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Car Accesories

Car Accesories

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  1. Voltek 12V Red Plaid Heated Travel Blanket HB12VPLAID

    Voltek 12V Red Plaid Heated Travel Blanket HB12VPLAID


    Regular Price: $19.98

    Special Price: $14.98

    When the weather changes and the need for more heat options becomes apparent, a heated travel blanket can solve some problems. This heated travel blanket can be used anywhere a 12v adapter can be used. This blanket is cute in red plaid, and has a 7' long cord for easy arranging from your feet to your shoulders, making travel a warmer experience. It can be used for roadside emergencies, or in the car, truck or RV, in the front seat or the back. The material of the heated travel blanket is comfort polar fleece, and is big enough for covering up an entire person or two, measuring in at 43" by 59". The blanket is a nice addition to emergency kits or can be used as a seat warmer in the colder winter months. The heated travel blanket can be used for children or pets a well, keeping the whole family warm while in the car.

    Product Features:

    • Ideal for travelling in your car, truck or RV and roadside emergencies
    • Makes a great seat warmer
    •  It even reaches to the back seat 
    • Comfort polar fleece material 
    • 7 feet long cord
    • 43 inches wide x 59' inches long
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  2. Voltek 12V Heated Travel Blanket HB12VBLUE

    Voltek 12V Heated Travel Blanket HB12VBLUE


    Regular Price: $19.98

    Special Price: $14.98

    The Voltek 12V heated travel blanket is the perfect way to keep warm on a long road trip or at your next tailgate party during those cold, winter months. This heated travel blanket is also the perfect way to keep little ones warm in their car seats without having to warm the whole vehicle. It features an extra long, 7 ft. cord which plugs into a 12V outlet in your vehicle and is big enough to cover two people, measuring 42" by 58". The Voltek 12V heated travel blanket is made of cozy, super soft 100% polyester fleece and features an automatic temperature control and a built-in safety setting which turns the heat off after 30-45 minutes of consistent use. This heated travel blanket is energy efficient with a 4 amp power usage and heats up in just a few seconds. Be sure to pack the Voltek 12V heated travel blanket for your next outing as it is sure to keep you warm when you need it to.

    • Maxsa Innovations Comfy Cruise heated travel blanket
    • 12 Volt heated travel blanket
    • Stay warm on cold winter days!
    • Warms you up in seconds
    • Large 42" x 58" size covers 2 people
    • Perfect for cars, convertibles, trucks, boats, RVs, and SUVs
    • Great for keeping kids warm, especially when they are in car seats and cannot wear bulky snow suits
    • Great for your spouse, who wants the temperature warmer than you
    • Great for senior citizens and others who suffer from poor circulation
    • Extra long 7 ft. cord reaches back seats
    • Luxurious 100% polyester fleece
    • Simply plug into 12V cigarette lighter socket
    • Comfy Cruise can also be used as a regular blanket when not plugged in
    • Automatic temperature control
    • Timer automatically turns off heat after 30 or 45 minutes for safety
    • Energy-saving 4 amp power usage
    • Easy to clean
    • Navy blue
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  3. Window 12v Heater and Defroster HAT-858

    Window 12v Heater and Defroster HAT-858


    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $7.99

    With this convenient 12 Volt heater and defroster you can quickly heat your vehicle, just by plugging it into the cigarette lighter socket or 12 volt power port. The compact design allows the heater to fit easily on dashboards to defrost windshield or on the floor to quickly provide heat to the passenger compartment.

