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  1. Tool Shed 60 LED Solar Motion Light OSL-01

    Tool Shed 60 LED Solar Motion Light OSL-01


    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price: $29.99

    This solar-powered light adds a little extra security to your home. It automatically turns on when it detects motion as far as 30 feet away. Tool Shed's light has 60 LED lights making it more than capable of lighting up any outdoor space. This light is ideal for any remote area, pathways, garages, sidewalks, gardens, or even your front porch. With 8 hours of run time you know this light will last you all night before it recharges in the morning sun.


    • 60 white LEDs brighten up any outdoor space
    • Charges during the day and works at night
    • Detection distance: 30 feet
    • Detection range: 180 degrees
    • Adjustable sensor
    • Weather resistant solar panel
    • Ideal for remote locations
    • No main power or wiring required!
    • Maintenance free
    • 8 hour runtime


    • Solar panel
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • 60 LED motion light
    • Mounting hardware

    Product Dimensions: 

    • (LxWxH): 8.85" x 5.7" x 8.10"


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  2. Comfort Zone 240 Volt Garage Ceiling Mount Heater CZ220

    Comfort Zone 240 Volt Garage Ceiling Mount Heater CZ220


    Regular Price: $109.99

    Special Price: $89.99

    Product Features:

    • 3 Selectable Wattages
    • Automatic Thermostat Control
    • Fan-Forced Circulation
    • Adjustable Angles for
    • Horizontal and Vertical Air Flow
    • Safety Overheat Protection System
    • Heavy Gauge Steel Body
    • Removable Front Grille Assembly for Cleaning
    • Hard-Wired 240V Connection
    • Power and Caution Indicator Lights
    • Conforms to OSHA and NEC
    • 208 for NYC
    • UL Approved for Sale in the US
    • Heats up to 1000 sq. ft.
      • Square feet heating area varies depending on a variety of factors such as:  insulation, number of windows and doors, exposure to the Sun.


    Watts 5000/4000/3000 Watts
    BTUs 17065 BTUs
    Amp 20.9 Amps
    Hz 60 Hz
    Volts A.C. 240 Volts A.C.
    Dimensions    10.75" L x 14.0" W x 12.75" H   
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  3. Solar Powered Driveway Marker Stake Lights RFDSM- Color May Vary

    Solar Powered Driveway Marker Stake Lights RFDSM- Color May Vary


    NOTE: This item comes assorted and there is not an option to choose a color. You will receive one of the colors shown in the image.

    Product Description

    Ideal for your Garden Landscapes, Yard, Porch, Balcony, or Pathways.

    Product Features

    • Dual Features: Flashing or Simply ON
    • Powered by Solar Panel that charges by day.
    • Turns on automatically at night.
    • Safe and easy to install.
    • No wiring required.
    • Dimensions: 2" L x 2" W x 42" H


    The unit has an ON/OFF switch that can be found on the bottom of the solar panel fixture.Leave on the "ON" position for the first initial charge in direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours. If the light does not come on after a full day of charge check to make sure the power switch is in the ON position and the solar panel is in a bright sunny area. Please note that it may take a few days in the sun for the battery to reach its maximum capacity.

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  4. 4 Ft Integrated T8 LED Tube Light T8-18W12-5-A

    4 Ft Integrated T8 LED Tube Light T8-18W12-5-A


    Regular Price: $29.98

    Special Price: $19.99

    This 4 foot tube of light will change the way you look at your lighting. The LED Integrated T8 Fixture produces a warm, white light that results in aesthetically pleasing illumination, making work much easier. The light fixture produces an outstanding 1200 lumens per fixture, while saving energy- perfect for utilitarian use! Easily mounted in shops, garages, or shelves, these fixtures are versatile. You can even hook multiple lights together by simply plugging the ends together!

    • Easy to install
    • 120V plug-in design
    • Save 94% in energy costs compared to equivalent incandescent
    • Long life LEDs last up to 50,000 hours - eliminating lamp replacements for years
    • Link up to 12 units together
    • Suitable environmental temperature: -20°C to +40°C
    • Switch-on delay time is less than 2 seconds
    • Mounting hardware and screws are included
    • Power cord (plug-in) is included
    • These are not dimmable
    • Wattage: 18W
    • Incoming Current: 150 mA
    • Output Current: 440 mA
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  5. Du Pont String Wound Polypropylene 15 Micron Filter 2 Pack WFPFC4002

    Du Pont String Wound Polypropylene 15 Micron Filter 2 Pack WFPFC4002

    • Omnifilter RS5-DS String Wound cartridges are suitable for a wide variety of sediment filtration applications, including municipal and well water as well as many industrial fluids. The cartridges are wound in a precise pattern around the core providing greater surface area. The result is higher dirt-loading capacity and greater efficiency than standard wound cartridges.

      • Durable string wound construction
      • General purpose filter for whole house applications
      • Sediment reduction including sand, silt, scale particles, and rust particles
      • Ideal for well water applications
      • Fits the Omnifilter filter housings OB1, U25, and OB5.
        Filter Specifications
        15 µm
        OMNIFilter, Flotec
        9-7/8" (25.1 cm)
        Operating Conditions
        5 gpm
        40 - 145 °F
        Filter Life
        15,000 Gallons
        3 months
        Materials of Construction
        Polypropylene Fiber Cord, String Wound
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  6. Sashco Through the Roof Clear Waterproof Sealant SA14010

    Sashco Through the Roof Clear Waterproof Sealant SA14010


    Through the Roof! is a clear roof repair sealant that provides a flexible, watertight seal to immediately stop leaks. It can be applied in standing water and freezing temperatures. Through the Roof! is ideal for any rooftop fixture and sticks to almost any surface.

