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Cooling - Heating

Cooling - Heating

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  1. US Stove F120 Switch 80314

    US Stove F120 Switch 80314


    The switch operates a thermodisc that operates the blowers. This little bit of machinery regulates the blowers and tells them to turn on or turn off and for how long. A critical, and often overlooked, portion of your stove or furnace's control system, this little switch is incredibly important. This switch fits a number of models.

    Part number 80314. For units 1300, 1400, 1500, 1537, 1537G, 1557M.

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  2. US Stove Agitator 891059

    US Stove Agitator 891059


    Agitators help you stir your fire up and keep that flame roaring! if yours needs replaced, this agitator is identical to the original part, because it is the original part made by the original manufacturer!

    Replacement agitator, 1/2" stainless steel rod for stirring fuel in the burnpot. Part number 891059. For units: 6033, 6035, 6037, 6039, 6041, 6039HF, 6041HF, 6041I, and 6039I.

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  3. Easy Heat  12' Automatic Pipe Heating Cable AHB-112

    Easy Heat 12' Automatic Pipe Heating Cable AHB-112


    Water pipe heating cable, fixed resistance, pre-terminated

    Each cable is UL Listed to Canadian Safety Standards and CSA Certified when used in accordance with instructions on metal and water-filled plastic pipes. Each cable consists of tough PVC inner insulation, a continuous ground braid and weather resistant PVC outer jacket. AHB units are activated and de-activated by an integral energy saving thermostat.


    • Length: 12'
    • Watts:84
    • Amps: .7

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  4. Powerheat 1000 sq. ft. Infrared Quartz Heater 9QH3274

    Powerheat 1000 sq. ft. Infrared Quartz Heater 9QH3274

    Regular Price: $119.99

    Special Price: $89.99

    Powerheat products never quit, never compromise. They produce safe, high quality products from the inside out.

    Product Features:

    • Supplemental infrared heat up to 1,000 square feet
    • Safe, moist, healthy heat
    • Multifunction remote control with 2 Duracell AAA batteries included
    • 1,500 watts
    • 5,200 BTU's per hour
    • Stays cool to the touch
    • 8 hour adjustable sleep timer
    • Digital thermostat
    • Just plug into any standard 120V outlet
    • Equipped with Safer Plug fire prevention technology
    • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
    • No assembly required
    • Dimensions: 14.76" H x 12.52" W x 15.61" D

    About Safer Plug Fire Prevention Technology:

    • Patent pending fire prevention technology prevents electrical fires
    • Continuously monitors plug temperature with built-in thermostat
    • Automatically turns off the heater if the outlet overheats
    • Once the outlet and plug have cooled, the heater resumes normal operation
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  5. US Stove Fire Grate 40076

    US Stove Fire Grate 40076


    US Stove's Wonderwood line is of the utmost quality. The back bone of your stove is the fire grate. If it is damaged or in need of replacement, your fire won't burn as hot or efficiently. This Fire Grate was designed for Wonderwood models and is of the highest quality

    Replacement fire grate, 8.45 lbs. Part number 40076. Great for Wonderwood models. For units: 1303, 1321, 2941, 2931 and B2941.

    Dimensions: 11-5/8 X 9-7/8 X 3/8 ;

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  6. Oscillating Parabolic Heater

    Oscillating Parabolic Heater


    When the weather turns cold a heater can come in handy. Our oscillating parabolic heater is great for the bedroom, workplace, chicken coop and everything in between. It has two heat settings: low produces 450 watts and high will crank out 900 watts. It also comes standard with a timer and tip-over safety device and for further comfort you can adjust the tilting angle. The heater turns like a fan to ensure a equal spread of the heat so hot air isn't blowing in one direction. Maintain your desired temperature in the fall and winter with this parabolic heater. A quality heater can make a invaluable difference in the quality of the workplace, and this heater is certainly a workplace-oriented heater.

    Product Features:

    • 450/900 Watt
    • Wide oscillating angle and adjustable tilting angle
    • Can be use with or without oscillation
    • Two heat settings
    • Tip-over safety device
    • Timer
    • 120 Volts / 60 Hz
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  7. US Stove Firebrick - 6 Pack FBP6

    US Stove Firebrick - 6 Pack FBP6


    Many US Stoves are lined with firebricks. These bricks help absorb and disperse the heat, making the temperature bearable for the occupants. They also insulate the furnace or stove and boost the efficiency, providing you with the most warmth per dollar you could ask for.

    Replacement firebrick in a pack of 6, each brick is 4-1/2 x 9, part number FBP6. For units: 1200, 1300, 1303, 1400, 1500, 1537G, 1537M, 1557M, 1600G, 1600M, 1800G, 2007, 22AF, 2827, 2847, 2941, CAC, EC95, BEC95, 24A, 30A and B2941.

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  8. Simpson Duravent Chimney Cap, 6" with Spark Arrester 9084

    Simpson Duravent Chimney Cap, 6" with Spark Arrester 9084


    Required were chimney pipe terminates above the roofline. Removeable screws allows for cleaning of the chimney and spark arrestor screen. Spark arrestor screen included. Made of stainless steel. Install and use only in accordance with Dura chimney model DCR, SDP chimney installation and maintenance instructions. Residential type and building heating appliance chimney part.

    Features & Benefits

    • Wood Stove Chimney
    • Made in the USA
    • 6" dia.
    • Dura/plus 2100 deg. H
    • Class A chimney
    • For use with Simpson Dura Vent chimney systems only
    • Boxed

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  9. Duraflame Infrared Oak Tower Heater 5QH7000-PO78

    Duraflame Infrared Oak Tower Heater 5QH7000-PO78

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price: $99.99

    Infrared heaters are able to safely and evenly heat your home! The air in the room will pass through the high efficiency filter that removes the dust and dirt from the air, before entering the heater. Making the air coming from the heater safe for you and your family to breathe in!

    Product Features:

    • Treats a space up to 1,000 square feet with 5,200 BTUs of heating power
    • Infrared quartz heat
    • Dual fan speeds
    • Weight: 22.8 lbs
    • Dimensions: 22.8”H x 8”W x 11”D
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  10. Ventamatic MaxxAir 18" Wall Mounted Fan w/ Sealed Motor HVM18

    Ventamatic MaxxAir 18" Wall Mounted Fan w/ Sealed Motor HVM18


    Product Features:

    • Totally enclosed, energy efficient, PSC motor
    • Fan head tilts 180 degrees
    • 3-speed pull chain
    • Rugged hanging bar
    • Powder-coated steel construction
    • OSHA compliant grilles
    • 10 ft. grounded 3-prong power cord
    • For indoor use only
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