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Cooling - Heating

Cooling - Heating

Shop for Portable Propane Heaters, Mr. Heater Portable Buddy, Window Air Conditioning Units and more.

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  1. Dyna-Glo RMC-11C7 Replacement Wick w/o Pin RW11C7

    Dyna-Glo RMC-11C7 Replacement Wick w/o Pin RW11C7


    The Dyna-Glo is a replacement wick for the Dyna-Glo indoor wick kerosene heaters. Constructed from cotton and fiberglass, this replacement wick transports fuel up from the tank to the top of the wick, via capillary action, where the vapor is then ignited. The super absorbent cotton base maintains a consistent fuel flow and the burn-free fiberglass top never needs trimming. 

    Product Features: 

    • Long lasting cotton/fiberglass construction
    • Burn-free fiberglass top- Never needs trimming
    • Super absorbent cotton base for consistent fuel flow
    • Reliable, superior performance ignitor for match free ignition
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty


    • Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 10.5"
    • Overall Width - Side to Side: 6.5"
    • Overall Depth - Front to Back: 0.35"
    • Overall Product Weight: 0.16lbs
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  2. Dyna-Glo 10K BTU Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater 500 sq. ft. - Black RMC-55R7B

    Dyna-Glo 10K BTU Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater 500 sq. ft. - Black RMC-55R7B


    Dyna-Glo's 10,000 BTU indoor kerosene heater offers a radiant heating solution that can target a specific zone. Creates directional "sun-like" radiant heat for an area up to 500 square feet for 13 hours on a single tank of fuel. The removable fuel tank allows for simple, spill-free refills while its small space design allows for great versatility. Includes a tip over shut-off system to ensure that you, your family and home are safe.

    Product Features:

    • Mechanical Tip Shut-Off Assembly
    • Push Button Electric Ignition (Batteries Included)
    • Removable Fuel Tank
    • One Touch Extinguish System
    • Easy-Lift Side Handles
    Heater Type Radiant 
    Fuel Type 1-K Kerosene
    BTU Output  10,000
    Ignition Type  Push Button Electric
    Tank Size (gal.)  1
    Operating Time (hrs.) 11 to 14
    Heating Coverage Area (sq. ft.)  500
    Length (in.) 11.9
    Width (in.) 22.3
    Height (in.) 19.3
    Weight (lbs.) 25

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  3. Vogelzang Norseman Add-On 115,000 BTU Wood Furnace VG2500

    Vogelzang Norseman Add-On 115,000 BTU Wood Furnace VG2500


    The 2500 Norseman add on furnace is designed to use in conjunction with your existing HVAC ductwork and work seamlessly with your existing furnace. With twin 550 CFM blowers and up to 139,000 btu’s it is designed to heat a home up to 2500 sq. ft. This unit is made with a firebrick lined plate steel firebox surrounded by powder coated steel giving the unit an eye appealing look. Connection to your existing ductwork is easy with the two 8 in. diameter heat outlets. Available accessories include the Universal Filter Box Kit.


    • Adjustable bi-metal thermostat provides automatic controlled combustion for even heating
    • Heavy duty 7 gauge steel firebox for years of service
    • Dual 550 CFM blowers provide efficient air flow through existing duct work
    • Large firebox holds enough fuel for several hours of heating per load
    • Large 12 in. x 12 in. x 7 in. feed door for easy loading
    • Accepts logs up to 24 in. in length or 100 lbs. of bituminous coal
    • Protective smoke curtain prevents smoke from escaping furnace
    • Adjustable, cast iron spin draft for additional burn control
    • Convenient ash door and large full-length ash tray for easy clean out and disposal
    • Includes heavy duty cast iron rocker grate ensures complete combustion
    • Two raised and tapered heat outlets provide easy connection for 8 in. heat ducts
    Heating Capability (sq. ft.) 2,500
    BTU Output 115,000
    Blower Included Yes
    Blower-Dual (CFM) 550
    Blower Power Supply (Volts, Amps) 110
    Thermostat Included No
    Igniter No
    Full Load Run Time (Hours) 14
    Max. Log Size Accepted (L in.) 24
    Flue Collar Size (in.) 6
    Door Opening  12 in. x 12 in. x 7
    Firebox Size W x D (in.) 20 x 37
    Product Height (in.)  41
    Product Width (in.)  24
    EPA Certified Yes
    Dimensions W x D x H (in.) 24 x 34 x 33
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  4. Honeywell Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat RTH111B1016A

