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  1. Ashley Direct Vent 8,000 BTU Propane Heater AGDV8L

    Ashley Direct Vent 8,000 BTU Propane Heater AGDV8L


    The AGDV8 direct vent gas heater requires NO electricity. With up to 8,000 BTU’s per hour, it is designed to heat a space up to 200 Sq. Ft. This unit mounts on any outside wall for direct venting. The matchless piezo ignition makes lighting easy. The automatic shutoff and thermocouple safety valve makes this unit safe in any room in your home. The built-in thermostat with one dial control makes using this unit easy.

    Includes all Direct Vent pipe for Typical Installation. Also includes Wall thimbles.

    Approved for use in mobile or modular homes

    Approved for sale in WA and CA

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  2. Big Ass Light The Garage Light BAL-SHL1-13050104100900

    Big Ass Light The Garage Light BAL-SHL1-13050104100900


    Big Ass Lights bring brilliant, energy-efficient illumination to personal spaces like garages, workshops, boathouses and more. The Garage Light transforms lighting in smaller commercial or industrial shops as well. The high-quality LED fixture provides performance, efficiency and brilliance that's unmatched by typical fluorescent and metal halide fixtures. The Garage Light is housed in a single piece of anodized, extruded aluminum, which provides superior heat dissipation and impact resistance. Complete with a full seven-year warranty, the Garage Light is the last light you’ll ever need.

    Product Features:

    • Complete seven-year manufacturer product warranty in the US and Canada
    • Patent-pending lumen maintenance tray protects LEDs and allows for easy cleaning of dirt and debris
    • Heavy-duty anodized, extruded aluminum construction
    • Single piece aluminum housing for improved heat dissipation
    • Maintains 70 percent of initial lumen output for up to 150,000 hours
    Weight 16 lbs.
    Power Input 120V
    Dimming Not available
    Reliability L70 predicted to exceed 150,000 hours at 25°C (77°F)
    Environment Suitable for dry and damp interior environments
    Construction Extruded anodized aluminum housing (single piece)
    Maintenance Hinged door access to power supply
    Ambient Operating Temperature -40 to 55°C (-40 to 131°F)
    Warranty 7-year complete fixture manufacturer warranty in the US and Canada
    Certifications Certified by TUV SUD to UL1598 and CSA C22.2 No.250.0
    High Bay LED Series 13,000 lumen model
    Wattage 122
    Efficacy 114 lumens/watt
    Color Temperature 5000K
    Typical CRI 70+
    Lumen Maintenance Tray Diffuse only
    Cord Length 10 ft.
    Mounting Hardware S Hooks
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  3. US Stove Circuit Board 80507

    US Stove Circuit Board 80507


    Replacement Circuit Board, part number 80507. Replaces part number 80496. For units: 6039, 6039hf, 6039i.

    The circuit board is an integral part of any computerized component. This circuit board fits several different units, making it incredibly versatile, common, and most importantly, affordable. Keep the fire going with a brand new circuit board.

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  4. Pacer Pumps S Series 2" U-Curve 5.0 Honda GC Engine Drive Pump SE2UL E5HOC

    Pacer Pumps S Series 2" U-Curve 5.0 Honda GC Engine Drive Pump SE2UL E5HOC


    Pacer Pumps' S Series Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps are lightweight, chemically resistant pumps for general service on water, salt water, waste water, mild acids and bases. They feature non-metallic solution contact or stainless steel internal fasteners; Viton®, ethylene propylene or Buna O-rings and gasket with stainless steel external fasteners. The pumps are molded of tough, glass-reinforced polyester, polypropylene or Ryton®. Polyester models are available with or without lined volute for abrasion resistance.

    All pumps include a built-in check valve, feature easy servicing and during pumping, a self-cleaning double volute keeps pump free of settled solids.


