extreme conditions
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  6. Trans Fld  Harvest King Atf -quart

    Trans Fld Harvest King Atf -quart

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