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Big Ass Fans 4900 115 Volt Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans 4900 115 Volt Ceiling Fan

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2012):

I purchased the previous model to this one about a year ago. it looks exactly the same except for the tips of the blades which on mine is just a plain plastic cap. Installation was fairly simple the kit came with almost everything you would need. It came with the mounting brackets for I-Beams and the 3' extension. I converted mine to 240v which is a snap. The one thing I can say is the brute is heavy. I have a 2 man boom lift which made it OK but thinking of putting it up with ladders is a challenge even I would not tackle. The Fan itself is great, it does tend to pull down the hot air from the ceiling more than I thought it would. you need to turn it on a while before it pulls down all the hot air which gets mixed with the air at ground level. If you leave doors or windows open it will eventually get pulled outside. That said, don't underestimate the value of hot air blowing on you verses stagnate air. On the end of the barn with the fan you can work in the heat. on the end of the barn without air blowing on you it is just not bearable. Turn it on before it gets hot and it is great. Double or triple any estimate of how long it will take to get the fan. Rural King cuts a PO to BAF which takes 10 days then you are put on the waiting list at BAF. Expect almost 2 full months before you get it. Overall, it is cheaper to get it from Rural King and I would buy it again.