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We offer a large selection of household products such as garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper and house cleaning products.

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  1. Luma Comfort New Air Cyan Blue Portable Ice Maker AI-100CB

    Luma Comfort New Air Cyan Blue Portable Ice Maker AI-100CB


    NewAirs AI-100CB unique cyan blue shaded portable ice maker promises to add a pop of color to your ice making experience. Produce fresh ice cubes wherever you go with this easily portable ice maker from NewAir.

    Produces 28 Pounds of Ice Daily- The AI-100CB has the capability of producing up to 28 pounds of ice every day, that's 196 pounds per week. Each cycle takes 6-15 minutes and produces 9 cubes of ice. Enjoy having the option of choosing from 3 ice cube sizes, including: small, medium or large. A different size of ice cube, to suit all the family.

    No Installation Required- First of all this ice maker is extremely compact and portable. Second of all it doesn't require any permanent installation. Finally, this unit doesn't need a drain, therefore making the AI-100CB perfect for all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities, including BBQs, parties, boat trips, RV trips, camping trips, family gatherings and pool parties! This unit has also been known for being a must have appliance in kitchens, games rooms and mini bars. It also comes complete with a handy ice scoop for your convenience.

    Indicator Lights- Don't feel the need to sit and wait for each cycle to be complete. The AI-100CB features two indicator lights: one that indicates that the ice basket is full, and another that indicates that the unit requires more water. The sleek NewAir AI-100CB cyan blue portable ice maker features a side-mounted drain bin to empty any unused water at the end of the day, which makes this unit extra convenient and user friendly. You could almost operate this unit with your eyes closed!

    Convenient- Thanks to this amazing creation of the AI-100CB cyan blue ice maker, you can: make your own ice when you want, make as much ice as you like and choose what size of ice cubes you want to make. The choice is all yours!

    Product Features:

    • Makes new ice in as little as 6 minutes - no need to wait!
    • Produces 28 pounds of ice a day so you always have enough
    • Side drain lets you empty excess water quickly
    • Simple controls and indicator lights for easy operation
    • Attractive orange finish is easy to clean and looks great on counters

    Length (in.) 14.50"
    Width (in.) 11.75"
    Height (in.) 15.00"
    Product Weight  28.60 lbs
    Product Color Cyan Blue
    Warranty  1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty 
    Voltage 115 Volts
    Watts  120 Watts
    Amps 1.9/2.7 amps
    Frequency 60 Hz
    Daily Ice Making Capacity 28 pounds
    Ice Shape Bullet
    Number of Ice Sizes  3
    Installation Type Freestanding
    Ice Making Capacity Per Cycle  9 Pieces of Ice
    Drain Type Side-Mounted
    Full Basket Indicator  Yes
    Add Water Indicator  Yes
    Includes Ice Scoop Yes
    Certifications ETL

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  2. Energizer Two 9V Alkaline Batteries 522BP-2

    Energizer Two 9V Alkaline Batteries 522BP-2

    Energizer® MAX® batteries deliver dependable, powerful performance that keeps going and going. Providing long life for the devices you use every day — from toys to CD players to flashlights. The latest generation of our popular alkaline batteries is exactly what you need. You never quit. Your battery shouldn't either. Learn More
  3. Drive Medical, U-Sling for Floor Lifts without Padded Head Support (Medium), 13225M

    Drive Medical, U-Sling for Floor Lifts without Padded Head Support (Medium), 13225M


    Product Features

    • Sling Points: 4
    • Optional Chain / Strap Not Required
    • Design: Solid
    • Material: Polyester
    • Size: Medium
    • Dimensions: 49" x 37"
    • Cradle Points: 4 or 6
    • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
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  4. Defender Imitation Dome Security Camera PH301

    Defender Imitation Dome Security Camera PH301


    The PH301 imitation security camera is an easy way to deter intruders or vandals and make your property appear to have a robust security system. The ABS plastic housing makes it look like a real, functioning camera. This camera can also be used in combination with a functioning security system to heighten the effectiveness. Customers, neighbors and visitors will all think that you have a robust video surveillance system.

