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  1. Ventamatic 72" Industrial Ceiling Fan ICF72

    Ventamatic 72" Industrial Ceiling Fan ICF72


    The Ventamatic 72" Industrial Ceiling Fan is the perfect fan for sheds, barns and even your home! 

    Product Features:

    • 72 Inch Blade Size
    • Steel Case
    • 72 inches x 72 inches x 16 inches
    • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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  2. Pacer Pumps S Series 1-1/2" A-Curve Single Phase Electric Drive Pump SE1-1/2AL G.5C

    Pacer Pumps S Series 1-1/2" A-Curve Single Phase Electric Drive Pump SE1-1/2AL G.5C


    Pacer Pumps' S Series Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps are lightweight, chemically resistant pumps for general service on water, salt water, waste water, mild acids and bases. They feature non-metallic solution contact or stainless steel internal fasteners; Viton®, ethylene propylene or Buna O-rings and gasket with stainless steel external fasteners. The pumps are molded of tough, glass-reinforced polyester, polypropylene or Ryton®. Polyester models are available with or without lined volute for abrasion resistance.

    All pumps include a built-in check valve, feature easy servicing and during pumping, a self-cleaning double volute keeps pump free of settled solids.


    • Choice of materials: pump constructed of: polyester, polypropylene or Ryton®. Suitable elastomers, and stainless steel or non-metallic fasteners for resistance to chemical attack
    • Choice of drives: electric motor, gasoline driven, hydraulic or pneumatic driven
    • Close-coupled, long-coupled or pedestal mounted
    • Built-in check valve
    • Flow rates: to 280 U.S. GPM or 120 ft. TDH @ 60 Hz (to 883 LPM or 25.4m TDH @ 50 Hz)
    • Suction lift to 25 ft. (7.6m) vertical
    • 1 1/2", 2" or 3" ports, NPT, BSP available in polyester only
    Curve Port Size Req'd HP RPM Max. Spec. Gravity Model
    A 1 1/2"  1/2 1750 1 SE1-1/2AL G.5C
    C 2" 1 1750 1 SE2CL G1.0C
    E 2" 2 3450 1.17 SE2EL C2.0C
    H 2" 3 3450 1 SE2HL C3.0C
    J 2" 5 3450 1 SE2JL C5.0C (230V)
    L 3" 5 3450 1 SE3LL C5.0C (230V)
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  3. Dyna-Glo Delux 140k-180k Kerosene Forced Air Heater KFA180DGD

    Dyna-Glo Delux 140k-180k Kerosene Forced Air Heater KFA180DGD


    When cold weather hits, work doesn't stop. There's no reason for you to be cold at work when you could get a Dyna-Glo forced air heater today and work in comfort. This air heater is useful in so many ways. Bring it with you to the job site and start noticing that your co-workers all want to work around you. With the easy portability of the air heater, you won't have troubles bringing it with you wherever you go. With two wheels and handles attached to the heater, you can easily transport the air heater. With the fuel gauge and thermostat, you will be able to tell how hot the air pumping out is, and how long it will last before you need to re-fuel. So get yourself a Dyna-Glo forced air heater today and never freeze your buns off again. Product features are as follows:

    • 180,000 BTU's heating up area to 4,200 square feet
    • Multi-fuel operates on 1 K kerosene, # 1 diesel, and # 1 fuel oil
    • Comfort Control Thermostat, Air Pressure Gauge, Dual Source Power Cord
    • Built in Digital Diagnostics & Safety Flameout Sensor
    • 2 Heat Setting Option High & Low (180,000 BTU & 140,000 BTU)
    • Exclusive - Run Time Fuel Gauge
    • Sturdy, Rugged Construction - Front & Rear Lift Handles, Cord Wrap - 10-inch Flat-Free Wheels
    • Fuel Capacity: 13 Gallons & Heating Hours: 10 or 12 Hours
    • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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  4. Wiseway Non-Electric Gravity Fed Pellet Stove GW1949W

    Wiseway Non-Electric Gravity Fed Pellet Stove GW1949W


    If the power goes out, be safe and comfortable with this Non-Electric Patented Pellet Stove. It is the only EPA and UL-Approved Non-Electric Pellet Stove. It heats up to 2,000 square feet for up to 31 hours without refueling.

    Product Features:

    • Overall efficiency of 75%
    • Heats up to 2,000 square feet
    • Heats up to 31 hours without refueling
    • No electricity required
    • Silent operation - no blower or operation noise
    • EPA and UL-Approved
    • 60 lb. hopper capacity
    • Grams per hour: 1.9
    • Dimensions: 52" H x 24" W x 15" D
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty
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  5. Ashley Direct Vent Propane 11,000 BTU Heater AGDV12L

    Ashley Direct Vent Propane 11,000 BTU Heater AGDV12L


    The AGDV12 direct vent gas heater requires NO electricity. With up to 11,000 BTU’s per hour, it is designed to heat a space up to 350 Sq. Ft. This unit mounts on any outside wall for direct venting. The matchless piezo ignition makes lighting easy. The automatic shutoff and thermocouple safety valve makes this unit safe in any room in your home. The built-in thermostat with one dial control makes using this unit easy.