    Honeywell Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat RTH111B1016A


    The Honeywell RTH111B1016/A Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat is designed to provide you with the most basic push-button climate control while offering the reliability to give you many years of service. The thermostat is non-programmable, so in simplest you us the Up/Down arrow buttons to set the temperature you want (setpoint), select 'Heat' or 'Cool', and select the fan to 'Auto'* or 'On' - that's it! The digital LCD display shows the ambient (measured) temperature at all times. You also have one-touch access to view the setpoint temperature at any time by pressing the Up or Down arrow. When the Cooling system is on, 'Cool On' text is displayed on the LCD display, and when the heating system is on 'Heat On' is displayed. There is a battery backup, two AAA batteries required (sold separately), that will maintain your setpoint even if you lose power; a low battery indicator displays when the batteries need to be replaced. A built-in compressor protection feature helps prevent damage to the compressor in your air conditioning or heat pump system which can occur if the compressor is restarted too soon after shutdown.

    This thermostat is compatible with the following systems:

    • Gas, Oil or electric furnace
    • Central air conditioner
    • Hot water system with or without pump
    • Millivolt system
    • Central heating and cooling system
    • Heat pump without auxiliary/backup heat

    * In 'Auto' mode (the most commonly used setting), the fan runs only when the heating or cooling system is on.

    Please Note: This thermostat does not work with heat pump systems and electric baseboard heat (120v-240V)


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  5. Air Filter Basic House 16 X 20 X 1

    Air Filter Basic House 16 X 20 X 1

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  6. DAKA Soft Coal Shaker Grate with Spinner Knob Fire Door 238FD

    DAKA Soft Coal Shaker Grate with Spinner Knob Fire Door 238FD


    Replaces wood burning grate to permit burning of bituminous and sub-bituminous coal in Deluxe models 311/411/521FB/621/622FBT and many earlier models.


    • Extra thick 3-section shaker grates
    • Shaker rod assembly

    Also includes: required fire door with spinner knob.

    Order #238 if you already have fire door w/spinner knob.

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  7. Pleasant Hearth Medium Stove 1,800 sq. ft. WS-2720

    Pleasant Hearth Medium Stove 1,800 sq. ft. WS-2720


    Pleasant Hearth non-catalytic wood burning stoves provide will warm your heart and your home with highly efficient and effective indoor zone heating. This stove has been EPA certified with a 82% efficiency rating with emission at 4.4 grams/hr. Perfect for single-family use with little assembly required. All Pleasant Hearth wood burning stove feature a brick lined firebox, chrome handles, air wash system for cleaner air, front-loading solid cast iron door with large ceramic glass viewing area, and a 5 year limited warranty. Stoves operate best when fueled with seasoned cord firewood. Heating coverage area is up to 1,800 sq ft.


    • EPA Certified
    • WA State Approved 
    • 82% Efficiency
    • Instructional DVD Included
    • 5 Year Warranty
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  8. True Blue Basic Air Filter 14 X 30 X 1

    True Blue Basic Air Filter 14 X 30 X 1

    • 28 times more effective than fiberglass filters
    • Filters airborne allergens like dust, dirt, pollen
    • Reduces dust on surfaces, countertops, and furniture
    • Reduces build of of dirt and dust in air ducts
    • Maintain effectiveness of Heat/Air Unit
    • Last up to 3 Months
    • Merv 7 Rating
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  9. Dyna-Glo DX 400k BTU Portable Multi-Fuel Forced Air Heater KFA400DGD

