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  1. US Stove Universal Filter Box UFB908

    US Stove Universal Filter Box UFB908


    The Universal Filter Box is designed to be installed on any add on furnace. Specifically, it covers the blowers and allows for easy connection to the existing HVAC return duct work or to newly installed ducting. It comes with an integrated slot for a 16-Inch by 20-Inch air filter. Made of durable Galvanized steel, the UFB908 will provide years of trouble free service.    For units: 1300, 1537G, 1602, 1802, 24AF, 1400, 1500, 1557M, 1602M, 24A, and 30A.

    ** Replaces parts: 11RKL, 11RKS, 24CRM.**

    Filter size: 16 x 20 x 1

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  2. Arrow Shed Base Kit FDN106

    Arrow Shed Base Kit FDN106


    Starting off square and level is essential to a successful shed assembly and we recommend that you consider a base kit to self-square the shed and help level the site. Base kits are available for the majority of Arrow sheds. The base kit must be assembled with your selected floor finishing option before you start to build your shed. Use the flooring material that best suits your needs, such as wood, patio blocks, or gravel. The base kit may also be used as a form for pouring concrete.

    • Made of durable hot-dipped electro-galvanized steel
    • Keeps building and stored items off the ground
    • Easy to install
    • Includes all hardware
    • Does not include floor all finishing materials (If finishing with wood flooring, use exterior-grade plywood, measured to base kit dimensions)

    Fits Arrow shed sizes:

    • 4' x 10'
    • 8' x 6'
    • 10' x 6'
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  3. DAKA Dual Blower Cold Air Return Filter Box 258

    DAKA Dual Blower Cold Air Return Filter Box 258


    This filter box is designed to work in conjunction with DAKA furnaces that have been equipped with twin/dual blowers. When using a No. 273 Twin Blower Kit on furnace Models 521, 521FB, or 621, this Filter Box will cover both of the blowers and provide a place to attach a cold air return line.

    The back sheet metal panel provided is blank and ready to be cut to accommodate your size cold air return line. A minimum of a 10" round return line must be used. Filter Box takes one 14" x 25 x 1" fiberglass furnace filter (not included.).

    May be used on models 311/411/412/521/ 521FB/621/622 and many earlier Deluxe models.

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  4. Ventamatic 1500W Portable Electric Convection Fan Heater H1017 UPS

    Ventamatic 1500W Portable Electric Convection Fan Heater H1017 UPS


    Product Features:

    • Steel heating element typically lasts longer than ceramic elements
    • Built in thermostat maintains a constant temperature
    • Adjustable tilt feature enables multiple heating angles
    • 6 ft. power cord
    • Thermostat has adjustable settings for comfort
    • Built in Thermal Cutoff switch for safety
    • Fan only setting for use in warmer months
    • Pleasant electric heat, no fuel needed
    • 12.5AMPS
    • 120 Volts
    • 150 Sq. Ft. Heating Area
    • Metallic Silver Steel
    • Automatic Shutoff, Thermostat
    • Depth: 9 Inches
    • Height: 14 Inches
    • Width: 12 Inches
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  5. HY-C G800 Series Cast Iron Fireplace Grate G800

    HY-C G800 Series Cast Iron Fireplace Grate G800

    From: $83.97

    The G800 Series Fireplace Grate is one piece, flat bottom, basket style grate designed with 15 inch depth and 4 inch high legs. The heavy duty cast iron construction keeps logs where they belong so your fire burns neatly, safely and more efficiently and allows air to reach the logs from all angles. 

