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  1. Earthkind Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent 4 pk  EPAC-1

    Earthkind Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent 4 pk EPAC-1


    Effectively repels rodents for up to 3 months with a woodsy scent that you'll find refreshing, but they'll find extremely offensive. Safe around kids and pets. Environmentally-friendly, 98% biodegradable. 10 oz. box. 1 box contains 4 pouches.

    • More effeective than poisons
    • All natural
    • Non toxic
    • Safe around humans and pets
    • Keeps mice out
    • Only EPA registered for indoor use
    • Freshens the air while it protects


    Use in garages, sheds, barns, pantries, cabins, RVs, boats and dog kennels.

    Safe For Human, Pets and The Environment, Only EPA Evaluated and Approved Botanical Repellent.

    10 oz. box. 1 box contains 4 pouches.

    Made in the United States

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  2. Jolly Time Blast O Butter Pop Corn 30 pack-30939

    Jolly Time Blast O Butter Pop Corn 30 pack-30939


    Blast your taste buds with the ultimate theatre style butter microwave popcorn.

    • Most intense, most savory movie theatre butter flavor ever
    • Contains popcorn, hydrogenated soybeans oil ,salt and annatto for coloring
    • 3.5 oz bags
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  3. Roebic Soap Grease and Paper Digester 32 OZ K-87-Q4

    Roebic Soap Grease and Paper Digester 32 OZ K-87-Q4


    The Roebic Soap, Grease and Paper Digester is designed to break down soap and detergent build up in drains for showers and septic tanks cesspools. This formula is certified biodegradable by the Scientific Certification Systems.

    Product Description

    • Degrades soaps, grease and paper
    • Use in septic systems, shower and laundry drains
    • Safe for all types of pipes
    • Certified biodegradable
    • Biodegradability is achieved in 10 days
    • Easy to use
    • 32 Ounces
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  4. E-Z Read Jumbo Classic Rain Gauge 820-1002

    E-Z Read Jumbo Classic Rain Gauge 820-1002


    EZRead is the world's most popular brand of rain gauge. Don't leave out in freezing temperature. This product is for rain measurement only.

    • Precisely calibrated for true ratings.
    • Easily mounts in ground or on fence. (Rust-resistant bracket included)
    • DebrisGuard Funnel

    Easy to Read Design:

    • Jumbo Size
    • Bright Markings
    • High Visibility Float
    • Water Magnification
    • Numbering visible up to 50 feet away
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  5. Roebic 1qt Septic Tank Treatment K37

    Roebic 1qt Septic Tank Treatment K37


    Easy-to-use K-37 Septic Tank Treatment keeps your septic tank running smoothly. K-37 Septic Tank Treatment works in both your septic tank and drain fields, preventing clogging and unpleasant odors in your septic system.

    Product Features:

    • Biodegradable
    • Concentrated
    • Prevents Clogs and Back Ups
    • 1 Bottle Treats 1500 gallons
    • 1 Quart
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  6. Keurig K-CUP Gloria Jean Butter Toffee Coffee - 18 Pack 108912

    Keurig K-CUP Gloria Jean Butter Toffee Coffee - 18 Pack 108912

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    Coffee is the singular passion at Gloria Jean's®. They painstakingly select Arabica beans from only the most discriminating sources, with whom they share a commitment to bring you the highest quality coffee in the world. From bean to cup, nothing is compromised, making Gloria Jean's coffee the very finest you can buy. Gloria Jean's singular focus on quality is equally evident in their selection of gourmet teas in K-Cup® and Vue® packs, as it is in their exceptional range of coffees.

    Smooth, creamy taste, with a touch of caramel toffee.

    Nutritional Information: Our flavored coffees are free of calories and carbs, and have no additional nutritional impact. We add no sugars or sweeteners of any kind. So while our flavors may taste indulgent, they're absolutely guilt-free.

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  7. Fisher Nuts Mixed Deluxe 24 Oz P27063

    Fisher Nuts Mixed Deluxe 24 Oz P27063


    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price: $10.99

    ingredients cashews, almonds, pecans, filberts, brazils, vegetable oil (peanut, cottonseed, soybean and/or sunflower seed), salt.

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  8. 37 LED Swivel Work Light WL37LED

    37 LED Swivel Work Light WL37LED


    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $9.08

    This 37 LED Swivel Work Light is designed with a magnetic base and hanger, to allow you to have a light anywhere you need it!

    Product Features:

    • 37 LED Light
    • Fold Out Hanging Hook
    • 6 to 8 Hour Battery Life!
    • Flexible Sturdy Hook
    • Magnet Base With Swivel Bracket
    • 1 LED Flashlight 25 lumens, 36 LED Worklight 55 lumens
    • Powered by (3) AA batteries included

    **Color will vary!

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  9. Outdoor Hands Lotion 3.4oz Tube

    Outdoor Hands Lotion 3.4oz Tube


    Outdoor Hands, LLC is based in Augusta, Georgia. It was founded when a local clinical pharmacist developed a lotion that healed cracked and chapped hands and feet. He developed this lotion because his wife's hands always cracked in cooler weather and nothing on the market (at least nothing that she tried) helped. So after many tries, he came up with Outdoor Hands formula that healed her cracked hands in a matter of days. Not only did it work for his wife, but it also worked for his family, friends and co-workers at both his pharmacy and the hospital where he worked. With this success, and much prompting, Outdoor Hands was born. Outdoor Hands contains a unique blend of certified organic oils and botanical extracts which heals, soothe and moisturizes damaged skin. And it contains no minerals oils, petrolatum, glycerin or lanolin, so there is nothing to impede the absorption of moisture and healing agents by dry and damaged skin. You can actually feel the lotion being absorbed as it is applied. While Outdoor Hands will work great for anyone, it is specifically designed for people with problem skin and people who use their hands to make a living or pursue a passion. In addition, while not yet specifically tested or marketed for this purpose, Outdoor Hands has produced amazing results for people who suffer from severe psoriasis. For the results for one such person, check out the last entry on our "Testimonials" page. Outdoor Hands is our first product. Development of several additional products is underway, including a lip balm and foot cream. Outdoor Hands, LLC goal is to develop quality products that really work. We want everyone who buys Outdoor Hands, and our future products, to be completely satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund the purchase price of the product. Yes, there are other lotions which claim to relieve cracked hands, but we believe you will find that Outdoor Hands works like no other. Try it today.

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  10. Libman Lambswool Duster 244

    Libman Lambswool Duster 244

    • Small handheld dusters perfect for any dusting task.
    • Removes dust from tabletops, lampshades, moldings and more.
    • To clean, hand wash lambswool head with mild soap. Rinse well and shake to release excess water. Air dry.
    • Color : White
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