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  1. Drolet HT2000 Extra Large Wood Stove with Cast Iron Door DB07200

    Drolet HT2000 Extra Large Wood Stove with Cast Iron Door DB07200


    An extra large wood stove is a must when you need to heat your spacious home or cabin in an efficient yet productive way. The Drolet extra large wood stove with cast iron door is unmatched in the extra large wood stove category thanks to its super large combustion chamber and C-Cast baffle. Another great feature of this wood stove is the ability to load wood logs (22 inch log capacity) over width or depth giving this stove extra versatility. It can heat up to 2400 sq ft and has a burn time of a whopping 9-10 hours. This old world style wood stove offers you a pedestal design and rustic feel all while warming your space and those within it. All of these great features come to you from a trusted name in the heating industry, Drolet. They have been manufacturing top quality stoves, furnaces and accessories for years and they make it their mission to craft environmentally sustainable heating solutions.

    Maximum output - seasoned cord wood: 95,000 BTU/h
    Height x Width x Depth - Overall: 34 3/8" x 28 1/8" x 29 3/8"
    Maximum log length: 22"
    Firebox volume (cu.ft.): 3.4
    Recommended Heating Area: 1,000-2,400
    Recommended chimney diamerter (inches): 6"
    Easy-to-access ash pan:
    Optimum efficiency: 78%
    Emissions (grams/hour): 3.9 g/h
    Steel thickness (top):
    Baffle: High quality C-Cast
    Firebrick-lined combustion chamber: Yes
    Glass air-wash system: Yes
    Color: Metallic black
    Manufacturing location: Canada


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  2. US Stove Slim Pellet Stove VG5770

    US Stove Slim Pellet Stove VG5770


    The US Stove model VG5770 is the easier pellet stove to use. It has a fully automatic ignition and easily accessible top-mounted controls. It comes with a remote control and has digital control panels that clearly display vital information like the temperature read out. The 600 pound hopper extends burn time while simultaneously reducing the time spent refueling the stove. This simple, but oh so helpful, design makes the BG5770 pellet stove easy to use. In addition to being easy to use, this heater is easy to install. Most of the content used to manufacture the pellets comes from waste from the timber industry. This makes the heater affordable, easy to use, easy to install, and green! What’s not to love about the stove? It saves you money by keeping your house warm and saves the planet with its renewable fuel, this is truly an ideal 21st Century heater. Order your VG5770 pellet stove today!


    • Remote Control Included
    • Up to 48,000 BTU 
    • Heats up to 2,200 Sq. Ft. 
    • LED Display with thermostat 
    • Blower included 
    • 3" exhaust 
    • 60 Lb. Hopper Capacity
    • Air washed glass keeps the window clean and fire viewable 
    • Slim design is perfect for tighter areas
    • Same heating abilities as larger more expensive models
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  3. US Stove X-Large Wood Stove w/ Blower 3000

    US Stove X-Large Wood Stove w/ Blower 3000


    The 3000 wood stove is the largest plate steel stove offered by USSC. This unit will heat 3,000 sq. ft. of your home with up to 123,000 BTUs. A quiet, efficient 100 cubic feet per minute blower is included and the massive 3.0 cubic foot firebox will accept logs up to 21 inches long.

    Product Features:

    • Up to 123,000 BTU's
    • Heating: uP TO 3,000 sq. ft.
    • 21" Log Length
    • 100 CFM blower included
    • Air wash glass
    • EPA certified
    • Depth of blower: 33.5"
    • Depth without blower: 29.5"
    • Width: 27"
    • Height: 30"
    • 6 inch flue collar
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  4. US Stove 139,000 BTU Wood Furnace 1400

    US Stove 139,000 BTU Wood Furnace 1400


    The wood and coal furnace 1400 is an affordable, cost efficient furnace supplement for your home, shop or cabin. Rather than paying the electric company hundreds of dollars this winter, you can save money by burning wood. We haven't met a person who doesn't enjoy kicking their feet up in their warm house after a long day. To reduce some of the stress, you won't have to worry about piling onto the pre-existing high heating bill by doing so. Just pile some of your cut wood into the furnace, and feel the warmth. Not only is the wood and coal furnace 1400 efficient, but it is durable. Made from heavy cast iron, you can be ensured that you won't be buying a new one any time soon. Product features are as follows:

