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  1. Downy, Clean Breeze Scented, Liquid Fabric Softener, 51 Oz. 39300

    Downy, Clean Breeze Scented, Liquid Fabric Softener, 51 Oz. 39300


    A freshness you'll feel, smell even see—virtually free of static. Experience Ultra Downy April Fresh with Renewing Scent Pearls for 3X longer lasting freshness and up to 33% more loads.* It's a total experience of freshness. Ultra Downy is the leading liquid fabric softener, formulated to help keep clothes fresh and protect fabrics from fading.

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  2. Defender Long Range Night Vision Wireless Add-on Camera PX301-C

    Defender Long Range Night Vision Wireless Add-on Camera PX301-C


    The PX301-C is a camera designed for Defender's PHOENIX 301 wireless security systems. This Digital Wireless security camera comes equipped with 18 infrared LEDs that allow the camera to see up to 40ft away in the dark. Mount the camera indoors or outdoors - it is compact enough that it can be concealed easily and has weather resistant aluminum housing to resist deterioration and rusting. This plug and play system allows you to setup your camera in a matter of seconds meaning no messy wiring is involved. The PHOENIX 301 system is expandable up to four cameras so you can monitor multiple areas of your home or business. Using an additional camera is a simple and effective way to boost your PHOENIX 301 system.

    Digital Wireless Technology- The Phoenix 301 series comes equipped with Digital Wireless Technology that ensures there is no messy wiring involved when setting the system up. The plug and play system means that connecting your additional camera to your PHOENIX 301 system only takes a matter of seconds. Superior digital functionality ensures that the signals passing between the camera and receiver remain strong as you monitor your business or home wirelessly, up to 450ft away.

    Long Range Night Vision- This indoor/outdoor camera provides you with a clear, secure picture, even when you monitor after-hours or in a dark location. This camera comes equipped with advanced night vision and 18 infrared (IR) LEDs that let you see clearly in the dark, up to 40ft away! The LEDs activate automatically when it gets dark, and deactivate during the day to save energy (CDS sensor).

    Expand Your System- As your security needs grow, so can your system. The PX301-C is exclusive to the Defender PX301 wireless system. The Phoenix 301 systems allow you to connect up to four cameras for multiple viewing purposes. Keep an eye on more than one vulnerable area at your business or home and enjoy complete coverage of your employees, loved ones and valuables.

    Advanced Motion Detection- Sensors within the camera can detect and capture movement. Once movement is detected, the camera will send a signal to the PX301 system and prompt recording. The system can also sound an audible beep, which warns you that motion was detected. Different motion settings give you flexibility so you can choose when the unit will start recording and for how long. This camera allows you to conserve your system SD memory space by recording only when movement is detected.

    Weather Resistant Camera Housing- The durable aluminum housing resists rusting, deterioration and can weather any season. A sun shield is attached to help prevent glare from the sun and other bright objects. The PX301 cameras are built with professional grade aluminum housing that will prevent deterioration and rusting so you can monitor outdoors with ease.


    • Digital Wireless Night Vision Camera with 8ft Power Cord
    • 8ft Power Adapter for Camera
    • Mounting Hardware
    • 4 Window Warning Stickers
    • Instruction Manual
    • Lifetime Live Customer Support with Manufacturer

    Dimensions ( With Stand): 

    • Length (in.): 5.25"
    • Width (in.): 4.75"
    • Height (in.): 2"
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  3. CLR - Septic System Treatment - 28 oz SEP-6

    CLR - Septic System Treatment - 28 oz SEP-6


    CLR Septic System Treatment is a state-of-the-art, industrial strength treatment that will prevent septic back-ups and keep your drain field flowing freely.

    • Patented process stabilizes the healthy bacteria necessary for optimal septic system function
    • Breaks down stubborn organic waste, including detergents, soaps, oils, grease, and paper
    • Formula contains no detergents or preservatives, and was created in partnership with the EPA
    • Fast-acting formula is safe for use in all pipes, boats, and RVs

    Unlike standard septic system treatments, CLR Septic System Treatment can be poured in any drain or toilet, at any time of day, with no waiting after use. Regular use will keep your septic system, drains, and pipes working smoothly.