    Includes all Direct Vent pipe for Typical Installation. Also includes Wall thimbles.

    Approved for use in mobile or modular homes

    Approved for sale in WA and CA

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  6. Summers Heat 1200-1800 sq. ft. Wood Stove w/ Blower 50-SNC13

    Summers Heat 1200-1800 sq. ft. Wood Stove w/ Blower 50-SNC13


    A member of Summers Heat's new-generation, non-catalytic family of wood stoves, this model is an excellent choice for heating an area of 1,200 - 1,800 sq. ft. It is efficient: able to produce up to 60,000 BTU’s, from a 1.8 cu. ft. firebox that can hold logs up to 18 in. long (and yes, it does have an ash drawer). It is clean: only 2.6 grams of emissions, definitely E.P.A. Certified (and even WA State Approved). And it is high-tech! That’s correct, this wood stove is cutting edge, using stainless-steel tubes and ceramic fiberboard to create a clean, cozy, hot burn that lasts for hours.

    Couple all of that with a large door glass and the included window trim, lip and ash apron trim, and this stove becomes a perfect fit (and perfect value) for any moderately-sized home. To add to the value, we now include a room air blower, for an extra added value of more than $100 (this will move the heated air around your room and heat it up more quickly).

    Also ships with legs and pedestal included - it’s like having two stoves in one, you simply choose which look you like the best! Sturdy plate steel construction, with cast iron door and legs; Mobile Home approved when used with pedestal.

    Product Features:


    • Heats 1,200 - 1,800 sq. ft. to ensure a warm, cozy living space, perfect for moderately-sized homes
    • High-tech non-catalytic XBT firebox produces maximum results from your fuel
    • EPA Certified (and WA State approved) translates into very clean, efficient burns – you use less fuel for the same amount of heat than non-certified stoves
    • Generates 60,000 BTU's per hour* when burning seasoned cordwood for steady, dependable heat (*achieved in the lab)
    • Outside air hook-up provides fresh air for excellent fuel combustion


    • Cast iron door and quality welded steel body promise years of durable service
    • Blower included for an added value of over $100
    • Two-piece lip trim and window trim included
    • Pedestal and cast legs are included, so it’s like having two stoves in one design


    • Accepts 18 in. logs, which means less log cutting than with smaller stoves
    • Convenient ash drawer for easy ash removal
    • 6 in. top vent fits standard stove pipe and allows for easier installation
    • Built-in rear heat shield for close clearances (side heat shields available)
    • Approved for Mobile Home installation when used with pedestal

    Quality and Charm:

    • Satin black steel body (complemented by cast iron door and leg or pedestal options) make this a great match for any decor
    • Beveled door design with large door glass and air wash system offers a clear, beautiful view of the fire
    • Freestanding design allows this to be an attractive addition to nearly any area
    • Meets UL and ULC standards for product safety
    • Proudly made in U.S.A. and supported by Technical Support staff


    Dimensions 25" W x 28 1/4" H x 20 1/4" D
    Weight 325 lbs.
    Door Opening Size 16" x 8 1/2"
    Door Glass 9 1/4" x 16 1/2"
    Firebox Size 1.8 cu. ft.
    Flue Size (I.D.) 6"
    Approx. Flue Height to Top Exhaust 27 1/2"
    Type of Fuel Wood
    Max. Log Length 18"
    Ash Drawer Standard
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  7. Vogelzang Heartwood 150,000 Wood Burning Heater VG820E

    Vogelzang Heartwood 150,000 Wood Burning Heater VG820E


    The Vogelzang Heartwood Wood-Burning Heater is a handsome, high-performance cabinet wood stove that efficiently circulates heat within your home. A bimetal thermostat controls combustion for constant-level heat radiation.

    Firebrick-lined firebox with cast iron grate accepts 23in. logs. One load burns up to 5 hours. Lift top reveals two burners for fry pan or tea kettle.Features include a large gasketed cast iron 13in. x 11in. feed-door, gasketed cast iron ash-door with spin draft and a large ash tray for easy ash removal. Uses 6in. flue. Safety tested to UL 1482. Optional blower Item# 173605 sold separately.

    This item is not for sale in the state of California and Washington. Customers are responsible for checking local codes and regulations prior to purchase.


