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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the the number for my local store?

You can find these numbers on our store locator page under the state categories. (

Where is my closest store?

You can check the closest store to you by going to the Store Locator page ( and entering in your zip code. This will generate the stores that are closest to you by miles.

When I give you my customer information, will Rural King sell the information?

No, Rural King only uses the information for the purpose of the current active order. Your credit card number is not saved in our system and you will not receive any emails that do not pertain to your order.

Can I pay my Rural King credit card online?

Yes, you may pay this bill online. On our home page under help center you can click the link that will take you to the Synchrony Financial website to pay your bill. does not have any information about the credit card and will not be able to answer any questions. Please call Synchrony Financial at 866-419-4096.

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Credit Cards/Payment Methods

Can I use my Rural King credit card or Rural King gift card on the website?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept the RK credit cards online. We do accept Rural King gift cards if they have a 4 digit pin located on the back of the card.

Why is my card being declined?

In most cases if your card is being declined, it's because the billing address that you have put in does not match the card billing address. These two things have to match otherwise the card will be declined. Make sure you are putting in your billing address. You can have a different billing and shipping address.

My card was declined but it looks like you charged my account.

The reason for this is because the card provider is placing a temporary hold on the amount. This will drop off after 7 days. When this occurs, we have not actually charged the account. We will not charge your card until the order has been shipped.

What payment methods do we accept?

Rural King will accept all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover. We also have a Paypal option. We cannot accept international credit cards at this time. We are working on this for the future. We also cannot accept Rural King gift cards or Rebate cards online. We do know that it is an option on the cart page and this is because we will have the feature in the future.

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Products and Ordering

Is Rural King a manufacturer?

Rural King does not manufacture anything. We are a retailer and the items on our website and in our stores are produced by other companies.

Does Rural King price match?

If you would like to price match an item, you must have the website of the item that you are using. The items must match identically. You will need to call in so that we can look into the price match for you. Customer service is 1-800-561-1752.

Can Rural King special order items not available on the website?

Yes, we can. We will always do our best to get items that you may be looking for that our store or website may not have available.

What does it mean when an item is back ordered?

For Rural King, an item on back order doesn't always mean that an item is unavailable. It may mean that we will have to ship from one of our stores. This will only take a day longer for processing. If the item is showing back ordered and it says Factory Shipped, you may want to call in and check the status of the item.

What does factory shipped mean?

If an item is marked as factory shipped, this means that it will ship directly from the manufacturer to your home or business. Keep in mind that we do not control the manufacturer shipping or processing times so it may take longer with these items.

What does Direct-Ship in my order status mean?

This means that we will ship this item from one of our stores or it will come from the manufacturer.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order by going to the Help Center under Track My Order. Enter in your order number and your email address. Your order will go through three stages until it is complete.

  • Processing – This means that we are shopping for your items and getting them ready to ship. At this time, your card not has not been charged but the card company has placed a hold on the funds. After 7 – 10 days, this charge will fall off your account.

    During the holiday season, processing times are 1 – 3 days instead of the normal 1 – 2 days on items that are shipped from our location.

  • Direct-Ship – If your order status is direct – ship, this means we are going to be sending this item from one of our stores or from the manufacturer. Once the store or manufacturer has notified us that they have the items ready to ship, your order status will go to completed. If an item comes from one of our stores, it will take 1 more day for the processing time. If it is a manufacturer shipped item, it could take 1 – 4 weeks to be shipped.

  • Complete – If your order status is complete, this means that your order has been completed in full and will be shipping in 24 hours. Your card has been charged at this point and you will receive a tracking number via email.

What if there is incorrect information on my order confirmation?

If there is incorrect information on your order confirmation, please call immediately so that we can make these changes before the order is shipped. If we are unavailable to answer the phone, please leave a message or send an email to our customer service department at

Can an order be edited or canceled?

Yes, we can edit or cancel an order. However, orders must be canceled within two hours of the order being placed and must be confirmed by an E-Commerce Customer Service Representative. If you need to edit or change an order, this must also be done within two hours of the order being placed. We do strive to ship within 24 hours.

Why did my order get canceled?

If your order has been canceled, we have done so because we are out of stock of an item or it has been back ordered for several months and we cannot complete the order within the 30 days that we have access to the card information.

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Why does the Free Shipping Code not work?

The reason that your Free Ship code may not be working could be for any number of reasons. Make sure that you have entered the code in the Special Offers box. You may also want to check for the following things: Make sure that the item is not oversized or over the 99lb weight limit. It also cannot be on sale. We also do not Free Ship the following items: all liquids, chemicals, fertilizer, grass seeds, feed, paint, push mowers, and tires. If the item is to ship LTL freight, it does not qualify for the Free Shipping.

Why do my items have to ship LTL freight?

Your items may have to be shipped LTL freight because of the size or the weight of the item(s) on the order. The weight is not always the determining factor in shipping. If a box is oversized, it cannot ship with UPS ground.

If I have an item shipped by truck freight is the driver responsible for unloading the merchandise?

No, truck freight companies do not require their drivers to unload shipments. An additional lift gate charge will apply if the driver unloads the merchandise. The carrier will call and schedule the delivery when you'll have unloading help on hand.

Can you ship internationally?

At this time we are unable to ship outside of the Continental US. We are working on international shipping for the near future.

If I expedite a package how long will it take?

If a package is expedited, this only speeds up the time from which it leaves our shipping department in getting to you. The expedited shipping does not include the processing time for an order. We will always try to ship our orders out on the same day. Expedited shipping does not include Saturday or Sunday as UPS does not deliver on these days. We cannot expedite liquids or chemicals.

Lost package or damaged claims.

When your package has been lost or damaged we can file a claim with UPS.

  • Damage Claim - With a damaged item, we will contact UPS and notify them that there was damage to the package. They will put the tracking number under investigation. They may come by and take the package for inspection. The investigation will take about 7-10 business days. Once they have made a decision about the package they will contact Rural King and let us know their decision. We will then reship or refund your order.

  • Lost Package Tracer - If your package is lost, Rural King will contact UPS and put a lost package tracer on the package. UPS will then attempt to find what was missing. If they find it, UPS will deliver it to the shipping address. If they do not find it, UPS will let Rural King know and we will reship or refund the item for you.

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Returns and Exchanges

How do I return/exchange an item?

If you are not satisfied with the item(s) that you have ordered, you can return or exchange them. We have a 30 day return policy. The item(s) must be unopened and in resealable condition. Before you send the item back, please call our customer service department to obtain an RMA number for return authorization. This will let us know that you will be sending the package back to us and if we need to process an exchange or a refund. The address for Returns is:

4216 Dewitt Ave
Mattoon IL 61938



Can I return/exchange an item I bought on Rural to my local store?

Yes, you may return an item to your local store. We do ask that you please contact our customer service department before doing so. The store will not be able to issue a refund but they can do an exchange. We will need to set up arrangements with the store in order to do this.

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