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  1. Defender Phoenix 2.4" Wireless Security Video Monitor 22500

    Defender Phoenix 2.4" Wireless Security Video Monitor 22500


    Ensure your eyes and ears aware at all times with this handy 2.4” wireless video monitoring system by Defender. The camera’s 8 infrared LEDs show you what is happening up to 12ft away in complete darkness. The rechargeable lithium ion battery will perform up to 72 hours in power save mode so you can enjoy full-time, secure monitoring. ClearVu® digital wireless technology provides a clear and secure signal from up to 750ft away. The two-way intercom can be used to communicate with family members, staff and visitors from anywhere on your property. Mount the sleek camera on a wall or sit on a desk and adjust 240° horizontally and 65° vertically for a perfect view. With extra features such as an LED volume indicator, adjustable brightness, and expandability up to 4 cameras, you can be sure your property is in good hands.

    72 Hour Batter Life in Power Save Mode- This handy wireless monitoring system gives you more than 72 hours of battery power without recharging when set to power save mode. If no sound is detected by the camera the monitor will automatically powers down to standby mode. Video monitoring will reactivate again when sound is detected, saving hours of battery life.

    Invisible LED Night Vision- The camera’s 8 invisible infrared LEDs show you what is happening up to 12ft away in complete darkness. “Invisible” LED night vision lights do not cast that distracting red glow. You can monitor your room discretely in the dark without drawing attention to your camera.

    Ubreakable ClearVu® Digital Signal- ClearVu® technology provides you the outstanding precision and clarity of a digital signal from up to 750ft away. Unlike some monitors that operate on analog frequency signals, this wireless security system has a private, interference-free digital signal that no one but you can access.

    Two-way Communication- Use the two-way talk intercom to conveniently speak to children, pets, staff or visitors at the touch of a button. You will be able to see and hear the person you are speaking to up to 750ft away, and speak to them too. Just think of how much more you will be able to get done with this system at your fingertips!

    Easy Adjustable Wall Mount- Mount your camera to the wall for a handy bird’s-eye view. Each camera can be adjusted 240° horizontally and 65° vertically so, no matter where you need to install this wireless system you will easily be able to focus on the area you want to see most.

    Expandable up to 4 Cameras- Add up to four cameras and conveniently view up to four areas from your handheld monitor.

    Compact & Convenient Design- This system’s handheld design has been developed for convenience and ease-of-use. The removable stand may be attached for tabletop convenience or detached for sleek, pocket-ready portability when you are on-the-go.

    LED Volume Indicator- If you only want to watch the area you are monitoring and are finding the sound distracting or unnecessary you can use the LED volume indicator. Typical room ambience will display as green, while louder sounds will display as yellow through orange and red depending on the volume.

    Adjustable Brightness- Easily increase and decrease the brightness on your monitor to accommodate any setting. Increase brightness when you’re outside under the glare of the sun and decrease when in a dark room; your eyes will be glad you did!

    Lifetime Customer Support with Manufacturer- Circus world customer support team can be reached by, email and live web chat. Our experts will be happy to assist you in English, French and Spanish.


    • Night Vision Camera
    • Video Monitor
    • Rechargeable Battery
    • 2 Power Adapters
    • Quick Start Guide
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Lifetime Customer Support with Manufacturer
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  2. Libman, Nitty Gritty Sponge Mop Refill 2011

    Libman, Nitty Gritty Sponge Mop Refill 2011

    • 100% natural cellulose sponge.
    • Easy change refill snaps on.
    • 8-3/4 x 2-3/8 x 1-1/8 inch.
    • Extra absorbent cellulose sponge with 8 inch x 1 inch scrubber strip.
    • Refill fits LIB 104 Sponge Mop (sold separately).
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  3. Libman Tornado Mop 2030

    Libman Tornado Mop 2030

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price: $8.99

    • 3 green bands prevent tangling.
    • Unique ratchet design locks and holds.
    • Cotton/ synthetic blended yarn.
    • Ergonomic handgrips.
    • 50" steel handle with hanger hole.
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  4. Constellation Scorpius Penlight SC-B1

    Constellation Scorpius Penlight SC-B1


    The Constellation Scorpius Series is tuned to provide the perfect balance of power, size, and burn time. These torches are no longer the  average length of a human hand and have excellent power to size ratios, making them ideal everyday carry lights. Model SC-B1 utilizes a Cree XP-C bulb and is ultra-compact making it the ultimate everyday carry. 