    • Lift-top exposes 2 cook lids
    • Powder-coat finish for durability
    • Firebrick lining for long life
    • Bimetal thermostat regulates draft
    • Large cast iron door for easy loading
    • Separate ash door
    • Large ash pan for convenient clean out
    • Thermostatically controlled damper for even heat
    • Cannot be installed in mobile homes
    Heating Capability (sq. ft.) 2,000
    Mobile Home Approved No
    BTU Output 150,000
    Blower Included No
    Thermostat Included Yes
    Igniter Manual
    Full Load Run Time (Hours) 5
    Fuel Type Wood
    Max. Log Size Accepted (L in.) 23
    Flue Collar Size (in.) 6
    Stove Pipe Included No
    Door Opening W x H (in.) 13 x 11
    Firebox Size W x D (in.) 24 x 11
    Clearance from Side Wall (in.) 20
    Clearance from Rear Wall (in.) 34
    Clearance from Corner (in.) 24
    Dimensions W x D x H (in.) 32 x 20 x 34
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  8. Arrow Lexington 10' x 14' Shed LX1014

    Arrow Lexington 10' x 14' Shed LX1014


    Our high-gambrel roof style Lexington storage building gives you plenty of storage. Give your garage back to your car and organize lawn and garden equipment, patio furniture and much more in the durable Lexington.

    • Best value storage solution
    • Durable baked-on enamel finish
    • Interior height over 7 feet tall
    • Floor kit sold separately.


    Model Number LX1014
    Nominal Size 10' x 14'
    Storage Area 129 sq. ft.
    Interior Dimensions 118 1/4" W x 157 1/2" D x 86 5/8" H
    Wall Height 62"
    Door Opening 55 1/2" W x 60" H
    Foundation Size 121" W x 160 1/4" D
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  9. US Stove 139,000 BTU Wood Furnace 1400

    US Stove 139,000 BTU Wood Furnace 1400


    The wood and coal furnace 1400 is an affordable, cost efficient furnace supplement for your home, shop or cabin. Rather than paying the electric company hundreds of dollars this winter, you can save money by burning wood. We haven't met a person who doesn't enjoy kicking their feet up in their warm house after a long day. To reduce some of the stress, you won't have to worry about piling onto the pre-existing high heating bill by doing so. Just pile some of your cut wood into the furnace, and feel the warmth. Not only is the wood and coal furnace 1400 efficient, but it is durable. Made from heavy cast iron, you can be ensured that you won't be buying a new one any time soon. Product features are as follows:

    • Installation materials are NOT included (i.e. floor protector, chimney connector, thimble, radiation shield, flue, heat duct, return air duct, etc)
    • Twin 550 CFM blowers provide redundancy and large amounts of air flow
    • 6" flue collar
    • Dual 8" diameter heat outlets
    • Automatic bi-metal draft damper
    • Firebrick lined to boost efficiency and heating capacity
    • Separate ash door with removable dump pan
    • Heavy duty cast iron doors, grates, and liners
    • Removable/replaceable grates
    • Firebox dimensions: width: 20", depth: 30 1/2", height: 19 1/2"
    • WOODBURNING ONLY APPLIANCE. For coal, please see Model 1500
    • Return air required
    • Not approved for use in mobile or modular homes
    • Not available for sale in WA and CA

    So get yourself a wood and coal furnace 1400 today, stay warm, and save money.

    Fuel Wood
    Heating Capacity Up to 2,400 Sq. Ft.
    Log Length 27"
    BTUs Up to 139,000
    Depth w/blower 48"
    Depth w/o blower 41.5"
    Width 24.25"
    Height 40.25"
    Weight 480 lbs.
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  10. Pacer Pumps G Series Three Phase B-Curve Electric Drive Pump 1-1/2/2BLD.75C

    Pacer Pumps G Series Three Phase B-Curve Electric Drive Pump 1-1/2/2BLD.75C


    Self-priming centrifugal, glass reinforced Noryl construction, stainless steel internal and external fasteners, EPDM O-rings, integral Noryl shaft sleeve, dual 1-1/2" female and 2" male threaded suction and discharge connections, built-in polypropylene basket strainer, close-coupled to an electric motor, mounted on polypropylene baseplate. 

    THREE PHASE 230/460 VOLT, 3450 RPM, TEFC
    Curve Port Size Req'd HP Volt Model
    A 1-1/2" / 2" 0.5 1 GNOK 1-1/2/2AL D.5C
    B 1-1/2" / 2" 0.75 1 GNOK 1-1/2/2BL D.75C
    C 1-1/2" / 2" 1 1 GNOK 1-1/2/2CL D1.0C
    D 1-1/2" / 2" 1.5 1 GNOK 1-1/2/2DL D1.5C
    E 1-1/2" / 2" 2 1 GNOK 1-1/2/2EL D2.0C
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