    Flashing Red LED- This imitation camera has a flashing Red LED so it looks just like the real thing. Use it in your business or home to help prevent vandalism and theft! The design of the PH301 is based on an actual camera, making it a realistic crime prevention investment. Make people think twice about stealing or doing damage to your property. Use it to help prevent and deter suspicious activity by placing the security camera in a noticeable area.

    Place the Camera Anywhere- You can easily mount the PH301 on virtually any surface and aim it using the adjustable bracket. This makes the imitation camera incredibly easy to use and adaptable to many locations.

    Weather Resistant Housing for a long Product Life- Deter suspicious activity inside and outside with this camera. The imitation camera is made of ABS plastic for durability and will not rust. This makes the PH301 incredibly versatile and practical for convenience stores, parking lots, apartments, entrances, and many other places!

    Designed Like a Real Camera- Built to resemble a functioning security camera, this product is versatile for your convenience and peace of mind. The ABS plastic and cable make it look identical to a real camera and is a cost effective crime prevention investment. Pair the PH301 with any of our security systems for an affordable solution and a more robust-looking system.

    Important Notice- Imitation cameras are commonly used in noticeable areas to deter thieves and vandals away from a person’s property. The presence of a camera (functioning or not) may cause the intruders to abandon their plans and move on to another location. We always recommend using imitation cameras in conjunction with a functioning surveillance system for increased security.


    • Imitation Security Camera
    • 4 Window Warning stickers
    • Mounting Guide
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Instruction Manual
    • 1 Year  Manufacturer Warranty
    • Lifetime Live Customer Support with Manufacturer

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  5. Wax Lips Candy

    Wax Lips Candy

    Cherry-flavored Wack-O-Wax Lips encourage "play with your food" fun whenever the mood strikes. Wax Lips are actually a waxy chewing gum with a cherry flavor. Whether at parties, holiday gatherings, or just goofing around with friends, they're the all-time favorite "Play Now, Chew Later" wax treat. Learn More
  6. Drive Medical, Dressing Stick with Padded Handle, RTL2032

    Drive Medical, Dressing Stick with Padded Handle, RTL2032


    Product Features

    • 18" or 24" shaft has a plastic coated "S" hook at one end on both models.
    • "C" hook on opposite side of wood model (RTL2030).
    • Shoe horn on opposite side of padded model (RTL2032).
    • Can be used for both pulling on and pushing off clothes.
    • Limited 6 Month Warranty
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  7. GuideCraft Sailing Toy Box G88208

    GuideCraft Sailing Toy Box G88208


    All aboard for a nautical adventure with the Sailing furniture set! This collection features shades of sea, sky, and sandy beaches--decorated with images of cheerful crabs, diving dolphins, soaring seagulls, and sailboats at full mast. This toy box offers plenty of room for children's favorite toys. Features safety-lid supports and cutouts to prevent finger-pinching. Perfect for the bedroom or playroom. Adult assembly required. 30"W x 17"D x 22.5"H

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  8. Rural King Bottle Spring Water (24 Pack) RK-24-PK

    Rural King Bottle Spring Water (24 Pack) RK-24-PK


    Product Description

    Rural King Spring Water offers you a large selection of our famous branded water as well as the perfect bottle size for any occasion. Busy schedules, meetings, and on the go lifestyles can wear down your body. Charge your body with a healthy choice of pure spring water.

    Product Features

    • 16.9 Fluid Ounces (.5 Liter; 1 Pint, .9 Fluid Ounces)
    • Sodium Free
    • No Additives
    • Non-Carbonated
    • Bottled By: Premium Waters Inc.
    • Processed By: Ozonation
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  9. Cross N' CountryGood Sense 26 Oz Pouch

    Cross N' CountryGood Sense 26 Oz Pouch

    Trail Mix Learn More
  10. Drive Medical, Toilet Safety Frame, RTL 12000

    Drive Medical, Toilet Safety Frame, RTL 12000


    Product Summary

    • Anodized aluminum is sturdy and lightweight.
    • Waterfall armrests provide additional comfort and support.
    • Powder coated aluminum bracket easily attaches frame to toilet.
    • Arms are height and width adjustable.
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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