    Dyna-Glo DX 400k BTU Portable Multi-Fuel Forced Air Heater KFA400DGD


    Extreme situations call for extreme equipment. The Dyna-Glo Delux 400,000 portable multi-fuel forced air heater provides enormous output for areas up to 8,500 square feet for 10 hours. The Comfort Control Thermostat with LED Readout allows you to harness that power in an efficient, cost effective way while the temperature limit switch, Digital Diagnostics and flame-out sensor reassures that you, your space and project are safe. 12" solid wheels make it easy to bring the heat wherever you need it.

    Product Features:

    • Comfort Control Thermostat
    • LED Temperature Display
    • Auto Overheat Shut-Off Device
    • Shutdown Protection System(SPS)
    • Run-Time Fuel Gauge
    • 12" Solid Wheels


    Heater Type  Multi- Fuel Forced Air
    Fuel Type  1K Kerosene; Diesel #1; #1 Fuel Oil
    BTU Output 400,000
    Ignition Type  Automatic Electronic Ignition
    Tank Size (gal.) 29
    Operating Time (hrs.) 10
    Heating Coverage Area (sq.ft.) 8,500
    Length (in.) 52.50
    Width (in.) 31.40
    Height (in.) 32.80
    Weight (lbs.) 149.90
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  10. Fire Chief 1100 FC  Wood Burning Furnace  FC1100E

    Fire Chief 1100 FC Wood Burning Furnace FC1100E


    Product Description

    Whether burning wood or coal, our largest indoor furnace Heat system, the Fire Chief FC1100, will keep you warm during the coldest winter. Fire Chief Indoor Wood and Coal Burning Furnaces are designed for maximum efficiency with our unique 360° Roller Grates (with a lifetime warranty) and a Secondary Combustion Chamber - each Wood furnace is pre-wired for easy installation, constructed of heavy gauge steel (7 ga & 10 ga) plus cast iron front and rear baffles for strength and Quality Heating System durability. 
    Comfortably heats up to approximately 5000 square feet*

    Product Features

    • Quality Heating System Construction - High Grade, heavy (7 & 10) gauge steel is continuously welded for maximum structural strength to make this quality heating system a safe wood furnace.
    • Secondary Combustion Chamber - This quality heating system increases fuel efficiency while re-burning smoke and wood gases before they are vented up the chimney. 
    •  Cold Air Return/Filter Box - Standard equipment on the FC1100 Fire Chief Wood Furnace. The box filters the return air as well as allowing a connection for a cold air return duct if necessary. 
    •  Cast Iron Baffle - Directs the combustion air flow below and above the cast iron grates creating the maximum fire temperature for every pound of fuel. This quality heating system cast iron baffle comes with a lifetime warranty. 
    •  Cast Iron Roller Grates - Designed to roll 360 degrees from either direction, allowing fine ash to drop into ash pit and leaving hot coals in fire box. This quality heating systems cast iron roller grates includes a lifetime warranty. 
    •  Thermostatically Controlled Draft - Adds convenience with a full range of comfort determined by the temperature setting of your Fire Chief wall thermostat. 
    •  3-Speed Blower - This quality heating system motor allows for gentle circulation of air when heating requirements are low and high output when heating requirements are high. 
    •  Pre-Wired Electrical System - Fully automatic components are pre-wired for your convenience and to reduce electrical installation time and expense


    • Weight 800 lb approx
    • Height 50.5”
    • Width 26”
    • Depth 39”
    • Maximum Heating Capacity 5000 sq ft
    • Maximum Btu Output 200,000 approx
    • Maximum Log Size 34”
    • Flue Size 8”
    • Fire Chamber Volume 11.00 cu ft
    • Plenum Size 12” Round
    • Door Size 13” X 14”
    • 3-Speed Blower Capacity 1150,1500, 1800 cfm
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