    Product Features: 

    • Quickly heats your vehicle
    • Removable 360 swivel base
    • Mounts with screw or adhesive pads
    • Input Voltage: 12V
    • No need to wait for engine to warm 
    • Swing out handle for mobile use
    • Includes 63" fused power cord
    • Output Power: 150W 
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  4. Top Dawg Premium 720P DVR Dash Camera TDCAM01

    Top Dawg Premium 720P DVR Dash Camera TDCAM01


    If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been falsely accused of a traffic accident or a moving violation we’re sure you would’ve liked to have had video proof.  Now you can with an unbelievably cost effective dash camera from Top Dawg Electronics. The TD Premium 720P DVR Dash Cam offers crystal clear audio & high-resolution recording of everything you see and hear. With the new TD Dash Cam you can easily record your driver’s view OR interior view in real time with audio! The Top Dawg Premium 720P Dash DVR offers a wide angle HD cameras, 2.4” Color LCD and IR lights to improve night recording. The Top Dawg Dash Cam acts as your vehicle black box, records all you see and hear with a time and date stamped video file that will help you prevent fraudulent claims and erroneous traffic tickets. This also includes motion detection, HDMI Port and HDMI Cable which allows you to watch in HD video on LCD. We all know that this technology has been used by police officers for years to protect them, why shouldn’t you use that same technology? Now, if your insurance companies or any Judge wants evidence of a traffic ticket or accident, you will have a time and date stamped video that will assist you! Includes HDMI Cables, HDMI Slot, DC Mobile Charger, USB Charging Line,  rechargeable Li-Ion Battery,  windshield mount and 8GB SD Card, comes with everything to get started out of the box and installs in minutes!

    Product Features:

    • Easy to operate, installs in minutes. Ready to use out of the box.
    • The Top Dawg Dash Cam acts as your vehicle black box
    • Records all you see and hear 
    • Time and date stamped for verification
    • Helps prevent fraudulent claims
    • Infrared LED’s for recording at night
    • 2.4” LCD screen rotates 270 degrees
    • Anti-theft technology with motion detector
    • Includes rechargeable lithium ion battery
    • Includes 8 GB SD Card (It is highly recommended that you contact Top Dawg before upgrading the SD card)
    • Includes HDMI out which allows you to watch in HD video on LCD


    • New Top Dawg Dash DVR Nigh Vision Camera
    • USB Charging/Data Line
    • DC Mobile Charger
    • 8 GB SD Card
    • HDMI Cable
    • Heavy Duty Windshield Mount
    • User Guide
    • 12 Month Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty


    Video AVI Format, 1280 by 720 @ 30 fps, 640 by 480 @ 30 fps
    Photo JPEG, 1600 by 1200
    Display 2.4 inch TFT Colorful 270° Rotating LCD
    SD Card Up to 32 GB SD Card
    Sensor OV9712
    Camera 1/4 Color CMOS WXGA Night Vision Camera
    Viewing Angle 120°
    Interface USB. 2.0
    Microphone Included
    Operation System Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/ or above
    Battery Rechargeable 500mAh Li-Polymer
    Recording Cycled Recording
    Length of Recording Time on 8 GB Card   100 minutes (1280 by 720)
    Motion Detection Select On or Off
    Power DC5V
    Nominal Charging Time Max 2 Hours
    Battery Use Time Up to 1 Hour
    Part Number  TDCAM01
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  5. 400 Watt Analog Power Inverter PI400/PMP400

    400 Watt Analog Power Inverter PI400/PMP400

    • 800-watt peak surge power.
    • Built-In, High-Speed Cooling Fan – helps keep the unit cool.
    • On/Off Switch and LED Indicator.
    • 12 Volt Cigarette Lighter/Accessory Plug – or clamps to battery.
    • Ideal for running computers, cell phones, lights, power tools, TVs, VCRs, stereos, radios and CD players in cars, trucks, boats, SUVs and RVs.
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  6. Top Dawg WIFI License Plate Backup Camera for iPhone/Android Phones & Tablets TDWIFIBC

    Top Dawg WIFI License Plate Backup Camera for iPhone/Android Phones & Tablets TDWIFIBC


    Before you reverse, you will be able to connect WIFI backup camera on your iPhone, iPad or any Android phone or tablet and then see what is behind you before you reverse. Product support all iOS and Android device. Just download the free APP and you will see the WIFI backup camera on your device, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other smart phone device.