    Product Features:

    • One piece cast iron flat bottom style fireplace grate
    • Designed to safely contain firewood
    • 4 inch cast-on legs
    • Black finish
    • No assembly required


    Manufacturer Number  Front Width  Back Width  Depth  Weight
    G800-20 19.5 Inches 16 Inches  15 Inches  23 Pounds
    G800-24 24 Inches  20.75 Inches  15 Inches  25 Pounds
    G800-27 27 Inches  23.75 Inches 15 Inches 29 Pounds 
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  6. US Stove Outer Baffle 25298

    US Stove Outer Baffle 25298

    Replacement wood stove outer baffle for the 2007 wood heater. This is a removable baffle to keep fire and heat from escaping out the flue. For models: 2007 and 2007B. Learn More
  7. Pro-Lift 2-1/2 Ton Garage Jack G-2489

    Pro-Lift 2-1/2 Ton Garage Jack G-2489

    • 5 1/2" to 19 1/2" Lifting Range
    • Pro-Lift Hydraulic Garage Jacks meet or exceed ANSI / PALD Standards
    • Heavy-duty reinforced steel construction provides long term durability
    • Patented bypass system provides over-pumping protection
    • Built-in safety valve provides overload protection
    • Wide stance frame for better stability
    • Twist gear release mechanism
    • Swivel saddle and swivel rear casters provide easy positioning and safety
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  8. US Stove Miracle Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer MH6

    US Stove Miracle Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer MH6


    Every wood or coal stove or furnace manufactured to date is not totally efficient. This means that heat which could be utilized is going up each and every chimney. The MH6 is designed to utilize a part of that lost heat and yet lets enough heat pass through the chimney so cresote and soot formation is avoided. The MH6 has a quiet dependable fan that promotes heat circulation to improve overall efficiency. Heavy-gauge outer box and heat tubes provide durability and long lasting performance.

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  9. Hi-Lift Jack Co. Off-Road Kit ORK

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. Off-Road Kit ORK


    Use the Off-Road Kit to turn your Hi-Lift Jack into an even more versatile tool. This kit keeps all of the needed parts for winching at arms reach.

    Off-Road Kit Includes:

    • 1 - Winch Tensioner
    • 1 - Custom Nose Attachment
    • 1 - 8ft. Tree Saver Strap
    • 1 - Pair/Hi-Lift Gloves
    • Hardware & Gear Bag
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  10. Dee Zee Toyota Tundra (2007-2012) 6' 6.7" Bed Heavyweight Bed Mats DZ86986

    Dee Zee Toyota Tundra (2007-2012) 6' 6.7" Bed Heavyweight Bed Mats DZ86986


    Dee Zee Bed Mats are a cost-effective solution to protect your truck bed surface free from scratches, dings and dents. Shifting cargo is also a detriment to your truck’s appearance. Bed Mats help prevent shifting cargo from damaging your truck and eliminate chasing down loose items strewn about the truck bed.

    Dee Zee Bed Mats are custom fitting to your truck by contouring around wheel wells for ultimate coverage. Rubber cleats on the reverse side facilitate water drainage and keep the Bed Mat securely in place. Made in the USA with superior manufacturing, you can trust heavy-duty Dee Zee Bed Mats to last the life of your truck.

    Each heavy-duty Dee Zee Bed Mat is constructed from .375” (9.52mm) high-density rubber compound that is resistant to gas or oil spills. The tightly compressed rubber fibers are abrasion and tear resistant from your cargo. Your custom fit Bed Mat will not crack, rust or break in extreme temperatures. Resilient rubber compound material deflects harmful UV rays to decrease fading.

    • Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat
    • Helps Prevent Cargo From Shifting & Damaging Your Truck Bed
    • Extra Thick .375" (9.52mm) Rubber Compound Construction
    • Rubber Cleats Help Keep Mat In Place & Allow Water to Drain
    • Highly Compressed Rubber Resists Abrasions & Tears
    • Will Not Rust, Crack, Or Break - Even In Extreme Temperatures
    • Resists Common Fuel & Oil Spills
    • Rubber Material Deflects UV Rays To Reduce Fading
    • Custom Fit Applications Contour Around Wheel Wells For A Perfect Fit
    • Trimming May Be Required For Short Bed Applications
    • Tailgate Mat Sold Separately
    • Made In USA
    • Limited-Lifetime Warranty
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