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We offer a large selection of household products such as garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper and house cleaning products.

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  1. Drive Medical, 540 Regulators, 18303G

    Drive Medical, 540 Regulators, 18303G


    Product Summary

    • New click style flow control.
    • Lightweight uni-body design.
    • Meets or exceeds accuracy standards for ASTM, American National and CGA.
    • UL Approved
    • Liter Flow Increments: 0, .12, .5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
    • Green
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  2. Libman Cotton Deck Mop 977

    Libman Cotton Deck Mop 977

    • 4-ply
    • 12” cotton yarn.
    • Polymer yarn connector.
    • Steel handle with hanger hole.
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  3. Defender Sentinel Pro Widescreen 16CH Security DVR 21156

    Defender Sentinel Pro Widescreen 16CH Security DVR 21156


    Get the professional-quality video security system you need to protect what you value most without having to pay for expensive installation. A Defender PRO security system provides the all the equipment you need to cut out the middle man and set up your system, your way. The weather-resistant cameras are built to last with heavy duty mounting hardware and anodized midnight black aluminum casing. Widescreen viewing with 800TVL resolution and 150’ night vision means you’ll be able see more of your property in finer detail than traditional DIY systems afford. The included 2TB hard drive, FT4 fire-rated cabling, HDMI output and intuitive menu work together to take all the hassle out of installation, setup and storage. And with 1 Step™ Remote Viewing, you’ll be able to play back recorded footage or check on your property in real-time on any device with an Internet connection. Perfect for any business or home application, you’ll experience peace of mind you never thought possible while knowing you did it all yourself with Defender PRO.

    800TVL Resolution- Defender gets you the crisp, clear picture you need so you know exactly what’s going on at your business or home. PRO systems feature 800TV lines of resolution meaning you’ll have smooth, finely detailed live or pre-recorded video available whenever you want it, via HDMI/VGA output or wirelessly on your Internet-enabled computer or smart device.

    See 150 feet in Complete Darkness- Every Defender PRO Camera is outfitted with 48 infrared LEDs that will let you view any property from up to 150’ away in complete darkness – equal to the distance of half a football field! All Defender cameras’ impressive night vision capabilities are tested in perfect darkness at 0 lux, which means range may even be extended in ambient or low-light conditions.

    See more in Widescreen with 960H Technology- With 34% more surface visibility than standard security cameras, Defender PRO DVRs use 960H technology to let you see more. Whether you’re monitoring a darkened parking lot or well-lit backyard, your DVR allows you to watch and record video in resolutions as high as 960 x 480. And since you’re capturing video in real-time, you will always have access to a detailed record of all activity happening on your property. (*Widescreen viewing available with 960H-enabled DVRs only.)

    Smartphone Viewing in 1 Step™- Defender®’s free 1 Step™ Remote Viewing software instantly networks your DVR with the Internet. View your video
    feeds live, receive instant email alerts and watch any previously recorded footage from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

    2TB Hard Drive Stores Years of Footage- Quickly and easily play back years of high quality video footage stored on the included 2TB hard drive that only you have direct access to. Rest easy knowing your footage is safe and secure on your Defender PRO DVR.

    Heavy Duty, Weather Resistant Cameras- Any serious security setup needs serious hardware: the midnight black anodized aluminum casing gives PRO cameras full protection from the elements in addition to any cosmetic wear and tear (weather-resistant IP66 rating). The included heavy duty vandal-resistant mounting hardware allows you to securely affix your camera to almost any indoor or outdoor surface.

    Multiple Viewing Options- Setting up your viewing options gives direct control over each area you wish to monitor. Custom name each individual channel so you can easily identify the location of activity. Use the Masking feature to block out a portion of the scene from an individual camera such as a cash register or safe while still seeing the activity around the masked area. Other viewing options include picture-in-picture, full screen, quad screen, 9 channel view, digital zoom and sequence switching. Each recorded area is complete with time and date stamp so you can search by event and easily find recorded footage from all channels.

    Your System, Your Setup- Customizing your Defender system is as easy as recording your favorite TV shows to a cable box. Options like Motion-Activated Email Alerts, Area Masking and Event Search are all easily accessible thanks to the menu’s built-in coaching feature, which helps you set up and understand your system’s settings. Whether navigating via remote control or USB mouse, your Pro system speaks your language.

