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We offer a large selection of household products such as garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper and house cleaning products.

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  1. Mrs. Wages Pickling and Canning Salt 3lb Package 84682

    Mrs. Wages Pickling and Canning Salt 3lb Package 84682


    This high purity salt produces a sparkling clear brine and is specifically designed for food canning. It has no iodine or other additives.

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  2. Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce (13 oz), 24312

    Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce (13 oz), 24312


    Product Description

    Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is in a class by itself. It is more than a steak sauce, because of its unique flavor and the variety of uses. You can grill, cook, and marinate with it, or put it in your soups, stews, baked beans, and your other favorite dishes. Experience the Taste!


    • Tomato concentrate, (tomato paste and water), high fructose corn syrup, vinegar, corn syrup, sugar, molasses, salt, onion powder, caramel color, garlic powder, tamarind, corn starch, natural flavors, and other spices.
    • Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce is Gluten Free.
    • Nutritional Facts

      • Serving Size 1 tbsp. (18 g)
      • Servings Per Container 20
      • Amount Per Serving : Calories 25
      • % Daily Value

      • Total Fat. 0g - 0%
      • Sat. Fat 0g - 0%
      • Choles. 0mg - 0%
      • Sodium 170mg - 7%
      • Total Carb. 6g - 2%
      • Fiber 0g
      • Sugars 6g
      • Protein 0g
      • Vitamin A 0%
      • Vitamin C 0%
      • Calcium 0%


    • Steak
    • Chicken
    • Barbeque
    • Fries
    • HamburgerFish
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  3. Valley View, 1 Gallon Extra Strength Ammonia, ST-49

    Valley View, 1 Gallon Extra Strength Ammonia, ST-49

    • Has many household uses
    • Dissolves grease, loosens dirt and removes odors
    • Makes windows sparkle, clothes smell fresh and dark spots on linoleum or vinyl disappear
    • Excels as agricultural spray tank cleaner
    • Safely dissolves pesticide residues from tank surfaces and sprayer lines
    • Will make enameled, porcelain and ceramic surfaces glisten
    • Also cleans plastic tiles
    • Can be used instead of bleach to remove odors without fading your clothes
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  4. Olive Garden Light Italian Salad Dressing 83811

    Olive Garden Light Italian Salad Dressing 83811


    The famous salad dressing that you have come to enjoy at Olive Garden is now available to your at home. This dressing adds a great light and creamy touch to any salad. It also makes a delicious vegetable dip.

    • Restaurant recipe
    • All the flavor and 20% less fat, 60% less calories than regular Italian dressing
    • Mix with iceberg and romain lettus, grated carrot, chopped red cabbage and sliced or slivered radishes


    • Shake thoroughly
    • Refrigerate after opening

    WARNING: Contains egg and milk

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  5. Jelly Beans 12oz

    Jelly Beans 12oz


    Traditional jelly beans in assorted flavors and colors.  May inclued:

    Cherry - Red
    Grape - Purple
    Lemon - Yellow
    Licorice - Black
    Lime - Green
    Orange - Orange
    Pineapple - White
    Strawberry - Pink

    These are a "must have" for Easter baskets, for your Easter candy dish, and for decorating cookies, cakes and crafts.

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  6. Ziploc, 1-Gallon Storage Bags, 20-Ct.  00350

    Ziploc, 1-Gallon Storage Bags, 20-Ct. 00350

    • Blocks out air
    • Locks in freshness
    • Trusted protection
    • Patented double zipper
    • Easily closes together for a secure seal easy to grasp and open.
    • Thick, transparent plastic with airtight seal use to preserve food freshness and for storing and carring nonfood items.
    • A write-on label for quick identity of contents or for dating contents.
    • Also use to marinate meat, seafood or poultry.
    • Used in the refrigerator, in the microwave, or on the shelf.
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  7. JuJu Bear Cinnamon Candy 14oz

    JuJu Bear Cinnamon Candy 14oz

    Large bears in a great tasting cinnamon flavor. A real treat for your taste buds. Don't worry though, these aren't too hot! Learn More
  8. Tootsie Roll Assorted 9oz

    Tootsie Roll Assorted 9oz


    Soft and chewy bite-sized assorted flavored candies come in five great-tasting flavors: lemon, lime, cherry, orange and vanilla. These tasty twisties by Tootsie Roll will amaze your taste buds

    • Take them anywhere
    • Fun and delicious
    • Individually wrapped
    • Assorted flavors

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  9. Banana Chips 9.5oz Bag

    Banana Chips 9.5oz Bag


    Try a healthy alternative to fried potato chips by picking up a bag of banana chips. Crunchy, naturally sweet and flavorful while extremely healthy. Enjoy these with other dried nuts and fruits for the trail or atop cereal for breakfast. Made from real bananas.

    • Crispy
    • Perfect for snacks
    • Real Bannana 

    Uses:  Dehydrated Banana Chips can be added directly to your favorite yogurts, oatmeals, or cereals. They can also be rehydrated in fruit recipes or eaten right out of the can as a healthy snack

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  10. Famous Dave's Rib Rub Seasoning (5.5 Oz), 10756

    Famous Dave's Rib Rub Seasoning (5.5 Oz), 10756


    Product Description

    Dave’s award-winning ribs wouldn’t be the same without his secret blend of hand picked spices that make up this Blue Ribbon seasoning. It’s great for making your own “Famous” BBQ. Use with Pork Chops, Ribs and Steak.

    25 years of tinkerin’, tastin’ and bastin’ lead to this legendary secret recipe. Generously dust a big ol’ rack of ribs, then grill’em or slow smoke’em over smoldering-hickory ’til they’re mouth watering tender. Then slather’em in my award winning Famous Dave’s Barbeque Sauce. Thank yer lucky stars that some-thing this good ain’t against the law! It’s tongue slappin good!


    • Sugar, salt, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, spices, chili pepper, celery seed, paprika, soybean oil (processing aid), silicon dioxide (anticaking), dehydrated carrot, natural smoke flavor, corn syrup solids, dehydrated bell peppers, dehydrated tomatoes, lemon juice powder (corn syrup solids, natural flavors, bht), citric acid, dehydrated orange peel, parsley flakes and natural flavor.
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