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  1. Flossie's Cotton Candy - Color May Vary

    Flossie's Cotton Candy - Color May Vary


    Flossie’s pre-packaged melt-in-your-mouth flavored cotton candy!

    • 2.4 ounce size

    This cotton candy is not only great for snacking, but it is also a fantastic idea for:  giveaways, weddings, birthday parties, spring festivals, school activities, church events, fundraising, and much more! 


    What are the flavors/colors?

    • Pink (Strawberry)
    • Blue (Blueberry)

    What is the shelf life of cotton candy?

    Store the cotton candy in a cool & dry area away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. The stated optimal shelf life is 45 days. The cotton candy is actually fine for several months if stored properly. Flossie’s produces Rural King’s order the morning of the day it ships, so we are at the absolute beginning of the shelf life of the cotton candy.  You can also freeze cotton candy to preserve indefinitely! 

    How big are the bags of cotton candy?

    The physical dimensions of the candy itself (not the bags) is approximately 7 inches wide x 11 inches long x 3 inches thick. This is the 2.4 ounce bag of cotton candy.

    Something to consider:  When you buy cotton candy that’s made in front of you on a cone or stick, you get an average of 1 ounce of cotton candy but it is poofy and airy. As it is not possible to ship cotton candy in big “poofy clouds” (it would mash and wad in the box), Flossie’s tamp the candy to make it denser so that it can fit into a box with other bags of cotton candy and ship. However, tamping does bring the footprint of the candy down. Our 2.4 ounce bag is double to, weight wise, what you get on a cone or stick!


    Is Flossie’s Cotton Candy certified Kosher?

    Yes. Flossie’s incurs ongoing and considerable expense and they grant unfettered access to their proprietary production processes in order to offer the cotton candy to those that require the strict reassurance of reputable Kosher certification and cleanliness.  

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