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  1. Outdoor Hands Lotion 3.4oz Tube

    Outdoor Hands Lotion 3.4oz Tube


    Outdoor Hands, LLC is based in Augusta, Georgia. It was founded when a local clinical pharmacist developed a lotion that healed cracked and chapped hands and feet. He developed this lotion because his wife's hands always cracked in cooler weather and nothing on the market (at least nothing that she tried) helped. So after many tries, he came up with Outdoor Hands formula that healed her cracked hands in a matter of days. Not only did it work for his wife, but it also worked for his family, friends and co-workers at both his pharmacy and the hospital where he worked. With this success, and much prompting, Outdoor Hands was born. Outdoor Hands contains a unique blend of certified organic oils and botanical extracts which heals, soothe and moisturizes damaged skin. And it contains no minerals oils, petrolatum, glycerin or lanolin, so there is nothing to impede the absorption of moisture and healing agents by dry and damaged skin. You can actually feel the lotion being absorbed as it is applied. While Outdoor Hands will work great for anyone, it is specifically designed for people with problem skin and people who use their hands to make a living or pursue a passion. In addition, while not yet specifically tested or marketed for this purpose, Outdoor Hands has produced amazing results for people who suffer from severe psoriasis. For the results for one such person, check out the last entry on our "Testimonials" page. Outdoor Hands is our first product. Development of several additional products is underway, including a lip balm and foot cream. Outdoor Hands, LLC goal is to develop quality products that really work. We want everyone who buys Outdoor Hands, and our future products, to be completely satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund the purchase price of the product. Yes, there are other lotions which claim to relieve cracked hands, but we believe you will find that Outdoor Hands works like no other. Try it today.

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  2. Libman Scrubster Mop Refill 03105

    Libman Scrubster Mop Refill 03105


    Product Details

    Libman Scrubster Mop is made of a 100% natural, 9" wide, extra absorbent, tear resistant cellulose sponge for picking up more liquid. No matter if you are looking for a mopping tool to clean a residential home, commercial building, or industrial comple, Libman Scrubster Mops are the perfect cleaning choice for any environment or industry.  This unique angled head design will maximize sponge to floor surface area coverage and reduce user fatigue.

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  3. Glad OdorShield w/ Febreze 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags - 40 Count 78361

    Glad OdorShield w/ Febreze 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags - 40 Count 78361


    Is your trash making your kitchen stink? No need to worry! The Glad OdorShield with Febreze trash bags are the perfect solution! Their fresh, clean scent helps hide odor while the durable bag helps prevent leaks and tears.

    Product Features:

    • Capacity: 30 gallons
    • Dimensions: 24" W x 27-3/8" L
    • 40 bags
    • Coreless roll
    • Drawstring closure
    • Thickness: 0.95 mil
    • Color: White
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  4. Drano Liquid Max Clog Remover 42 oz.

    Drano Liquid Max Clog Remover 42 oz.


    Drano 42 oz. Drain Opener is a thick gel that pours through free-standing water, clings to clogs and dissolves hair, gunk and soap scum to get your drains flowing again. It is safe for all types of pipe. Easy-pour spout.

    • All-purpose drain opener
    • Powerful phosphorus-free gel formula cuts through free-standing water and dissolves clog sources to re-open your drain and pipes
    • Safe for all types of pipe
    • Garbage disposal safe
    • About 15 min. set time
    • Easy-pour spout
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  5. Tork 2 Pack 24 Hour Mechanical Plug In Timer  403A2

    Tork 2 Pack 24 Hour Mechanical Plug In Timer 403A2


    Product Description

    Excellent light timer for Christmas lights. Lamps, radios, televisions, indoor Christmas lights, appliances. Automatically turns ON/OFF items in the home.  Gives the home a "lived in" look while away. 

    Product Details

    • COLOR:  White
    • OUTLETS:  1
    • OUTLET TYPE:  Polarized (2-prong)
    • VARIABLE TIMING: 30 minute increments
    • ON/OFF: Manual ON/TIMER switch
    • ENERGY SAVINGS: Works with CFLs and LED lamps
    • PART NUMBER:  403A2
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  6. Tork 24 hour Mechanical Timer  402A

    Tork 24 hour Mechanical Timer 402A


    Product Description

    The Tork 402A plug-in timer is the perfect 24 hour mechanical indoor timer to turn heavy duty appliances like air conditioners, fans, and heaters on and off automatically. The timer has a grounded plug and outlet for safety and features a manual on/timer switch. The captive tabs set for every 15 minutes allow multiple on/offs. The CSA certified unit is rated for 125 volts and 15 amps resistive, is compatible with 1HP/2HP motors, and will safely handle 1250W of tungsten lighting. This is the ideal home mechanical timer to conserve energy by controlling air conditioners, fans, and other heavy-duty appliances

    Product Details

    • Amperage:  15 Amps
    • Voltage:  125
    • HP Rating:  1HP / 2HP
    • CSA Listed:  Certified
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  7. Febreze 27 Oz Pet Odor Eliminator 19755

    Febreze 27 Oz Pet Odor Eliminator 19755

    Regular Price: $4.99

    Special Price: $4.49

    • Neutralizes pet odors in fabrics and air
    • Eliminates odors and freshens
    • 800 ml
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  8. Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener 1 Quart (32oz)

    Liquid Fire Drain Line Opener 1 Quart (32oz)


    Regular Price: $8.99

    Special Price: $7.99

    LIQUID FIRE drain line opener provides professional results cleaning drain lines in sinks, tubs, shower stalls, and septic systems. It works faster and more effectively than most other popular cleaners and is more economical because less material is required to do the job.

    LIQUID FIRE in a clogged or slow flowing drain reacts instantly creating heat that in no time dissolves clog producing waste. It can actually thaw frozen drain lines.

    LIQUID FIRE will not harm plastic or steel pipes when used in recommended amounts, and in professionally installed plumbing.

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  9. Grandma's Poison Ivy & Oak Soap Bar 67012

    Grandma's Poison Ivy & Oak Soap Bar 67012

    Regular Price: $4.99

    Special Price: $3.99

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  10. Febreze 27 Oz Linen & Sky 19749

    Febreze 27 Oz Linen & Sky 19749

    Regular Price: $4.99

    Special Price: $4.49

    Febreze Fabric Refresher eliminates odors and freshens fabrics, carpets, and air. Linen & Sky scent. 800 ml. Eliminates odors and freshens. Contains water, alcohol, odor eliminator derived from corn, fragrance.

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