    • Installation materials are NOT included (i.e. floor protector, chimney connector, thimble, radiation shield, flue, heat duct, return air duct, etc)
    • Twin 550 CFM blowers provide redundancy and large amounts of air flow
    • 6" flue collar
    • Dual 8" diameter heat outlets
    • Automatic bi-metal draft damper
    • Firebrick lined to boost efficiency and heating capacity
    • Separate ash door with removable dump pan
    • Heavy duty cast iron doors, grates, and liners
    • Removable/replaceable grates
    • Firebox dimensions: width: 20", depth: 30 1/2", height: 19 1/2"
    • WOODBURNING ONLY APPLIANCE. For coal, please see Model 1500
    • Return air required
    • Not approved for use in mobile or modular homes
    • Not available for sale in WA and CA

    So get yourself a wood and coal furnace 1400 today, stay warm, and save money.

    Fuel Wood
    Heating Capacity Up to 2,400 Sq. Ft.
    Log Length 27"
    BTUs Up to 139,000
    Depth w/blower 48"
    Depth w/o blower 41.5"
    Width 24.25"
    Height 40.25"
    Weight 480 lbs.
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  5. Pacer Pumps S Series 2" J-Curve Single Phase Electric Drive Pump SE2JL C5.0C

    Pacer Pumps S Series 2" J-Curve Single Phase Electric Drive Pump SE2JL C5.0C


    Pacer Pumps' S Series Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps are lightweight, chemically resistant pumps for general service on water, salt water, waste water, mild acids and bases. They feature non-metallic solution contact or stainless steel internal fasteners; Viton®, ethylene propylene or Buna O-rings and gasket with stainless steel external fasteners. The pumps are molded of tough, glass-reinforced polyester, polypropylene or Ryton®. Polyester models are available with or without lined volute for abrasion resistance.

    All pumps include a built-in check valve, feature easy servicing and during pumping, a self-cleaning double volute keeps pump free of settled solids.


    • Choice of materials: pump constructed of: polyester, polypropylene or Ryton®. Suitable elastomers, and stainless steel or non-metallic fasteners for resistance to chemical attack
    • Choice of drives: electric motor, gasoline driven, hydraulic or pneumatic driven
    • Close-coupled, long-coupled or pedestal mounted
    • Built-in check valve
    • Flow rates: to 280 U.S. GPM or 120 ft. TDH @ 60 Hz (to 883 LPM or 25.4m TDH @ 50 Hz)
    • Suction lift to 25 ft. (7.6m) vertical
    • 1 1/2", 2" or 3" ports, NPT, BSP available in polyester only
    Curve Port Size Req'd HP RPM Max. Spec. Gravity Model
    A 1 1/2"  1/2 1750 1 SE1-1/2AL G.5C
    C 2" 1 1750 1 SE2CL G1.0C
    E 2" 2 3450 1.17 SE2EL C2.0C
    H 2" 3 3450 1 SE2HL C3.0C
    J 2" 5 3450 1 SE2JL C5.0C (230V)
    L 3" 5 3450 1 SE3LL C5.0C (230V)
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  6. US Stove 126,000 BTU Wood & Coal Furnace 24A

    US Stove 126,000 BTU Wood & Coal Furnace 24A


    The dependable model 24A utilizes durable, cast-iron shaker grates capable of burning both wood and coal with maximum efficiency. The rigid two-piece, welded firebox design is sustained by firebrick linedside walls as well as heavy-duty cast iron front and rear liners. The draftinducer kit is also included. This furnace is crafted and built by America's oldest solid fuel home heating appliance manufacturer.


