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Shop for home improvement hardware, exterior house paint, air conditioning supplies, interior house paint, general plumbing supply and more.

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  1. Fimco High Flo 2.1 GPM Sprayer Pump 5275087

    Fimco High Flo 2.1 GPM Sprayer Pump 5275087


    Demand switch models operate only when liquid flow is required. Pump and motor stop instantly when discharge is closed. Diaphragm design eliminates troublesome shaft seal. Pump can be run dry without damage. Ball bearing drive assures longer pump life. Excellent self-priming capability. Santoprene diaphragms and viton valves are standard. Maximum temperature of pumped liquid is 130°F (55°C). Permanent magnet motor and longer life brushes.

    • 12 Volt Diaphragm Pump
    • 2.1 GPM
    • 60 psi max pressure
    • 8 Amp Draw
    • Includes On/Off Switch
    • Each pump has an internal fan which cools the pump during operations by up to 50%
    • Upgraded pressure switch for longer life
    • Motor windings have been increased to help dissipate heat
    • Ready for Round-up
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  2. Freestanding Wood Stove Heat Shield AC05550

    Freestanding Wood Stove Heat Shield AC05550


    3-sided black heat shield reduces the clearance between the heating unit and combustible surfaces by up to 50%. No assembly required.

    • 42" H x 51" W overall
    • 30" W mid-section
    • 10.5" W side sections
    • Freestanding
    • 24 ga. steel
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  3. Delavan 2.0GPM 60PSI Demand Pump 7812-201

    Delavan 2.0GPM 60PSI Demand Pump 7812-201



    Motor Type: 12 VDC permanent magnet, totally enclosed, non-ventilated

    Leads: 14 AWG, 12” long

    Duty Cycle: See Heat Rise graph

    Temperature Limits: Motor is not equipped with thermal protection. For user safety, optimal performance, and maximum motor life, the motor surface temperature should not exceed 150°F (66°C).(See Heat Rise graph)

    Materials of Construction

    Housings: Polypropylene

    Valves: Viton

    Diaphragm: Santoprene

    Fasteners: Stainless Steel

    Motor Shell: Coated Steel


    Type: 3 chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, self priming, capable of being run dry, demand or bypass mode

    Certifications: CE Approval

    Liquid Temperature: 140°F (60°C) Max.

    Priming Capabilities: 14 feet (4 m)

    Max Pressure: 60 PSI (4.4 bar)

    Inlet/Outlet Ports: 3⁄8” FNPT

    Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg)

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  4. Mr. Heater Little Buddy Propane Heater 3,800 BTU #MH4B

    Mr. Heater Little Buddy Propane Heater 3,800 BTU #MH4B

    • Heats up to 100 sq. ft. for up to 5 1/2 hours
    • 45° heating angle directs radiant heat where it's most needed
    • Pushbutton ignition
    • Heavy-duty wire guard for safety
    • Accidental tip-over switch
    • Low oxygen safety shutoff
    • Pushbutton off switch
    • Single control gas valve
    • Easy-grip handle
    • Sturdy 8in. dia. compact stand minimizes footprint
    • Uses 1-lb. disposable propane cylinder (not included)
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  5. US Stove Igniter Cartridge 80619

    US Stove Igniter Cartridge 80619

    Buy a replacement ignitor cartridge for pellet stoves. Wire length is 14". Part number: 80619. For units: 5500M, 5500XLT,5510, 5600, 5700. ***This part replaces part number 80481.*** Learn More
  6. Roto-tuff 60 Gallon Trash Container 566000

    Roto-tuff 60 Gallon Trash Container 566000

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price: $49.99

    Large, rolling container holds twice as much as regular trash cans while blending in beautifully with residential environments. Made in USA.

    Product Details

    • Durable, locking lid to keep contents in and animals out
    • Long-wearing poly wheels provide easy maneuverability
    • Large opening makes depositing and removing trash easy
    • Holds 60 gallons
    • Fully assembled
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  7. Koch Grade 70 Binder Chain 3/8" x 16 Ft. - Yellow Chromate, Square Pail 818465

    Koch Grade 70 Binder Chain 3/8" x 16 Ft. - Yellow Chromate, Square Pail 818465

    • Chain and hook assemblies in Grade 70
    • Binder chains are fitted with two grab hooks, one at each end of the chain
    • Maximum Load: 6,600 lbs.
    • Used for Towing, Logging and Load securement
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  8. Pacer Pump Volute P-58-0702-30

    Pacer Pump Volute P-58-0702-30

    • Flat
    • Polyester
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  9. Digital Moisture Reader AC07835

    Digital Moisture Reader AC07835

    • Ideal to accurately measure moisture content in wood logs.
    • Heavy-duty casing.
    • Battery operated.
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  10. Roof Coating 5 Yr Fib Aluminum 4.75 Gallon

    Roof Coating 5 Yr Fib Aluminum 4.75 Gallon


    A blend of pure waterproofing asphaltum and high grade aluminum pigments plus the addition of fibers. This material will reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays, helping prevent excessive drying and cracking of substrate, thus reducing leaks. Areas immediately under roof will remain approximately 15-20 degrees cooler in summer. In winter, inside heat is reflected back into the building, thus saving energy costs.

    • Agricultural Buildings (Silos and Grain Bins)
    • Metal Roofs
    • Built-up Roofs
    • Weathered Asphalt Coatings
    • Mobile Homes and RV’s
    • APP and SBS Modified Bitumen
    • And More

    Repair all cracks, splits, and holes using JETCOAT All Weather Roof Cement and Asphalt Coated Reinforcing Fabric, adhering to the directions on their label. Allow repairs to weather at least 30 days before coating. Clean surfaces thoroughly by brooming away dirt, dust and loose particulate. Remove all grease and oil using detergent and water, rinsing thoroughly. Broom away excess water and allow to dry completely. Mix coating thoroughly before and during application. Uniformly coat the entire surface with the coating using a roofing brush or roller. Do not apply if rain or heavy dew is expected within 24 hours of application. Do not apply to wet or damp surfaces. Do not apply if temperature is expected to fall below 50 °F. within 12 hours of application. Clean up with waterless hand cleaner immediately after use. Do not apply to roofs which hold water. Standing water will result in premature failure.

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