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Fimco 15 Gallon ATV Sprayer ATV-15-2

Fimco 15 Gallon ATV Sprayer ATV-15-2

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2012):

OK so I finally busted out my new firmco sprayer. Overall construction is good. Instructions are terrible. Not that the average guy couldn't figure it out. When you wrap the hose around the tank and try to attach the wand to the clips the hose is about a foot too long. No biggy, I just cut the extra length off and reattached hose to wand. Spray pattern from the boomless nozzles seems pretty good but the wand doesn't spray very well. All of the valves are plastic including the pressure valve. This concerns me on down the road whether or not they will hold up. It's hard to fine tune the pressure but nice that it has an automatic motor shut off if pressure gets higher than 60 PSI. My biggest complaint is fitment. The mounting brackets and U bolts are basically only good for an ATV with an actual rack on the rear. I have a new Polaris Sportsman and the unit doesn't sit flush on the deck. I also have a rear bumper on my ATV and the brackets barely clear it. I strapped it to the deck (since the U bolds and mounting brackets are useless to me). there are two grooved crevices that run ove the sprayer and it looks like its intended for this purpose. But since it doesn't sit flush when I ratchet the sprayer down it flexes the two vertical brackets that hold the spray nozzles. So, you have to adjust the spray nozzles again so they're not spraying over top of each other. All in all I'm pretty pleased with the quality of the sprayer but am kind of bummed that I'm going to have to fabricate something to allow it to sit better and not flex when tightened down.