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Farm Innovators 3 gal. Plastic Heated Poultry Fountain HPF-100

Farm Innovators 3 gal. Plastic Heated Poultry Fountain HPF-100

Product Review (submitted on February 9, 2014):

This works fine up to a point. I wrote the manufacturer once in e-mail and once on paper without reply to either, so I'll repeat my design comments here. (1) top hanging handle breaks pretty soon but replacing it with hay twine actually makes it easier to hang the waterer in perfect balance. (2) the lip that fills with water should be taller so that balancing (leveling) the waterer were not so critical -- as it is, the fact that the water comes to the top of the lip means that if you don't level it perfectly you will slowly lose it all. (3) while I accept the necessity of filling a vacuum controlled waterer from the bottom, the rubber stopper is a poor alternative to a screw closure and, in any case, the fill hole should be a funnel not a raised ring (so that spillage goes into the jug, not the floor). All in all, it's a cheap solution -- cheap in both the good and bad senses of the word.