    Product Features:

    • Stops and prevents roof leaks
    • Expands and contracts with temperature changes
    • Won't dry hard or crack
    • Lasts 20 times longer than asphalt
    • Excellent UV resistance
    • Meets FHA requirements and ASTM C794
    • Application Range: Surface temp of 0° to 120°F (-18° to 49°C)
    • Service Range: -25° to 180°F (-34° to 82°C)
    • Fully cured in 1-2 weeks
    • Paintable after 1 week

    Can be used to repair or seal:

    • Galvanized metal and aluminum flashing
    • PVC and ABS vent pipe
    • Skylights
    • Gutters and downspouts
    • Ductwork and vents
    • Chimneys, brick, block, mortar
    • Shingles, shakes, tiles
    • Asphalt roof cement, acrylic roof coatings
    • Cement, slate, and other roof tiles
    • And much, much more!

    Product Storage and Cleanup:

    • Clean tools and unwanted surface spills with mineral spirits
    • Clean hands with citrus-based hand cleaners
    • To store, wrap nozzle tightly with plastic wrap and a rubber band
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  7. Life Pro Infrared Quartz Wooden Tower Heater/Fan ZCHT1018US

    Life Pro Infrared Quartz Wooden Tower Heater/Fan ZCHT1018US


    Don't heat your entire home when you only use part of it. Portable infrared heating allows you to establish zone-heating in your home by efficiently heating only those rooms you want to, when you want to. Utilize multiple units where and when you choose in those rooms you use most often. Heating only the rooms you use, when you use them, can help in reducing your overall energy consumption.

    The infrared heating technology provides natural heat like the sun without UV radiation. It provides efficient, even heat distribution. The infrared quartz element produces soft, natural warmth without changing humidity or oxygen levels.

    The powerful multi-speed fan propels existing room air into strong cooling fan. The multi-speed fan offers year round adjustable comfort.

    Product Features:

    • Two heat settings: 1000W/1500W
    • Three infrared quartz elements
    • Heats a large room - up to 6800 cu. ft.
    • Overheat and tip over safety shutoff
    • Cool touch exterior cabinet
    • Non-combustible heating elements
    • Powerful fan only mode
    • LED ambient temperature display
    • Simple knob controls
    • Manual thermostat control system
    • Lifetime washable filter
    • Requires a standard 3-prong, 120v AC/15 Amp household outlet
    • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
    • No assembly required
    • Dimensions: 10-1/8" W x 20-7/8" H x 11-5/8" D
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  8. Baron 1 Foot of Galvanized Cable 7X19 3/16" 695937

    Baron 1 Foot of Galvanized Cable 7X19 3/16" 695937


    Sold By The Foot

    • 1/8-Inch diameter, by the foot
    • Maximum load: 840-Pound
    • Galvanized cable
    • Cable constructed of 7 outer strands of 19 wires per strand
    • Good strength, good flexibility, medium abrasion resistance
    • Used in garage doors, winches, and tie down applications
    • Not intended for use in aircraft controls
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  9. Chimfex Rutland Fire Suppressant Toss in Stick 3412

    Chimfex Rutland Fire Suppressant Toss in Stick 3412


    This fire suppressant is indispensable as the first line of defense for controlling fires that occur from creosote build-up in chimneys. Independent test results show it suppresses a chimney fire in an average of 22 SECONDS! A homeowner or professional fire fighter can use Chimfex as a safe, fast, and easy-to-use tool to combat a chimney fire with no water damage.

    Similar to a flare, you strike the end to light it, toss it in the wood stove or down the chimney and it extinguishes the fire by using up the oxygen. They are only good for one use. It is recommended to keep 2-3 on hand since many times chimney fires can re-ignite. Use in wood stoves, fireplaces, or fireplace inserts.


    • Safe, fast, and easy to use
    • Used by many fire departments to extinguish chimney fires
    • Shown to suppress chimney fire in about 22 seconds
    • For use in wood stoves, fireplaces, or fireplace inserts
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  10. Dyna-Glo 18K BTU Cabinet Heater 600 sq. ft. RA18LPDG

    Dyna-Glo 18K BTU Cabinet Heater 600 sq. ft. RA18LPDG


    This Dyna-Glo 18,000 BTU portable propane radiant cabinet heater is an ideal heating solution. The warm "sun-like" heat coupled with effortless mobility achieves heat that can be targeted wherever it is needed. Designed to hold a standard 20 lb. propane tank internally so the casters do all the work when re-positioning the unit. A built-in oxygen depletion sensor makes this an excellent candidate for well ventilated indoor construction or shop work.

    Product Features: 

    • Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)
    • Piezo Ignition with Heat Controls
    • 3 Plaque Heating System
    • Front Safety Grill
    • Side Carry Handles
    • Locking Casters
    Heater Type Radiant 
    Fuel Type  Propane 
    Valve Output Settings  3
    BTU Output (LOW-HIGH)  6,000/12,000/18,000
    Ignition Type Piezo
    Heating Coverage Area (sq. ft.)  600
    Length (in.) 15.75
    Width (in.) 14.95
    Height (in.) 23.35
    Weight (lbs.) 16.8


    Output & Runtimes Based on Setting and Tank Size
    Settings Output / Runtimes 20 lb. Tank 40 lb. Tank 100 lb. Tank
    Low BTU Output 6,000 N/A N/A
      Operating Time (hrs)  64.8 N/A N/A
    Medium BTU Output  12,000 N/A N/A
      Operating Time (hrs) 32.4 N/A N/A
    High BTU Output  18,000 N/A N/A
      Operating Time (hrs) 21.6 N/A N/A

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