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Shop for home improvement hardware, exterior house paint, air conditioning supplies, interior house paint, general plumbing supply and more.

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  1. Jetcoat White Elastomeric Roof Coating 7yr 5 Gal

    Jetcoat White Elastomeric Roof Coating 7yr 5 Gal


    An acrylic elastomeric roof coating designed to form a rubber-like membrane over a variety of roof surfaces. Reflects the sun’s rays resulting in energy cost savings. Designed for use on metal, polyurethane foam, masonry, asphalt and wood surfaces. Dries white.

    Forms a High Solids Rubber-Like Membrane

    • 7-Year Protection
    • Energy Star Rated
    • Acrylic Elastomeric Polymers for Lasting Durability
    • Saves Energy
    • Dries White

    Sizes Available:
    4.75 Gallon Pail
    .9 gallon Pail

    One .9 gallon pail will cover approximately 50-70 square feet per coat. Two coats are recommended

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  2. Wayne 115 Volt Transfer Pump 340 GPH PC2

    Wayne 115 Volt Transfer Pump 340 GPH PC2


    The Wayne 115V transfer pump is a portable, lightweight pump that is ideal for household use. Plugs into any standard household outlet. The 6ft. suction hose and suction attachment remove water down to 1/8in.

    • Corrosion-resistant chrome-plated bronze volute
    •  3/4in. chrome-plated bronze connections fit standard garden hoses
    • Convenient carrying handle for easy transport
    • Self-priming pump
    • Removes water down to 1/8in. when water suction attachment is used
    • Includes 6-ft. suction hose, water suction attachment and parts kit
    • For cold water use only
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  3. SBI Freestanding Wood Stove Heat Shield AC05555

    SBI Freestanding Wood Stove Heat Shield AC05555


    3-sided black heat shield reduces the clearance between the heating unit and combustible surfaces by up to 50%. No assembly required.

    • 42" H x 51" W overall
    • 30" W mid-section
    • 10.5" W side sections
    • Freestanding
    • 24 ga. steel
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  4. Hi-Lift Jack Co. All-Cast 48 in. Jack HL-48

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. All-Cast 48 in. Jack HL-48

    From: $69.99

    The Hi-Lift Jack Company offers the only all-cast jack manufactured in the world today. Our casting jack is manufactured from high yield and tensile strength iron castings, the same durable metal that we have used for over 100 years.

    • All-Cast Construction
    • 7000lb (3175.14kg) Tested Capacity
    • 48" (122 cm)
    • Lifts, Winches, Clamps, & More
    • Most Durable Design

    Colors Available:

    • Black
    • Red
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  5. Arrow 10'X8' & 10'X9' Shed Floor Frame Kit FB109

    Arrow 10'X8' & 10'X9' Shed Floor Frame Kit FB109


    To protect your stored items, you should consider having a floor above the base in your shed. If you are creating your own base, we recommend that you install a floor using an Arrow floor frame kit. If you are using our base kit, your floor is installed directly on the base kit and you do not need a separate floor kit (although you could consider it). An Arrow floor frame kit offers an easy way to construct a raised floor. This is especially useful if your base is dirt, gravel or grass. The Arrow floor frame kit is installed after your shed is completely assembled. The floor beams slot easily into the frame of your shed, providing an ideal framework for finishing with 5/8" exterior-grade plywood.

    Fits Arrow Shed sizes:

    • 8' x 8'
    • 10' x 7'
    • 10' x 8'
    • 10' x 9'
    • 10' x 10'


    The Arrow floor frame kit:

    • Assembles in minutes
    • Keeps stored items off the ground
    • Has frames made of strong, hot-dipped galvanized steel
    • Does not include plywood (Use 5/8” exterior-grade plywood, measured to floor frame dimensions)
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  6. Tool Shed Black and Silver Tarp 20X30 SB