    65 foot Fire-Rated FT4 Cables to Meet Code- To properly install a security system, you need the proper equipment. All Defender PRO Cameras come equipped with 65’ of fire-rated FT4 cabling. Your in- wall wiring will meet regional building codes while you remain one step ahead of the inspector.


    • 16CH DVR with 2TB HDD
    • 8 Outdoor Security Cameras
    • 8 65ft FT4 Cables
    • 5 Power Adapters
    • 2 Four-to-One Power Splitters
    • Mounting Hardware
    • 2 BNC to RCA Connectors
    • RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
    • HDMI video cable
    • Instruction Manual & Software CD
    • USB Mouse
    • IR Remote Controller with batteries
    • Quick Start Guide
    • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Lifetime Customer Support with Manufacturer  
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  4. Drive Medical, 17" Deluxe Go-Kart Steel Transport Chair (Chrome), TR17

    Drive Medical, 17" Deluxe Go-Kart Steel Transport Chair (Chrome), TR17


    Product Features

    • Weighs under 26 lbs.
    • Available in 17" and 19" seat widths.
    • Carbon steel frame with double coated chrome provides an attractive, chip-proof, easy to maintain finish.
    • Aluminum casted back release hinge allows back to fold down for easy storage and transport.
    • Comes with carry pocket on back rest.
    • Back folds down for easy storage and transport.
    • Swing-away footrests come standard.
    • Comes with seat belt for added safety.
    • 8" casters in front and rear.
    • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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  5. Ziploc, 1-Gallon Freezer Bags 00389

    Ziploc, 1-Gallon Freezer Bags 00389

    • For freezing fruit, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, baked goods, cooked foods, leftovers, and hard cheeses.
    • Microwaveable safe.
    • Freeze-guard seal.
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  6. Drive Medical, Adjustable Universal Rear Anti-Tipper with Wheels, STDS808

    Drive Medical, Adjustable Universal Rear Anti-Tipper with Wheels, STDS808


    Product Features

    • Unique Spring Loaded Flip-Lock mechanism easily flips up and down for traversing curbs.
    • Universal spacing sleeve can be added or removed to accommodate a secure fit with the Viper Plus, Viper Plus GT, Cruiser III and most other leading manufacturers wheelchairs
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  7. Constellation Scorpius Flashlight SC-B3

    Constellation Scorpius Flashlight SC-B3


    The Constellation Scorpius Series is tuned to provide the perfect balance of power, size, and burn time. These torches are no longer the  average length of a human hand and have excellent power to size ratios, making them ideal everyday carry lights. Models SC-Z1, SC-B3, and SC-X1 are powered by Cree XP-G LED's and feature a quick switch that can cycle between several brightness levels to provide the right amount of light to suit your job.

    Product Features:

    • Small in Size, Big on Power
    • Black
    • CREE XP-G LED (180 Lumens of Super-Bright Light)
    • Quick Switch for Selection of 4 Output Modes and Strobe
    • Smooth Reflector Provides Longer Beam Throw
    • Luminescent Tailcap for Easy Location of On/Off Switch
    • Aluminum Alloy Body is Lightweight and Highly Durable
    • Electronic Current Regulation Ensures Consistent Brightness Output

    Battery Type: 3 - AAA


    • Length - 4.6 Inches
    • Width - 1.3 Inches
    • Weight - 3.4 Ounces
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  8. Drive Medical, CPAP Nasal Mask (Extreme Comfort, Small), 18232

    Drive Medical, CPAP Nasal Mask (Extreme Comfort, Small), 18232


    Product Features

    • One piece silicon design.
    • 360° Dual Swivel Elbow Port
    • Auto adjusting forehead support.
    • Tubing and headgear both have quick disconnects.
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  9. Drive Medical, Low Profile Amputee Seat (20" w x 20" d), RTL6125

    Drive Medical, Low Profile Amputee Seat (20" w x 20" d), RTL6125


    Product Features

    • Provides a platform to prevent knee flexion contractures.
    • Fully retractable extensions for ease of transfers.
    • Easily removed from chair when not required.Includes amputee cushions.
    • The weight capacity is 250 lbs and the extensions go out 9 inches.
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  10. Drive Medical, Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrode (Square), AGF 101

    Drive Medical, Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrode (Square), AGF 101


    Product Features

    • Adhesive Pre-Gelled Electrode
    • Square
    • 1.75" x 1.75"
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