    Product Features:

    • WIFI Back-Up Color Camera displays video on phone/tablet & displays what is behind you before you reverse
    • Free App available for iPhone and Android Phone
    • Ready to work out of the box, easy install, installs in minutes
    • Reduce backup accidents by 70% or more
    • Works on any vehicle, car, SUV, truck, RV, & commercial truck
    • License Plate Color HD Camera with 110 degree wide angle viewing plus Night Vision
    • IP 66 Waterproof License Plate Bracket, non-permanent installation


    • Top Dawg Wifi License Plate Backup Camera
    • Wifi Transmitter
    • WiFi App link for Download
    • Owners Manual


    Camera Specifications
    Imaging Sensor  CCD
    Total Pixels 640x480 (PAL/NTSC)
    Minimum Illumination  0 Lux (IR Night Vision)
    Video Output 0.9-1.2v p-p 75ohm
    Supply + 12V DC
    Night Vision 10-12 Feet
    Horizontal View Angle 100°
    Unobstructed Effective Range  30-40 Feet
    Dimensions (mm) 370 W x 55 D x 35 H
    Operating Temperature  -10°C to +50°C or 14°F to 122°F 
    Operating Humidity  85% RH


    Intermediate Frequency 2400-2483.5 MHz
    Demodulation Type WIFI 802.11b;802.11g/n
    Antenna  50 ohm SMA
    EnCryption Mode WPA2
    Power Supply + 12V DC
    Consumption Current (max) 150mA
    Unobstructed Effective Range  10M (min)
    Video Latency 0.7 seconds
    Wifi Boot Up Time 1.7 seconds
    Dimensions (mm) 71 W x 35.5 D x 12.3 H
    Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C or 14°F to 122°F 
    Operating Humidity 85% RH
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  7. Rigid Industries Radius Mount LED Dome Light 4011

    Rigid Industries Radius Mount LED Dome Light 4011


    This LED Dome Light features 12 powerful LED's and is designed to be used as interior or exterior small area lighting. Use the LED Dome Light in the cab of your vehicle, under your hood, or on the wakeboard tower of your boat. It features billet aluminum construction with a black anodized finish. This model is designed to be installed on a radiused surface, such as a roll cage. It will fit 1.25" to 1.75" tubing.

    • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
    • Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
    • Billet Aluminum Housing
    LED's 12
    Mount Type Radius
    Finish Color  Black
    Family Interior Lighting 
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  8. Top Dawg DVR Dash Camera 12V Hard Wire Power Kit TDDVR12VPC

    Top Dawg DVR Dash Camera 12V Hard Wire Power Kit TDDVR12VPC


    The Top Dawg DVR 12v Hard Wire Power Cable will allow a Top Dawg DVR Dash Cam to be installed using a 12 volt power source rather than the cigarette lighter charger. This will free up your cigarette lighter charger to be used for other purposes and will eliminate a power cable hanging from the windshield to the cigarette lighter charger. The installation will look much cleaner and OEM and will ensure that the Top Dawg DVR Dash Cam is on when the vehicle is on. Installation of a 12 volt power source is required and takes 10-20 minutes.

    Product Features:

    • Powers all Top Dawg DVR Dash Cams using hard line 12 volt power source
    • Replaces the 12 volt cigarette lighter charging cord for a clean, permanent installation
    • Ensures that the DVR Dash Cam is on and receiving power when the vehicle is on
    • 12 foot cable
    • Mini-USB
    • Free Volt Input: 12V-24V
    • Volt/Current Output: DC 5V/1.5A
    • Product Name: DVR Dash Cam 12 Volt Hard Wire Power Cable
    • Part Number: TDDVRCAM12VC



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  9. PEAK Performance 3.5" Wireless Back-Up Camera System PKC0RB

    PEAK Performance 3.5" Wireless Back-Up Camera System PKC0RB


    Tragically, on average, two children are killed each week and approximately 50 people are hospitalized after being hit by vehicles backing up. Since 2001, about 600 children have died in these non-traffic related, rollover incidents. Drivers cannot see the children and other pedestrians behind them because their “blind zone” inhibits rearward visibility. The blind zone, which can actually be 34 feet or more in length on light trucks and larger sport utility vehicles, can hide as many as 60 children from the driver’s view.