    Tool Shed Black and Silver Tarp 20X30 SB


    If you own expensive machinery, you understand how important it is to protect it. Harmful UV rays can damage paint on vehicles, tractors, etc. With Rural King's tarps, you can forget worrying about the sun damaging your equipment. These silver tarps are treated with uv protection on both sides so that they will reflect all sunlight that they come in contact with. They are fitted with holes on each corner of the tarp so that you can easily thread rope through them and attach the tarp snugly around your equipment. This specific tarp is big too! Measuring 20x30 feet, this will fit over very large items. Want to stay cool during a camping trip or outdoor party? Throw the tarp over your tent or enclosure to keep harmful UV rays out. The tarp is double stitched so there will be no concern that the tarp will come undone, or rip. So get yourself a today and protect your expensive equipment or shade yourself from the sun.

    Product features

    • Strong 5 layer reinforced corners
    • Black and Silver Poly Tarp
    • High Density 6 oz. UV Resistant Fabric & Both sides UV treated
    • Aluminum grommets every 3 ft.
    • Double layer hem with 3/16" rope & heat sealed seams
    • Water Resistant
    • Heavy duty plastic with a high density weave
    • 20x30 feet
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  7. US Stove Agitator 891059

    US Stove Agitator 891059


    Agitators help you stir your fire up and keep that flame roaring! if yours needs replaced, this agitator is identical to the original part, because it is the original part made by the original manufacturer!

    Replacement agitator, 1/2" stainless steel rod for stirring fuel in the burnpot. Part number 891059. For units: 6033, 6035, 6037, 6039, 6041, 6039HF, 6041HF, 6041I, and 6039I.

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  8. Arrow 5' x 4' Shed Base Kit FDN54

    Arrow 5' x 4' Shed Base Kit FDN54


    Starting off square and level is essential to a successful shed assembly and we recommend that you consider a base kit to self-square the shed and help level the site. Base kits are available for the majority of Arrow sheds. The base kit must be assembled with your selected floor finishing option before you start to build your shed. Use the flooring material that best suits your needs, such as wood, patio blocks, or gravel. The base kit may also be used as a form for pouring concrete.

    • Fits 5' x 4' Arrow shed
    • Made of durable hot-dipped electro-galvanized steel
    • Keeps building and stored items off the ground
    • Easy to install
    • Includes all hardware
    • Does not include floor all finishing materials (If finishing with wood flooring, use exterior-grade plywood, measured to base kit dimensions)
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  9. Wayne Submersible 1/3 HP Sump Pump RSP130

    Wayne Submersible 1/3 HP Sump Pump RSP130


    The Wayne submersible sump pump moves up to 2820 GPH. Fits 14in. wide opening.

    • Includes tethered switch for automatic operation
    • Top suction design resists clogging as debris is filtered
    • Thermoplastic construction will not rust or corrode
    • 1 1/2in. threaded discharge for high-capacity and ease of hookup
    • Fits 14in. wide opening
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  10. HY-C Black Powder Coated Shelter Log Rack SLR

    HY-C Black Powder Coated Shelter Log Rack SLR

    From: $63.97

    They HY-C Black Powder Coated Log Rack is a Shelter Brand tubular steel firewood storage rack that looks great in any setting! With the multiple different sizes you can find the perfect one to have outside by the fire pit or inside by the fireplace! This log rack has a heavy duty steel construction and a weatherproof black powder coated finish to resist chipping and corrosion.

    Product Features:

    • Weatherproof black powder coated paint finish resists chipping and corrosion
    •  Helps protect your firewood from rot, rodents, snakes, nesting wildlife, termites, and other insects
    • Open-air design provides ventilation for seasoning  firewood and for cleaner, safer burning
    • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Made in the USA!!
    Manufacturer Number  Size  Length  Width  Height  Weight 
    SLRS Small  28 Inches  12 Inches  33 Inches  12 Pounds
    SLRM Medium  45 Inches 13 Inches  45 Inches  17 Pounds
    SLRL Large  87 Inches 13 Inches  45 Inches 22 Pounds
    SLRXL Extra Large  96 Inches 13 Inches 23 Inches  23 Pounds
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