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Cooling - Heating

Cooling - Heating

Shop for Portable Propane Heaters, Mr. Heater Portable Buddy, Window Air Conditioning Units and more.

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  1. 21st Century Manual Siphon A40

    21st Century Manual Siphon A40

    • Manual hand syphon with large ball top
    • Fits 5 gallon can
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  2. Luma Comfort New Air 425 sq. ft. Portable Air Conditioner AC-12000E

    Luma Comfort New Air 425 sq. ft. Portable Air Conditioner AC-12000E


    Portable and convenient, the NewAir AC-12000E cooling unit is built with 12,000 BTUs and covers up to 425 square feet. The AC-12000E air conditioner is environmentally friendly and designed with an auto-evaporative feature. The NewAir AC-12000E air conditioner is highly reputable and rated as one of the top portable air conditioning units.

    Environmentally Friendly- The AC-12000E eco-friendly air conditioner is built with a R410A refrigerant that provides cooler air while using less energy.

    Auto-Evaporative Cooling Feature- The convenient auto-evaporative feature provides an improved cooling effect with less condensate build-up. This NewAir AC-12000E portable air conditioner can operate on a continuous level by recycling collected moisture.

    Accommodating Remote and Timer- The NewAir AC-12000E is designed with a remote control and a 24-hour programmable timer to adjust the temperature to a comfortable level at any time.

    Easy Installation- Use your cooling unit as soon as you receive it! The portable AC-12000E air conditioner is easy to install without the worry of sitting there for hours and trying to assemble a product. A window kit is included which can be set-up within minutes.

    Product Features: 

    • Environmentally friendly and lower energy used
    • Auto-evaporative technology improves cooling efficiency
    • Compact and convenient to use in multiple rooms
    • Rated as one of the top selling portable air conditioners
    • Includes a remote control
    • 24-hour programmable timer and automatic defrost
    Length (in.) 14.37"
    Width (in.) 15.55"
    Height (in.) 29.33"
    Product Weight  56.20 lbs
    Warranty 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty
    Coverage Area 425 square feet
    Voltage 115 volts
    Watts 1166 watts
    Amps 11.0 amps
    Frequency 60 Hz
    Cooling Capacity 12000 BTUs
    Noise Level 57 dB
    Cooling Operating Temperature  64-90ºF
    Number of Fan Speeds 2
    Fan Only Option Yes
    Programmable Timer Yes
    Timer Length 1-24 hours
    Refrigerant Type R410A
    Exhaust Pipe Length 59 inches
    Remote Control Yes
    Casters Yes

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  3. Honeywell Round Heat/Cool Manual Thermostat YCT87N1006

    Honeywell Round Heat/Cool Manual Thermostat YCT87N1006


    This CT87N heating and cooling model provides precise accurate performance with the ease of use that you've grown accustomed to - simply turn the dial to desired temperature and let the thermostat take over.

    • Mercury free thermostat.
    • Precise temperature control for both heat and cooling systems.
    • Classic round styling.
    • Decorative cover ring hides wall marks.
    • Worlds most popular thermostat.

    Size (LxWxH): 9.25 x 3.5 x 7

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  4. Dyna-Glo DX 250K BTU Natural Gas Radiant Heater 5,900 sq. ft. RA250NGDGD

    Dyna-Glo DX 250K BTU Natural Gas Radiant Heater 5,900 sq. ft. RA250NGDGD


    Dyna-Glo Delux's 250,000 BTU portable natural gas radiant heater brings an immense, 360 degree directional heating solution powerful enough to heat an area up to 5,900 square feet. Push button continuous spark ensures safe ignition takes place while the flame safety system protects you and your space. When extreme situations call for extreme measures, this is a safe and easy solution.

    Product Features: 

    • Flame Safety System
    • Push Button Continuous Spark Ignition (Battery Included)
    • Full Surround Steel Cage
    • Included Low Pressure Regulator


    Heater Type  Gas Radiant 
    Fuel Type  Natural Gas
    Valve Output Settings  1
    BTU Output  250,000
    Ignition Type  Push Button Continuous Spark
    Heating Coverage Area (sq. ft.)  5,900
    Length (in.) 14.69
    Width (in.) 14.69
    Height (in.) 44.29
    Weight (lbs.) 30.80
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  5. Digital Moisture Reader AC07835

    Digital Moisture Reader AC07835

    • Ideal to accurately measure moisture content in wood logs.
    • Heavy-duty casing.
    • Battery operated.
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  6. Luma Comfort New Air 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier AD-250

    Luma Comfort New Air 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier AD-250


    Protect your home and belongings with the compact and efficient NewAir AD-250 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier. This powerful dehumidifier is perfect for small rooms, RVs, boats, bathrooms and storage areas. It will remove up to 25 pints of moisture a day and protect your home and belongings from mold, mildew, dust mites and other allergens that thrive in moist, humid environments.

    Compact and Portable- The NewAir AD-250 is a lightweight and fully portable room dehumidifier, with a built-in handle and casters that make it easy to move from room to room. Its small size – just over 1 ½ feet tall – means that it will go wherever you need it most.

