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  1. Tork 24 hour Mechanical Timer  402A

    Tork 24 hour Mechanical Timer 402A


    Product Description

    The Tork 402A plug-in timer is the perfect 24 hour mechanical indoor timer to turn heavy duty appliances like air conditioners, fans, and heaters on and off automatically. The timer has a grounded plug and outlet for safety and features a manual on/timer switch. The captive tabs set for every 15 minutes allow multiple on/offs. The CSA certified unit is rated for 125 volts and 15 amps resistive, is compatible with 1HP/2HP motors, and will safely handle 1250W of tungsten lighting. This is the ideal home mechanical timer to conserve energy by controlling air conditioners, fans, and other heavy-duty appliances

    Product Details

    • Amperage:  15 Amps
    • Voltage:  125
    • HP Rating:  1HP / 2HP
    • CSA Listed:  Certified
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  2. Defender Imitation Dome Security Camera PH301

    Defender Imitation Dome Security Camera PH301


    The PH301 imitation security camera is an easy way to deter intruders or vandals and make your property appear to have a robust security system. The ABS plastic housing makes it look like a real, functioning camera. This camera can also be used in combination with a functioning security system to heighten the effectiveness. Customers, neighbors and visitors will all think that you have a robust video surveillance system.

    Flashing Red LED- This imitation camera has a flashing Red LED so it looks just like the real thing. Use it in your business or home to help prevent vandalism and theft! The design of the PH301 is based on an actual camera, making it a realistic crime prevention investment. Make people think twice about stealing or doing damage to your property. Use it to help prevent and deter suspicious activity by placing the security camera in a noticeable area.

    Place the Camera Anywhere- You can easily mount the PH301 on virtually any surface and aim it using the adjustable bracket. This makes the imitation camera incredibly easy to use and adaptable to many locations.

    Weather Resistant Housing for a long Product Life- Deter suspicious activity inside and outside with this camera. The imitation camera is made of ABS plastic for durability and will not rust. This makes the PH301 incredibly versatile and practical for convenience stores, parking lots, apartments, entrances, and many other places!

    Designed Like a Real Camera- Built to resemble a functioning security camera, this product is versatile for your convenience and peace of mind. The ABS plastic and cable make it look identical to a real camera and is a cost effective crime prevention investment. Pair the PH301 with any of our security systems for an affordable solution and a more robust-looking system.

    Important Notice- Imitation cameras are commonly used in noticeable areas to deter thieves and vandals away from a person’s property. The presence of a camera (functioning or not) may cause the intruders to abandon their plans and move on to another location. We always recommend using imitation cameras in conjunction with a functioning surveillance system for increased security.


    • Imitation Security Camera
    • 4 Window Warning stickers
    • Mounting Guide
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Instruction Manual
    • 1 Year  Manufacturer Warranty
    • Lifetime Live Customer Support with Manufacturer

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  3. Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener 1 Quart (32oz)

    Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener 1 Quart (32oz)


    LIQUID FIRE drain line opener provides professional results cleaning drain lines in sinks, tubs, shower stalls, and septic systems. It works faster and more effectively than most other popular cleaners and is more economical because less material is required to do the job.

    LIQUID FIRE in a clogged or slow flowing drain reacts instantly creating heat that in no time dissolves clog producing waste. It can actually thaw frozen drain lines.

    LIQUID FIRE will not harm plastic or steel pipes when used in recommended amounts, and in professionally installed plumbing.

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  4. Libman Scrubster Mop 103

    Libman Scrubster Mop 103

    • Non-breakable polymer head with ergonomic wringer handle.
    • Cellulose sponge with 8" x 1" scrubber strip.
    • 9" x 2-1/2" mopping surface.
    • Steel handle with hanger hole.
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  5. Weber's Camo Leather Brown Leather Key Ring 4111

    Weber's Camo Leather Brown Leather Key Ring 4111


    Product Features:

    • Premium Weber’s leather Classic style
    • Quality craftsmanship
    • Available with or without premium zinc Concho
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  6. Era Liquid Detergent 150 oz. 96 Loads

    Era Liquid Detergent 150 oz. 96 Loads

    • 2X the Cleaning Power
    • 50% more savings vs. the leading detergent.
    • HE Compatible.

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  7. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover, 5 lb

    OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover, 5 lb


    Product Description

    An incredible oxygen based stain fighter that’s chlorine free and color safe. OxiClean uses the power of oxygen to get tough stains out of your laundry and throughout your home. Use in every load, or pre-treat and let it soak in! Soak 1-6 hours, and for best results soak 6 hours- even the toughest stains get washed away!

    The unique formula is activated by water, unleashing bubbling oxygen power for safe, effective cleaning. It boosts your laundry water pH to improve your detergent’s cleaning ability, and its special ingredients are designed to help rinse soils away. 

    Product Features

    • Add to every load
    • Safe for all colors
    • Over 101 uses
    • Chlorine free
    • For all machines
    • 5 lb container
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  8. Bollinger L/XL Solar Waist Belt 5809

    Bollinger L/XL Solar Waist Belt 5809


    Helps shed water weight by using your body heat. Bollinger Premium neoprene belts feature a hook-and-loop closure for the perfect fit!

    Product Features:

    • Comfortable Soft Neoprene fabric
    • Reinforced stitched edging
    • Hook-and-loop closure
    • L/XL Size 
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  9. Eillien's Candies Walnuts 1 Lb. 116418

    Eillien's Candies Walnuts 1 Lb. 116418

    1 Lb. of Walnuts Learn More
  10. Libman Wonder Mop 2000

    Libman Wonder Mop 2000


    Non-woven, premium synthetic material. Absorbent and machine washable. Steel handle with hanger hole. Special wringer sleeve. Your hands never touch water!

    • Special wringer sleeve so hands do not touch water.
    • 11” long non-woven, synthetic textile strips.
    • Absorbent and washable.
    • Extra long life.
    • 48" steel handle with hanger hole.
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