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MaxxDry Silent Boot & Shoe Dryer

MaxxDry Silent Boot & Shoe Dryer

Product Review (submitted on March 10, 2013):

I bought this because I spent good money on what were supposed to be "great", "Waterproof" boots, and started getting wet feet after maybe 4 months. I deliver oil, and having cold, wet feet while working/standing, filling someone's oil tank is the worst!

The dryer is very quiet, you do not hear it at all. It does a great job drying your boots, and makes it much better putting my boots on in the morning after a rainy/snowy day the day before. Shortly after I bought & received the dryer, I also bought sealant stuff for my boots. So, between the dryer and the sealant, I believe my feet are staying dry now, even walking and standing in snow while working.

One thing I will comment about though, is that I live in an apartment, and don't have a deck or porch or garage or anything to leave my boots when I get home. So, my boots sit on the dryer near my front door in my living room. The first day I used the dryer, my boots were so wet, that from the inside getting warmed up, it did smell my apartment up a little. I guess though, that's not really the fault of the dryer. It did it's job.

I would recommend this dryer to anyone that has had the same boot issue as me. It's definitely worth it!