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Fimco Dry Material Spreader ATV-DMS-12V

Fimco Dry Material Spreader ATV-DMS-12V

Product Review (submitted on May 3, 2013):

I mounted it on the front of my zero turn mower with a little fabricating i wanted to be able to see what was going on rather than having it behind you and no idea what is happening.
when i first looked at the unit i was impressed.
after using it not so much.
there is so much room for improvment,the on/off flow is a joke i guess when they designed it they didn't think about it would be mounted on a moving object. works ok sitting still.needs to have tention to hold the flow in the right setting the way they have it you hit any king of a bump and it will change on its own.and there is no leverage hard to close it completly when material is flowing.
the design on the spinner plugs up with material behind it and for me throws more to the left side. i did like the 12 volt multispeed system.
Fimco make some design changes to this and you will have a great product to offer