    Quiet Operation- The AD-250 portable dehumidifier delivers relief from excessive humidity without adding extra noise to your environment.

    Simple Controls- The control panel of the NewAir AD-250 portable dehumidifier features a simple control knob and LED light displays, for easy operation. The unit shuts off automatically when the water tank is full.

    Two Drainage Options- The NewAir AD-250 removes up to 25 pints of moisture daily. Set up with the included continuous drainage hose, or simply empty the collection bucket when needed.

    Fresher Air- The AD-250 portable room dehumidifier includes a washable, reusable air filter to help keep the air you breathe fresh and clean.

    Automatic Defrost- The NewAir AD-250 room dehumidifier turns off automatically in low temperatures to defrost, ensuring reliable performance.

    Product Features: 

    • Compact unit fits easily into your small space
    • Lightweight and portable moisture control for RVs, boats, storage, more
    • Quiet operation – you’ll hardly notice it running
    • Removes up to 25 pints of moisture daily
    • Continuous drainage option means no need to empty bucket
    • Washable air filters for cleaner, dryer air

    Length (in.) 11.00"
    Width (in.) 5.70"
    Height (in.) 19.70"
    Product Weight  16.50 lbs
    Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
    Voltage 115 Voltage
    Watts 190 Watts
    Amps 1.6 amps
    Frequency  60 Hz
    Dehumidification Capacity  25 Pints per Day
    Dehumidification Technology  Compressor
    Water Tank Size 6 Pints
    Drainage Options Manual, Continuous
    Hose Connection  Yes
    Full Tank Alert Yes
    Air Filter Yes
    Automatic Defrost Yes
    Casters  No
    Control Type Manual Dial
    Certifications ETL

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  7. Luma Comfort Cool Mist Vase Humidifier HC12W

    Luma Comfort Cool Mist Vase Humidifier HC12W


    The Luma Comfort HC12W Cool Mist Vase Humidifier provides cool and soothing moisture to dry environments, helping to relieve allergy, cold and flu symptoms. Designed for bedrooms, nurseries and other living areas, the HC12W features a large coverage area and can effectively humidify areas up to 650 square feet. This decorative humidifier features a modern vase design with an adjustable height of up to 43.5 inches, as well as 8 different mist settings complete with musical alerts.

    The HC12W utilizes ultrasonic technology, making it energy-efficient and nearly silent while in operation. The 9.5 pint tank also provides cool mist for up to 45 hours on a single fill. Easy to operate, the Luma Comfort Cool Mist Vase Humidifier includes a remote control and with a simple touch interface.

    Additional features include a low water level indicator and an internal demineralization cartridge to protect the unit from scale buildup and to ensure maintenance-free operation.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Color: White
    • Dimensions: 8.9” x 8.9” x 43.5”
    • Weight: 6.3 lbs.
    • Electrical: 110V-120V / 60 Hz / 30W
    • Daily Output: 2.5 gallons
    • Coverage Area: Up to 650 square feet
    • Maximum Run Time: 45 hours
    • Tank Size: 9.5 pints
    • Mist Settings: 8
    • Noise Level (dB): 35 dB
    • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


    • Provides soothing cool moisture to dry environments for easier breathing and a better night’s sleep
    • Helps relieve allergy, cold and flu symptoms
    • Sleek, modern vase design with adjustable height
    • Lasts up to 45 hours on a single tank fill
    • Effectively humidifies up to 650 square feet
    • Energy-efficient and uses ultrasonic technology
    • Near-silent operation
    • Perfect for bedrooms, nurseries and other living spaces.
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  8. Vestal Mfg 5/8" Square Steel Fireplace Grate HB24L

    Vestal Mfg 5/8" Square Steel Fireplace Grate HB24L

    • Fits Zero clearance fireplaces
    • Welded construction
    • Non-tip design
    • Painted black finish
    • Dimensions: 24" Front, 20" Back, 15" Deep
    • 6 Bars
    • Model: HB-24-L
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  9. True Blue Basic Air Filter 16 X 16 X 1

    True Blue Basic Air Filter 16 X 16 X 1

    • 28 times more effective than fiberglass filters
    • Filters airborne allergens like dust, dirt, pollen
    • Reduces dust on surfaces, countertops, and furniture
    • Reduces build of of dirt and dust in air ducts
    • Maintain effectiveness of Heat/Air Unit
    • Last up to 3 Months
    • Merv 7 Rating
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  10. DAKA Hot-Tube Domestic Water Pre-Heater 223

    DAKA Hot-Tube Domestic Water Pre-Heater 223


    Connects to present domestic hot water tank to provide gallons of piping hot water. Weldless boiler pipe has working pressure of 1200 lb./sq. in.

    Kit includes:

    • Stainless Steel pre-heater pipe with threaded ends
    • 4 Cast Iron nuts
    • 2 flat washers
    • 2 high temp gaskets
    • Installation manual with mounting template

    (Not to be installed on DAKA furnace model #311,411, 731 or 832 due to double back wall design).

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