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  1. WoodMaster 30KW Mini Boiler 799-0030

    WoodMaster 30KW Mini Boiler 799-0030


    The mini boiler is an indorr ASME-certified wood pellet boiler. The compact design utilixes thermal storage to maximize efficiency.

    Product Features:

    • Built in USA!!
    • EPA qualified phase 2
    • Flue Pipe - 6 inch diameter
    • Connection Hole (burner) 6 inch diameter
    • Power Connection: 120v
    • Maximum Output: 102,000 BTU
    • Ash Box Volume: 1.74 Cubic Foot 
    • Boiler Water Capacity: 9.5 Gallons
    • Measurement: 26.5" w x 38"-40h x 33.5"d + burner and fan d = 49.75"


    • The mini boiler must be installed in a location that has enough space for easy cleaning and maintenanceof the furnace.
    • There must be ample room for the storage hopper and auger assembly.
    • The furnace must be on a level surface that can support the weight of the unit, as well as the weight of a pellet hopper.
    • The furnace room must have a vent to allow ample fresh air for the combustion process.
    • A room vent size of at least 31 square inch is recommended.


    • Regular cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes is made from the top by taking the top door and cover off the furnace. Ensure the furnace has had ample time to cool before cleaning the heat exchanger tubes and empyting the ash box. Dispose of ash in a metal container away from combustible materials. When cleaning the heat exchanger tubes ensure that you do not damage the ceramic insulation in the process. The mini boiler has an extra-large ash box in the bottom to help with cleaning and maintenance. The ash box should be checked and emptied regularly. The ash box can hold approximately 1.74 cubic feet of ash or 1 to 2 weeks worth on average heat loads.
    • Automatic air cleaning handles the daily process.
    • Removal of the firepot takes only a few minutes. 
    • Always disconnect the power source first!
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