    Product Features:

    • Small in Size, Big on Power
    • Black
    • CREE-XP-C LED (35 Lumens for 11 hours of Long-Lasting, Reliable Light?
    • Forward Click Switch for Convenient Momentary-On Function
    • Pen Size Casing is Ultra Portable 
    • Luminescent Tailcap for Easy Location of On/Off Switch
    • Aluminum Alloy Body is Lightweight and Highly Durable
    • Removable Pocket Clip

    Battery Type: 1 - AAA


    • Length - 4 Inches
    • Width - 0.8 Inches
    • Weight - 1 Ounces
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  5. Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit 30942

    Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit 30942

  6. Flexible swivel head to get into hard to reach places
  7. Lightweight and easy to use
  8. Trap and lock dirt with Dry Cloths, then mop and scrub surfaces to a shine with Swiffer Sweeper Wet Cloths
  9. Our new Dry Cloths pick up 50% more dirt, dust, and hair than a broom
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  • Quinn Broomworks Warehouse 239 Corn Broom

    Quinn Broomworks Warehouse 239 Corn Broom


    The Warehouse #239 by Quinn Broomworks is our best selling Warehouse Broom. Handle is 1 1/8" diameter. The Warehouse 239 meets ASTM PS-135 standard for 100% Broomcorn.

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  • Energizer Metal LED Flashlight  ENML2AAS

    Energizer Metal LED Flashlight ENML2AAS


    Product Description

    Lightweight and compact, the Energizer 5 LED Metal Light is an economical general lighting choice. It has an aluminum body and an easy to operate push button tailcap switch. Providing 35 lumens of light, this flashlight will allow you to make out objects up to 34 meters away, making it handy for household use. In addition, the small size and slim design makes it easy to carry in pocket, purse, toolbox or backpack.


    • Bright White LED
    • Durable metal case
    • Push button tail switch
    • 5 LEDs provide 35 lumens
    • Packed with 2 AA Energizer Max Batteries
    • Light Output: 35 Lumens
    • Beam Distance: 34 meters
    • Run Time: 1.30 hours
    • Color: Gunmetal Gray
    • Size: H: .91 L: 5.63
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  • Bowl Fresh Toilet Freshener & Cleaner Plus Bleach 310.24T

    Bowl Fresh Toilet Freshener & Cleaner Plus Bleach 310.24T


    Bowl Fresh Plus has a powerful water-activated fragrance that freshens the bathroom with every flush. Case of 24 individual deodorizers, each lasting up to 4 weeks.

    • Over the rim toilet freshener and cleaner
    • Improved formula enhances cleaning and stainfighting action
    • Cleans with oxygen bleach and detergents
    • Easy to use - just hang on toilet rim
    • Pleasantly scented deodorizer
    • No mess in tank
    • Contains no phosphates
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  • Sanco Industries Septic Tank Cleaner 11701

    Sanco Industries Septic Tank Cleaner 11701

    Prevent Septic Backups
    Septic Tank Cleaner

    Overtime your septic tank can build up organic material. Septic Tank Cleaner is a all natural bacteria based product used to reduce solids in your septic tank. Using Septic Tank Cleaner will help prevent costly septic backups.
    • Pour 16 oz. of Septic Tank Cleaner down toilet and flush 2 times.
    • Use Septic Tank Cleaner once a month to maintain results. (use when plumbing will not be used)
    • Treats a 1500 gallon tank
    • Adds bacteria to break up clogs
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  • Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 2 Pack 00946

    Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 2 Pack 00946

    Regular Price: $4.99

    Special Price: $4.49

    • Rain clean scent, 2 tablets per pack
    • Cleans and deodorizes with each flush
    • Helps prevent tough stains between cleanings
    • Kills 99.9% of household germs
    • Lasts for up to four months
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