    BTU Up to 126,000 BTU's
    Heating Up to 2,300 sq. ft.
    Log Length 20"
    Coal Capacity  70 lbs.
    Blowers Twin 550 CFM Blowers
    Lining Firebrick Lined
    Fire Box 5.0 cubic feet
    Dimensions 23.25" W x 46" H
    Depth w/ Blower 40" D
    Flue Collar 6"
    Weight 420 lbs.
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  7. US Stove Wood and Coal Furnace 1300

    US Stove Wood and Coal Furnace 1300


    Do you ever wince when you see your heating bill? Save money with the US Stove Company! their 1300 series Wood and Coal furnace is designed to be used with your existing furnace. Designed to supplement your existing furnace, this US Stove product will seamlessly fit into your current HVAC ductwork and start saving you money. It has a heavy cast-iron construction so the furnace is durable, and its bright, vibrant red paint makes it appealing to the eye. With a heating capacity of 1900 square feet, this furnace will take some of the workload off your pre-existing furnace and help keep your costs low. The stove is firebrick lined to boost efficiency and the heating capacity, another way this stove is designed to save you money! The US Stove Company is known for their quality craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. Feel the heat in your home without feeling the pinch in your bank account.

    • Installation materials are NOT included (i.e. floor protector, chimney connector, thimble, radiation shield, flue, heat duct, return air duct,etc.)
    • 550 CFM blower
    • 6" flue collar
    • Dual 8" diameter heat outlets
    • Automatic bi-metal draft damper
    • Firebrick lined to boost efficiency and heating capacity
    • Separate ash door with removable dump pan
    • Removable/replaceable shaker grate (handle included)
    • Extra heavy duty cast-iron doors, grates, and liners
    • Firebox dimensions: width: 16 1/2", depth: 22 3/4", height: 17 1/2"
    • Durable painted exterior
    • Return air required
    • Not approved for use in mobile or modular homes
    • Not available for sale in WA and CA
    Fuel Wood/Coal
    Heating Capacity Up to 1,900 Sq. Ft.
    Coal Capacity 50 lbs.
    Log Length 21"
    BTUs Up to 115,000
    Depth w/blower 41"
    Depth w/o blower 34"
    Width 21"
    Height 40.25"
    Weight 375 lbs.
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  8. Summers Heat 2000 sq. ft. Pellet Auxiliary Heater Stove 55-SHPAH

    Summers Heat 2000 sq. ft. Pellet Auxiliary Heater Stove 55-SHPAH


    It’s called a stand-alone pellet auxiliary heater, and it’s powerful enough to heat up to 2,000 square feet.  Though this stove is not nearly as bulky as some of the others out there that share similar design, the large hopper on this stove can hold 120-lbs. of pellets (three bags), which allows the specially-engineered combustion system to burn for up to 80 hours between reloading (please follow all maintenance instructions).

    It has the Auto-Start One-Touch Igniter for simple, safe starts, and is also equipped with the popular, user-friendly control panel.  You may choose to operate this unit with a thermostat (wall or remote) that can turn the unit on and off, as necessary; and yes, Summer's Heat did include their larger ash pan (with a new, integrated design twist), since it was so popular on previous models.

    Product Features:


    • Heats up to 2,000 sq. ft. to ensure a warm, cozy living area
    • EPA Certified (and WA State qualified) translates into very clean, efficient burns – you use less fuel for the same amount of heat than non-certified stoves
    • User-friendly digital control board controls heat output and blower speed for steady, accurate heating
    • Outside air hook-up provides fresh air for excellent fuel combustion


    • Cast iron door and quality welded steel body promise years of durable service
    • Outside air kit included for an added value of over $60
    • Brass and nickel handle set are both included – choose whichever look suits your home best


