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  1. Constellation Scorpius Penlight SC-B1

    Constellation Scorpius Penlight SC-B1


    The Constellation Scorpius Series is tuned to provide the perfect balance of power, size, and burn time. These torches are no longer the  average length of a human hand and have excellent power to size ratios, making them ideal everyday carry lights. Model SC-B1 utilizes a Cree XP-C bulb and is ultra-compact making it the ultimate everyday carry. 

    Product Features:

    • Small in Size, Big on Power
    • Black
    • CREE-XP-C LED (35 Lumens for 11 hours of Long-Lasting, Reliable Light?
    • Forward Click Switch for Convenient Momentary-On Function
    • Pen Size Casing is Ultra Portable 
    • Luminescent Tailcap for Easy Location of On/Off Switch
    • Aluminum Alloy Body is Lightweight and Highly Durable
    • Removable Pocket Clip

    Battery Type: 1 - AAA


    • Length - 4 Inches
    • Width - 0.8 Inches
    • Weight - 1 Ounces
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  2. Libman, 19" All-Purpose Microfiber,  Flat Mop 117

    Libman, 19" All-Purpose Microfiber, Flat Mop 117

    • 6.5" x 19" microfiber cleaning pad
    • Use wet or dry.
    • Steel handle with hanger hole.
    • Great for hardwood and other floor surfaces.
    • 360 degree swivel.
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  3. Formula 409 Glass and Surface Cleaner Spray 32 OZ 14812

    Formula 409 Glass and Surface Cleaner Spray 32 OZ 14812

    • Ideal for glass, stainless steel, aluminum & other hard surfaces.
    • 32 ounce bottle-trigger spray
    • Cuts dirt & grease without streaking.
    • Biodegradable & phosphate-free.
    • All-Purpose
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  4. Libman 24 oz. Mop Head 975

    Libman 24 oz. Mop Head 975

    • 100% cotton yarn.
    • Cut end with 1-1/4” cloth head band.
    • Not launderable.
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  5. 5.11 Tactical TMT L3X Flashlight 53237

    5.11 Tactical TMT L3X Flashlight 53237


    Engineered to provide a quick, smooth, and powerful lighting solution for patrol and tactical environments, the tough and powerful TMT L3x Duty Torch offers high and low lighting modes, a momentary on toggle, and an intelligent switching feature that allows you to adjust your lighting preferences on the fly. Crafted from lightweight and durable aerospace grade aluminum, the TMT is impact and water resistant for superior reliability in tough environments. Two CR123A batteries (included) power the L2x, providing a brilliant 860 lumens of light on high mode for over 2 hours, or 50 lumens of light on low mode for up to 29 hours. An integrated stamped metal pocket clip ensures stable carry when you're on the move.


    • High performance duty torch
    • Impact and water resistant
    • CR123 Duracell® batteries included
    • High, low, and momentary-on modes
    • Intelligent mode switching
    • Stamped metal pocket clip


    • Aerospace grade aluminum
    • Regulated circuit for maximum output
    • Cree® XPG-B LED
    • Gold plated contacts
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  6. Quarrow Hands-Free Neck Light 6072

    Quarrow Hands-Free Neck Light 6072


    The Quarrow Hands-Free Neck Light is the ultimate omnidirectional light source. The two lights are connected with a flex- cord which can be adjusted to aim light in any direction while keeping your hands completely free! Each light contains a high-power LED that outputs 25 lumens of bright, white light. Two AA batteries (included) provide 5 hours of continuous use. The neck light is light weight, comfortable and convenient to use and carry. 

    Product Features:

    • 2 High-Power LED's output 25 Lumens each
    • Run Time: 5 Hours 
    • Viewing Distance: 40 Meters 
    • Flexible neck bends to maintain any shape, allowing light to be aimed in more than one direction
    • Lightweight, comfortable and convenient
    • Powered by 2 AA batteries (included)
    • Dimensions: 9.75 inches long X 1.125 inches wide
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  7. Libman Freedom Spray Mop 4000

    Libman Freedom Spray Mop 4000


    Free from disposable pad. Free to choose your own cleaning solutions. Free from expensive batteries. Freedom spray mop features premium microfiber pad with 3 green scratch-free deep cleaning strips and a pull tab for easy removal. Solid 1-piece steel handle with a comfort fit trigger that allows you to easily control the amount of fluid. Ergonomic middle grip for downward floor pressure for effective scrubbing. Removable 18 oz. fluid reservoir. Flip cap stays on mop. Transparent for easy fluid level indication. Powerful compression spray delivers cleaning solution to the floor. Can be machine washed up to 50 times.

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  8. Energizer Compant LED Flashlight  WRCLD41E

    Energizer Compant LED Flashlight WRCLD41E


    Product Description

    The compact LED flashlight is a great for the emergency bag in your car or home. It is small in size so its good for small storage areas. The light is 17 lumens and lasts up to 50 hours on 4 AA batteries. The bulbs are 2 white Nichia LEDs that never have to be changed.

    Product Features

    • Compact size
    • Up to 50 hours on 1 set of Energizer Max Alkaline batteries (1081-2097)
    • 2 LED lights
    • Four AA batteries included
    • Deal choice for an emergency bag or for storage in small spaces
    • 17 Lumens, lasts up to 50 hours on one set of four AA batteries
    •  Premium 2 white Nichia LEDs never need replacing
    •  Typical weight of 117 grams
    •  41.9 mm width x 57 mm height


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  9. Libman Window Squeegee 01070

    Libman Window Squeegee 01070

    • 9" wide household squeegee.
    • Rubber wiping blade.
    • Ergonomic, no-slip handle and hanger hole.
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  10. Libman 10" All Surface Brush Head 535

    Libman 10" All Surface Brush Head 535


    9" curved resin block with 210 tufts of dual surface polymer fibers. Fits all standard threaded handles.

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