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EZ- Pour Replacement Spout Kit 10050

EZ- Pour Replacement Spout Kit 10050

Product Review (submitted on August 13, 2013):

These spouts work great, just like they used to work before the insane EPA-mandated spouts came out. I used to spill a half gallon of gasoline or more (from a 5 gallon can) every time I tried to use a can with a leaking EPA-mandated spout. Now with the old style spout replacemkent, I don't spill a drop! Whoever came up with the new ridiculous EPA design should be fired! The new style spouts may contain vapors slightly better than the old style, but if you spill a significant amount of the liquid contents during pouring, what's the point? The replacement products come marked stating that they are not to be used on new cans, only on old cans manufactured before the EPA ruling. But the replacement spouts will fit new cans perfectly, they work great, and they don't leak a drop, so screw the EPA and use them! The manufacturer knows everyone is putting them on new cans anyway!