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Extreme S-8G 3.5 Channels R/C Helicopter 59404PM

Extreme S-8G 3.5 Channels R/C Helicopter 59404PM

Product Review (submitted on October 18, 2013):

I bought one of these at RK after owning two of the little indoor S-3 'copters (which are also great fun, but do not work well outside due to wind sensitivity and short control range). The price is about as low as you will find these. It takes about an hour or two to charge for a few minutes of flight, but those few minutes of flying are really cool. The S-8 'copter has stood up to several hard landings with no damage other than a strut on one of the props popping loose, which was easily popped back on. It comes with spare blades which I have not needed yet. It does OK in a very slight drifting wind, but is totally unflyable in windspeed above about 2 MPH. Early evenings seem to present the perfect flight time after the wind dies down. It even sounds like a helo as it goes by. You can't get wild with the thing like some more powerful "stunt" copters, but I find it quite enjoyable to whirr around the yard. Also, be careful to have the control off before turning the chopper on because the spinning blades can "leave a mark".