    • Choice of materials: pump constructed of: polyester, polypropylene or Ryton®. Suitable elastomers, and stainless steel or non-metallic fasteners for resistance to chemical attack
    • Choice of drives: electric motor, gasoline driven, hydraulic or pneumatic driven
    • Close-coupled, long-coupled or pedestal mounted
    • Built-in check valve
    • Flow rates: to 280 U.S. GPM or 120 ft. TDH @ 60 Hz (to 883 LPM or 25.4m TDH @ 50 Hz)
    • Suction lift to 25 ft. (7.6m) vertical
    • 1 1/2", 2" or 3" ports, NPT, BSP available in polyester only

    PACER PUMPS feature engines by Briggs & Stratton, Honda & LCT.
    Curve Port Size Engine Weight Model
    U 2" 205cc B&S 46# SE2UL E5ICP
    U 2" 6.5 Vanguard 57# SE2UL E6VCP
    U 2" 5.0 Honda GC 47# SE2UL E5HOC
    U 2" 5.5 Honda GX 48# SE2UL E5HCP
    R 2" 205cc B&S 46# SE2RL E5ICP
    S 3" 6.5 Vanguard 57# SE3SL E6VCP
    X 3" 8.0 Vanguard 70# SE3XL E8VCP
    Z 3" 8.0 Vanguard 70# SE3ZL E8VCP
    R 2" 5.5 (diesel) 110# SE2RL E5DLC
    X 3" 5.5 (diesel) 116# SE3SL E5DLC
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  5. Pleasant Hearth 23.5" 20,000BTU Compact Vent-Free Gas Stove VFS-PH20DT

    Pleasant Hearth 23.5" 20,000BTU Compact Vent-Free Gas Stove VFS-PH20DT


    It is a great feeling to home and curl up around a toasty fire to enjoy some peace and quiet and the comfort a fire brings. And how wonderful would it be to keep your barn or warehouse warm all winter, making those long, hard days of work just a little bit more tolerable? With the Pleasant Hearth compact vent-free gas stove you can do just that! This gas stove has an updated yet rustic feel and a rich black finish. And thanks to the vent-free construction of this gas stove it can be used almost anywhere. The Pleasant Hearth compact vent-free gas stove allows you the option to burn either liquid propane or natural gas and due to its compact design it will make a great addition to any space it is displayed in. When you are enjoying the warmth and beauty this gas stove from Pleasant Hearth brings, you will be glad you made this wonderful investment.

    Product features are as follows:

    • Dual Fuel Technology (LP or NG), 20,000 BTU/hr. Heats up to 700 sq. ft.
    • Classic Black Decor with Arch Screen Front
    • Electronic Spark Ignition
    • Dual Burner with Thermostat
    • 99.9% Efficiency
    • No Electricity Required
    • No Outside Venting Required
    • Oxygen Depletion Sensor, Overheat Safety Switch
    • Optional Blower, #PBAR-2427, Available Separately
    • Assembly Dimensions: 23.50" W x 12.99" D x 25.47" H
    • Check your local codes regarding vent free products
    • 2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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  6. Sandusky Lee 36"W x 24"D x 66"H Mobile Storage Cabinet TA3R362460

    Sandusky Lee 36"W x 24"D x 66"H Mobile Storage Cabinet TA3R362460

    From: $379.97


    • Dimensions: 36" W x 24" D x 66" H
    • Heavy gauge steel
    • 3 adjustable shelves plus bottom shelf
    • Casters located to permit flush positioning to walls
    • Recessed 3 point locking handle
    • Nearly 40-70% more storage space than standard size cabinets
    • Powder coat finish
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  7. Dyna-Glo DX 150K BTU 3,500 sq. ft. Natural Gas Portable Heater RMC-FA150NGDGD

    Dyna-Glo DX 150K BTU 3,500 sq. ft. Natural Gas Portable Heater RMC-FA150NGDGD


    Keep yourself and your co-workers warm on those cold days with this natural gas portable heater. This heater has a built in thermostat for controlled heat adjustment between 35 and 95 degree. The body includes a leg which is able to raise the front of the heater for changing direction of the heat flow. This portable heater will heat up to 3500 square feet, and has a three prong safety plug. The heater runs on electricity and natural gas, combining two energy sources for efficiency and the ability to heat a large space. The natural gas portable heater has a safety feature in the form of an auto shut off and an auto fuel shut off, allowing it to be started and run without direct supervision, keeping the job and workers safe. The construction is perfect for job sites, garages, work sheds, and plenty of other places. It can be moved from place to place easily for maximum convenience.