    • Huge, 120 lb. hopper capacity holds three bags of pellets for extra-long burn times
    • Up to 80 hours of burn time between reloading (Must maintain regular maintenance, see Manual)
    • The Auto-Start One Touch Ignition ensures simple, safe start-up, time after time
    • 3 in. rear vent fits standard pellet vent pipe, including the popular through-the-wall kit (optional - not included)
    • Close clearance to combustibles allows for more placement options
    • Approved for Mobile Home installation
    • Easy-Access maintenance panels make maintenance a snap
    • Large ash drawer for easy clean-out
    • Specially-engineered combustion system for more realistic flame pattern
    • Thermostat adaptable – Choose a wall or remote thermostat to Start-up and Shut down your unit as needed

    Quality and Charm:

    • Large fireview glass and air wash system offer a clear, beautiful view of the fire
    • Cast beveled door and integrated ash lip design give clean, attractive appearance
    • Freestanding design allows this to be a versatile addition to nearly any area
    • Meets UL and ULC standards for product safety
    • Operation and service DVD included for peace of mind
    • Proudly made in U.S.A. and supported by the Technical Support staff


    Dimensions 25 1/4" W x 31 3/8" H x 30" D
    Weight 325 lbs.
    Type of Fuel Wood Pellets
    Hopper Capacity  Approx. 120 lbs.
    Door Glass 9 1/4" x 16 1/2"
    Flue Size (I.D.) 3" Pellet Rear Vent
    Height from Floor to Center of Exhaust  Approx. 8 7/16"
    Blower 250 cfm, Adjustable Settings
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  9. Drolet Baltic EPA High Efficiency Wood Stove DB03040

    Drolet Baltic EPA High Efficiency Wood Stove DB03040


    The comfort of a wood stove will never go out of style. The Drolet Baltic High Efficiency Wood Stove's simplicity and heating efficiency will complement your home during colder weather. This freestanding pedestal model #DB03040 is among the largest wood stoves for sale. With a recommended heating area of 500 to 2,100 square feet and a maximum output of 70,000 BTUs, this EPA certified Drolet wood stove is an excellent choice for heating small to medium sized homes. This stove is also approved for mobile home use.

    The Baltic combines the traditional fireplace with modern efficiency with the following: - The large firebox accommodates logs up to 20 inches long. - An ultra quiet crossflow blower with variable speed control improves heat distribution. - The timeless flat black finish with metal decor blends in wonderfully with a variety of home styles. - The easy to access ash drawer allows for simpler cleanup. - The glass air-wash system for cleaner glass

    The Drolet Baltic High Efficiency Wood Stove may qualify you for some government incentives. Use seasoned cord wood to gain the highest performance with your Drolet Baltic stove. Contact your local building code agency prior to installation.

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  10. ClassicFlame Roasted Cherry Lakeland Media Mantel 28MM6307-C270

    ClassicFlame Roasted Cherry Lakeland Media Mantel 28MM6307-C270


    The Lakeland's Roasted Cherry Finish and real slate surround combined with the elegance of a 28" ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace Insert conjure up thoughts of relaxation and enjoyment. This media mantel has brushed nickel hardware features two glass panel doors with adjustable shelves. The Lakeland's full length, open counter shelf is perfect for storing a speaker bar or media components and remote controls.

    Product Features:

    • Mission style design
    • Real Slate surround and kick out beveled base
    • Glass panel doors
    • Designed to hold up to approximately a 65" television
    • Fine furniture grade construction - solid hardwood blocks with metal on metal connections
    • Easy to assemble, under 20 minutes with just a Phillips head screwdriver
    • Integrated wire management
    • Tiered molding mantel top
    • Full length open center shelf for electronic media components
    • Left and right side storage cabinets
    • Adjustable wood shelves



    • Product Dimensions: 60.0"w x 20.4"d x 39.8"h
    • Carton Dimensions: 64.0"w x 24.4"d x 17.4"h
    • Gross Weight: 185.2 lbs.
    • Net Weight: 165.4 lbs.
    • UPC Code: 611768079780
    • Cu Ft: 15.678
    • Roasted Cherry Finish
    • Open Center Shelf: 52.5"w x 17"d x 7.25"h
    • Left and right side storage cabinets:9.5"w x 15.5"d x 25.5"h

    Insert Sold Separately! Mfg # 28II300GRA

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