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Fimco Dry Material Spreader ATV-DMS-12V

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Fimco Dry Material Spreader ATV-DMS-12V

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Have some granulated material that needs to be evenly distributed over a wide area? Get the Fimco Dry Material Spreader ATV-DMS-12V to accomplish this job.

Imagine: the church or business parking lot is ice coated and it is only a few hours before people start arriving. A sack of ice melt and a cup will just be a pain. You end up with little piles in one area and no coverage in others. Calls about broken bones and fractured hips start spinning in your head. Or the lawn needs a boost of fertilizer.

You know from last year’s efforts there will be big green clumps to the little wimpy blades and bare spots. Apparently some grass got a hearty meal while other spots were fasting. Hand fertilizing is not the way. Or you wanted to sow a patch of turnips in the fall.

When the seedlings came up there was a lot of plant thinning to do. What a waste of seed! The Fimco Dry Material Spreader is the way to end the disaster scenarios. This great gadget hums on its own battery power and can spread a field of 5 to 45 feet.

  • If you are not interested in our doomsday reasons you should buy, know the features are:
  • 2.2 cubic foot poly hopper
  • 12 volt motor with variable speed control (VSC-10) and On/Off switch
  • Stainless Steel Radial 6-Blade Fan
  • Holds up to 145 lbs. potash or 99 lbs. urea
SKU 15150424
Model ATV-DMS-12V
Weight 69.0000
Color No
size No
Width No
In Store Only No
Price $299.99
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Customer Reviews

Better than expected Review by David

I bought this spreader with some trepidation based on reviews, however, after carefully reading the instructions and a little common sense, I mounted it on a subcompact tractor and used it to spread seed, lime, and fertilizer.

It is actually very well built and rugged, but does not survive UPS well. The mounts, gate, and motor support should be loosened and positioned so that the motor, shaft, and outlets are all in alignment. (a 5 minute adjustment). The instructions are quite clear in adjusting the gate handle and also in calibrating. I at first ignored them, but soon discovered everything works great if you follow them.

I am very please with the item and the value.

(Posted on 4/19/2015)

clover Review by Justin

you have to bend the arm that attaches the gate to the hanlde then it wont flutter around....i read somewhere it says to do that in the instructions but havent read them.....i bend the arm before reading this anyways, it wont close shut or open un expectadly anmore...dont forget the rubber gromet that comes with the seeder, it goes there too

(Posted on 3/22/2015)

Pretty Good Product Review by Corn Fed

We are broadcasting clovers with this spreader and it doesn't come with any recommendations on products other than grass seed, lawn fertilizer or ice melt. So we did it the hard way and calibrated it ourselves. As a starting point for you, we drove 10 mph, had the variable rate spreader speed on 3 (20 ft spread width) and opened the notch to setting #1. This setting gave us around 3.5 to 4.5 lbs/A depending on the clover species I was utilizing. The biggest problem I had with this piece of equipment is that the seed gate doesn't have enough tension to remain in the open or closed position. This requires you to hold it open or hold it closed.

(Posted on 3/1/2014)

OK unit Review by R. Weller

Unit worked fine, spread evenly, just felt a little cheaply made but would buy again. Shipped right away, received next day.

(Posted on 5/9/2013)

Was hoping for a better Review by FLORIDA

I mounted it on the front of my zero turn mower with a little fabricating i wanted to be able to see what was going on rather than having it behind you and no idea what is happening.
when i first looked at the unit i was impressed.
after using it not so much.
there is so much room for improvment,the on/off flow is a joke i guess when they designed it they didn't think about it would be mounted on a moving object. works ok sitting still.needs to have tention to hold the flow in the right setting the way they have it you hit any king of a bump and it will change on its own.and there is no leverage hard to close it completly when material is flowing.
the design on the spinner plugs up with material behind it and for me throws more to the left side. i did like the 12 volt multispeed system.
Fimco make some design changes to this and you will have a great product to offer

(Posted on 5/3/2013)

solid piece of equipment,well built Review by pinnacle turfman

made well but a couple of engineering designs dont make sense

(Posted on 3/25/2013)

Only buy this if you like tinkering Review by Better Engineer/Fabricator than employed by Fimco

I had been looking at getting one of these for adapting it to work on my garden tractor 3 point hitch for a few months. I liked the idea of the electric drive, as I felt it would have worked perfectly for my plan. I also liked that it was made in the USA. I finally pulled the trigger and bought one. Once I got the unit out of the box, I was initially impressed. I did my own fabrication to adapt it to the 3 point, and once it was mounted, I started testing it with nothing in the hopper. The gate took a lot of effort to close, and it wouldn't close completely. When I investigated, I found that the gate rides in between two pieces of 1/8" thick nylon. The nylon pieces were not centered properly, and they were forcing the gate to close at an angle and not straight in like it was intended. I chiseled off the rivets keeping the hopper on the frame (and they were not very well done, either), took the hopper off, disassembled the gate mechanisim, and was able to correct the sloppy gate opening. However, once I had the gate mechanisim adjusted correctly, the lever for opening the gate would not engage the post on the gate. It was about 3/8" too short. I pulled out the trusty angle grinder, cut the lever in half and welded a 3/8" extension in the middle. Now that the gate was working properly, I loaded up 100 lbs of rock salt for the pending blizzard & set the gauge to 4, based on the recommendations of Fimco. I went to the end of my 300 ft drive way, turned on the motor, opened the gate and drove back to my garage. By the time I got there, the hopper was completely empty. So much for the Fimco chart. Once back in the garage, I noticed that there was a lot of material in a tight channel behind the shield plate on the backside of the spreader fan. The reason so much material accumulated back there is because there was a 1/4" inch gap between the base plate and the vertical shield plate. Out came the trusty welder again, and I filled in the gap. Much better now. I also noticed that the spreader fan was wobbling. Took it apart and found that the motor shaft was bent. There was no upper bearing on the spreader fan shaft, just a rubber grommet to keep the material from leaking down the shaft (I'll be putting a bronze bushing in when I put it all back together). Now, to be fair, I may have done this myself, because I didn't realize that my 3 point hitch went so low, and I actually drove with the motor dragging on the ground for a little while. Got out the owner's manual & went to the Fimco website for parts. No link for parts. Did a Google search for the motor part number and ordered one from the supplier.

All in all, I thought $300 was not a bad price for the spreader, given that wheeled versions were around $200 and I would still have had to add the motor & controller. That being said, I don't consider $300 to be chump change, and for the price, I was very disappointed in the overall quality of this unit. It's a good thing for me that I am a better engineer/fabricator than anybody employed by Fimco. It's a real shame that something that had Made in USA all over the box was so poorly designed & built.

(Posted on 7/16/2012)

Good Product For $ Review by Happy Customer

Tossed the mounting brackets and set it on the back of Ferris attached with muffler clamps. One problem with in-line fuse, replaced the fuse holder, then was good. Put 120lbs 12-12-12 in the hopper and spread it in a few minutes. Able to easily back into corners as intended. The rod to open the drop is close enough to operater, and could have an extension added. Not sure how you would open close in a pickup application as shown in one of the pics. The on/off and speed control for the throwing wheel worked great. Similar commercial product is very expensive. Used just once, but appears well worth the money.

(Posted on 7/16/2012)

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what attachments parts come with this spreader, I would need it for a 2016 Polaris touring.......