    Product Features:

    • Overheat Auto Shut-Off Protection
    • Thermostat Controlled (35 - 95 degrees F)
    • Built-in Auto Fuel Shut-off
    • Adjustable Heat Angle
    • Sturdy, Rugged Construction


    Heater Type Natural Gas Forced Air Heater 
    Fuel Type  Natural Gas
    Valve Output Settings  1
    BTU Output  (LOW-HIGH)  150,000
    Ignition Type Thermostat Controlled, Interrupted Spark 
    Heating Coverage Area (sq. ft.)  3,500
    Length (in.) 25.59
    Width (in.) 11.81
    Height (in.) 16.14
    Weight (lbs.) 18.65
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  8. GPI Flowmeter, PVC, 20 to 200 GPM TM200-N

    GPI Flowmeter, PVC, 20 to 200 GPM TM200-N


    These economical Turbine Meters from GPI can be used in hundreds of applications where metering water and other compatible liquids. PVC bodies with PVDF (Kynar) turbines, tungsten carbide rotor shafts & ceramic bearings. Factory calibrated for water and can also be field calibrated for other liquids. Lithium batteries provide approximately 9,000 hours of use.

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  9. Real Flame Silverton Gel Fuel Fireplace G8600

    Real Flame Silverton Gel Fuel Fireplace G8600


    Curl up by the comforting glow of this Real Flame® fireplace anywhere in your home. Ideal for living rooms, family rooms or bedrooms, the free-standing Silverton o ers clean lines and transitional styling that will add instant ambiance to any home. Available in white, dark mahogany and black. Uses 13 oz. cans of Real Flame Gel Fuel.

    Product Features:

    • Solid wood and veneered MDF construction
    • Includes: Mantel, firebox, hand painted logset and screen kit
    • Uses clean burning Real Flame Gel Fuel emitting up to 9,000 BTUs per hour lasting up to 3 hours
    • Assembly Required
    • Gel fuel sold separately
    • 41 inches high x 48 inches long x 13 inches wide
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  10. Pacer Pumps G Series C-Curve Pedestal Mounted Pump GNOK1-1/2/2CL CSS

    Pacer Pumps G Series C-Curve Pedestal Mounted Pump GNOK1-1/2/2CL CSS


    Pacer Pumps' 'G' Series Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps - the self-priming ability, chemical resistance, light weight and basket strainer make this an ideal chemical transfer, waste treatment, emergency/backup or filter pump. It is made in either Noryl or Ryton®, providing a maximum range of chemical resistance.


    • Available with 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy® C or titanium internal hardware or complete non-metallic solution contact
    • Large cover makes initial priming and removal of the strainer quick and easy
    • Will reprime to 15 ft. (4.6m)
    • Flow rates: to 100 GPM or 73 ft. TDH @ 60 Hz (330 LPM or 15m @ 50 Hz)
    • Shaft sleeve is same material as pump
    • Combination of 2"/1 1/2" NPT connections (BSP threads available for Noryl pump only)
    Pump is mounted to cast Iron pedestal with 3/4" diameter solid 316 stainless steel shaft and serviceable ball bearings. Baseplate must be ordered separately.
    Curve Port Size Req'd HP Weight Model
    A 1-1/2" / 2" 0.5 24# GNOK 1-1/2/2AL CSS
    B 1-1/2" / 2" 0.75 24# GNOK 1-1/2/2BL CSS
    C 1-1/2" / 2" 1 24# GNOK 1-1/2/2CL CSS
    D 1-1/2" / 2" 1.5 24# GNOK 1-1/2/2DL CSS
    E 1-1/2" / 2" 2 24# GNOK 1-1/2/2EL CSS
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