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  4. Rural King 42 Gallon Contractor Trash Bags - 20 Count RKC42B

    Rural King 42 Gallon Contractor Trash Bags - 20 Count RKC42B


    Product Description

    • 42 gallon Contractor Bags
    • Contains 20 bags per box
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  5. Energizer Metal LED Flashlight  ENML2DS

    Energizer Metal LED Flashlight ENML2DS


    Product Desription

    This Energizer flashlight features six bright LEDs which will never need replacing and can run on two D batteries for up to 10 hours making the flashlight very cheap to own and operate. Those six LEDs can project a 42 lumen beam up to 48 meters in the distance making it great for use around the house or in your backyard. The sturdy aluminum body of the Energizer Metal LED Light is durable and can stand up to a good deal of abuse. Energizer has made the flashlight easy to turn on and off with a single click of the tail cap push button switch. For a durable compact flashlight that has more than enough power for everyday applications keep the Energizer 6 LED Flashlight in your drawer.

    Product Features

    • 2 D Batteries for up to 10 hours of use
    • 6 LED bulbs
    • Beams up to 48 meters
    • Aluminum body
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  6. Libman Lambswool Duster 244

    Libman Lambswool Duster 244

    • Small handheld dusters perfect for any dusting task.
    • Removes dust from tabletops, lampshades, moldings and more.
    • To clean, hand wash lambswool head with mild soap. Rinse well and shake to release excess water. Air dry.
    • Color : White
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  7. Glad 30 Gallon Extra Strong Drawstring Force Flex Trash Bags - 25 Count

    Glad 30 Gallon Extra Strong Drawstring Force Flex Trash Bags - 25 Count

    • 25 count box of 30 gallon outdoor black trash bags with drawstring closure
    • Unique diamond texture stretches around objects to prevent rips and tears
    • Strong, three-layer drawstring cinches to make closing easy and dependable
    • Large 30 gallon size can handle big trash loads. Great for use outdoors or inside the home.
    • Packaging may vary
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  8. Springfield Wireless Weather Forecaster 91905-002

    Springfield Wireless Weather Forecaster 91905-002


    Springfield's Deluxe Wireless Weather Forecaster displays current weather conditions and forecasts upcoming weather conditions. Featuring barometric weather forecast with icons, heat index and dew point readings, calendar and moon phase and a minimum/maximum temperature, barometric pressure and humidity memory, this device is sure to give you all the weather information you need and more. A programmable temperature alert allows you to receive an alert when you need to be aware of temperature conditions. One remote sensor is included. The outdoor unit is rated to -40 degrees F when using lithium ion batteries.

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  9. Lestoil Heavy Duty Concentrate Mutli-Surface Cleaner 33910

    Lestoil Heavy Duty Concentrate Mutli-Surface Cleaner 33910


    Lestoil 28 oz. cleans and neutralizes greasy spills and spatters from a variety of fabrics and services. Lestoil is a necessity for workshops and garages. Lestoil is a concentrated cleaner and only requires a small amount to clean, use full strength for tough cleaning jobs.

    • Multi-surface cleaner
    • Concentrated, heavy duty formula removes oil, grease and dirt stains
    • Use full strength and rinse immediately for tough stains
    • Easy pour bottle
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  10. Swiffer Wet Jet Refill Pads 12 Ct 08441

    Swiffer Wet Jet Refill Pads 12 Ct 08441


    Unlike mops that may re-deposit dirt on your floors, the WetJet super-absorbent refill pad traps and locks away dirt in its core, cleaning and absorbing messes. When you’re done, just take that pad and throw it and all that dirt away forever.* And you can scrub really tough, dried-on spots or messes with the powerful scrubby strip.

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