    For these reasons, PEAK Performance is proud to introduce its new PEAK Performance Back-Up Camera System. This accessory works on most kinds of vehicles and features a full 2.4-inch by 3.5-inch LCD color monitor that provides easy-to-see rear coverage on automobiles, trucks, SUVs and minivans. It also includes a water-resistant color camera and a 2.4GHz wireless transmission between the camera and the display monitor. The automatic screen turns on upon shifting into reverse gear. The complete installation takes less than an hour for most novices and just minutes for those with a little bit more expertise.

    The camera mounts above the rear license plate using the same mounting holes as the plate, while the LCD monitor mounts to the inside front windshield with an easily removable suction cup mechanism. Once mounted, the monitor itself easily pivots on two axes for the driver’s viewing adjustment.

    The rear image is wirelessly transmitted from the camera above the license plate to the monitor on the front windshield via a 2.4GHz transmitter. Image transmission will only take place after the rear camera and transmitter are wired to the rear backup light circuitry. The LCD monitor, powered by 12 volts, plugs into the vehicle’s lighter or power adapter outlet. The brightness and contrast control on the monitor can be adjusted, the image orientation controlled and the LCD screen turned off, all from the driver’s seat.

    More than 50 percent of households have one child or more. Approximately 65 percent of all drivers fall between the age of 18 to 45, a very likely range for parents with small children. More than 40 percent of drivers own a minivan, SUV or pickup truck that can have blind spots that can exceed 34 feet, and more than 50 percent of the top 20-selling vehicles in the United States do have blind spots greater than 30 feet.


    • Wireless Camera broadcast for quick and easy installation.
    • Brightness and contrast controls
    • Reverse Image control
    • Water resistant camera with day or night time use.
    • 3.5" Color LCD Monitor
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  10. Top Dawg Titanium Mini Bluetooth Speakers - Set of 2 TDTIMINIST-2

    Top Dawg Titanium Mini Bluetooth Speakers - Set of 2 TDTIMINIST-2


    The Top Dawg Stereo Hi Fi Mini Stereo Speaker Set includes two (2) 3 watt speakers which pair together for true wireless stereo sound. Listening to 2 True Wireless Stereo Sound paired speakers increases the sound quality 300-400% than just listening to one speakers. This Mini Stereo Speaker Set is designed to be connected with any Bluetooth® device and provide a loud, clear and hi fi stereo sound. This speaker kit connects quickly to any Bluetooth® device and are very light and portable and the sound quality is so good that it is surprising that a sound this good with Bass can come from such small speakers! Plus, you can play music directly from a micro SD card (not included). This speaker kit will also allow you to have 2 way phone conversations, which makes this ideal for conference calls in an office environment. You will receive two (2) mini Hifi 3W speakers, USB charging line and a 1 year warranty.

    Product Features:

    • TWS Sound Separation which allows you to pair two Bluetooth® speakers together for true wireless stereo sound
    • Two 3 watt speakers with Awesome & Loud Sound Quality & Bass Xpansion System
    • Bluetooth® Hi Fi Loud Speaker which allows you to enjoy music wire-free
    • Line-in port for use with all audio devices plus play music directly from microSD Card
    • Make and receive phone calls, use for conference calls
    • Includes 12 month manufacturers warranty


    • Two (2) Titanium Mini Bluetooth® Speakers 
    • USB Charging Line
    • User Guide 
    • Retail Packaging 
    • 12 Month Warranty


    Bluetooth Version  Bluetooth V3.0, Compatibility with V2.1, V2.0, V1.2, and V3.0 
    Working Range Up to 30 ft.
    Talk/Listen Time 8 Hours
    Standby Time 200 Hours
    Charging Time 2 Hours
    Frequency  12 KHZ-280KHZ
    Weight 8 oz.
    Rated Power 3 Watts
    Signal to Noise Ratio  > 76 dB
    Dimensions 2.4" x 2"
    Part Number TDTIMINIST-2
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