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Review Details

Bale Lok/net Wrap 48" 9840'

Bale Lok/net Wrap 48" 9840'

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2012):

I bought 2 48" rolls of Black Jack net wrap from Rural King and in winter storage out side the net wrap fell apart. The bales would not shead water and the rain soaked into the bales as if I had twine wraped bales. The Black Jack brand is not good for out side storage. It will start splitting in the middle and when you move the bale it falls off. The price was cheap enough but the quality was not good. The year before I bought the same wrap and it worked good, when I asked about the new wrap they said they had no problems with it. I lost a season of hay sales because the wrap split and would not transport, the bales fell apart as I moved them to load. This is not good wrap do not buy the Black Jack wrap.