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  1. US Stove Fire Grate 40076

    US Stove Fire Grate 40076


    Replacement fire grate, 8.45 lbs. Part number 40076. Great for Wonderwood models. For units: 1303, 1321, 2941, 2931 and B2941.

    Dimensions: 11-5/8 X 9-7/8 X 3/8 ;

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  2. Tarp 30x40

    Tarp 30x40

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  3. Dyna-Glo 18K BTU Cabinet Heater 600 sq. ft. RA18LPDG

    Dyna-Glo 18K BTU Cabinet Heater 600 sq. ft. RA18LPDG


    This Dyna-Glo 18,000 BTU portable propane radiant cabinet heater is an ideal heating solution. The warm "sun-like" heat coupled with effortless mobility achieves heat that can be targeted wherever it is needed. Designed to hold a standard 20 lb. propane tank internally so the casters do all the work when re-positioning the unit. A built-in oxygen depletion sensor makes this an excellent candidate for well ventilated indoor construction or shop work.

    Product Features: 

    • Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)
    • Piezo Ignition with Heat Controls
    • 3 Plaque Heating System
    • Front Safety Grill
    • Side Carry Handles
    • Locking Casters
    Heater Type Radiant 
    Fuel Type  Propane 
    Valve Output Settings  3
    BTU Output (LOW-HIGH)  6,000/12,000/18,000
    Ignition Type Piezo
    Heating Coverage Area (sq. ft.)  600
    Length (in.) 15.75
    Width (in.) 14.95
    Height (in.) 23.35
    Weight (lbs.) 16.8


    Output & Runtimes Based on Setting and Tank Size
    Settings Output / Runtimes 20 lb. Tank 40 lb. Tank 100 lb. Tank
    Low BTU Output 6,000 N/A N/A
      Operating Time (hrs)  64.8 N/A N/A
    Medium BTU Output  12,000 N/A N/A
      Operating Time (hrs) 32.4 N/A N/A
    High BTU Output  18,000 N/A N/A
      Operating Time (hrs) 21.6 N/A N/A

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  4. Tool Shed 440 Lb Electric Hoist EH440

    Tool Shed 440 Lb Electric Hoist EH440


    The Tool Shed 440 lb. Electric Hoist is ideal for the workshop, garage, house, and garden!

    Product Features:

    • Ideal for workshop, garage, house, garden, etc.
    • With emergency stop switch and upper limit switch
    • Durable braided steel cable
    • Alternatively double-hook and single-hook use
    • Mounting brackets and pulley hook included


    Voltage 120V
    Motor 460W
    Single Hook Weight Capacity  220 lbs.
    Double Hook Weight Capacity  440 lbs.
    Single Hook Length 33 ft.
    Double Hook Length 16.5 ft.
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  5. Tarp 30x60

    Tarp 30x60

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  6. Simpson DuraVent 6'' DuraPlus Chimney Pipe 24" 9021

    Simpson DuraVent 6'' DuraPlus Chimney Pipe 24" 9021


    Designed for appliances that are tested and listed for use with a 2100 degree Fahrenheit FHT chimney system such as wood stoves, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal or gas. This Dura Plus Chimney Section is one of many top quality items in our Insulated Stove Pipe department.

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  7. Hi-Lift Jack Co. All-Cast 60 in. Jack HL-60

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. All-Cast 60 in. Jack HL-60

    From: $72.97

    The Hi-Lift Jack Company offers the only all-cast jack manufactured in the world today. Our casting jack is manufactured from high yield and tensile strength iron castings, the same durable metal that we have used for over 100 years.

    • All-Cast Construction
    • 7000lb (3175.14kg) Tested Capacity
    • 60" (152 cm)
    • Lifts, Winches, Clamps, & More
    • Most Durable Design

    Colors Available:

    • Black
    • Red
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  8. HY-C G800 Series Cast Iron Fireplace Grate G800

    HY-C G800 Series Cast Iron Fireplace Grate G800

    From: $83.97

    The G800 Series Fireplace Grate is one piece, flat bottom, basket style grate designed with 15 inch depth and 4 inch high legs. The heavy duty cast iron construction keeps logs where they belong so your fire burns neatly, safely and more efficiently and allows air to reach the logs from all angles. 

    Product Features:

    • One piece cast iron flat bottom style fireplace grate
    • Designed to safely contain firewood
    • 4 inch cast-on legs
    • Black finish
    • No assembly required


    Manufacturer Number  Front Width  Back Width  Depth  Weight
    G800-20 19.5 Inches 16 Inches  15 Inches  23 Pounds
    G800-24 24 Inches  20.75 Inches  15 Inches  25 Pounds
    G800-27 27 Inches  23.75 Inches 15 Inches 29 Pounds 
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  9. US Stove Agitator 891059

    US Stove Agitator 891059


    Replacement agitator, 1/2" stainless steel rod for stirring fuel in the burnpot. Part number 891059. For units: 6033, 6035, 6037, 6039, 6041, 6039HF, 6041HF, 6041I, and 6039I.

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  10. GTO Mighty Mule Safety Photo Beams 12 Volts R4222

    GTO Mighty Mule Safety Photo Beams 12 Volts R4222


    Photo Eyes, or Photo Beams, are a non-contact safety device that senses when anything is blocking its path, and is connected to the gate to prevent the gate from opening or closing when it senses an obstruction. Once the object is out of the path, it sends a message to the gate opener to continue its operation. Photo eyes are generally placed just outside the gate for normal pull-to-open applications, and they can be mounted on 4x4 posts or onto the gate posts. The beams can be tripped by almost anything, including cars, people, bikes, animals, or anything else that blocks the beam's field. These attractive photo eyes are a sleek addition to your driveway entrance, while providing safety and peace of mind to ensure your gate never closes when anything is blocking its path.

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