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Cooling - Heating

Cooling - Heating

Shop for Portable Propane Heaters, Mr. Heater Portable Buddy, Window Air Conditioning Units and more.

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  1. Big Ass Fan 14' Ceiling Shop Fan 115 Volt

    Big Ass Fan 14' Ceiling Shop Fan 115 Volt


    Big Ass Fans® introduces a new alternative for smaller industrial shops and compact manufacturing areas. ShopFan uses the same sturdy components and aerodynamic principles as our other industrial Big Ass Fans, but in a more compact and economical package for smaller industrial and manufacturing spaces. ShopFan is light weight and pre-wired for easier and faster installation.  This unit includes the mounting kit as well as a 3' drop tube. 

    Easy Installation
    • 1 HP Motor
    • Pre-wired for 115 V 20 A operation
    • Includes 50-ft motor cord 
    Keeps things cool
    • Improves employee comfort
    • Increases productivity and accuracy
    Sized for Small Shops
    • Air circulation for spaces up to 70 ft x 70 ft
    • Fits ceilings as low as 14 ft
    • 14-ft diameter fan
    • Fan weights 241 lbs.
    Truly A Big Ass Fan
    • High Volume/Low Speed air movement technology
    • Industrial ceiling fan quality
    Full-featured Controls
    • Fully adjustable speed settings
    • Compact control unit is pre-wired
    Year-round Energy Savings
    • Low energy air circulation
    • Provides cooling breezes in summer
    • No reverse required, The Shop Fan on its lowest setting gently pushes warm air down in the winter without a cooling effect
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  2. Fire Chief Wood Burning Furnace  FC700E

    Fire Chief Wood Burning Furnace FC700E


    Product Description

    The Fire Chief FC700 is our most popular indoor wood and coal burning furnace and will keep you warm for many winters to come. Fire Chief Wood and Coal Burning Furnaces are designed for maximum efficiency with our unique 360 degree Cast iron Roller Grates (with a lifetime warranty) and a Secondary Combustion Chamber - each Fire Chief furnace Heating System is pre-wired for ease of installation, constructed of heavy gauge steel (7 ga & 10 ga) plus cast iron front and rear baffles for strength and Quality Heating System durability. 
    Comfortably heats approximately 2500 - 3500 square feet*

    Product Features

    • Heating System Construction - High Grade, heavy (7 & 10) gauge steel is continuously welded for maximum structural strength. 
    •  Secondary Combustion Chamber - Increases fuel efficiency for this heating system while re-burning smoke and wood gases before they are vented up the chimney. 
    • Cold Air Return/Filter Box - Standard equipment on the FC700 Fire Chief Furnace. The box filters the return air as well as allowing a connection for a cold air return duct if necessary. 
    •  Cast Iron Baffle - Directs the combustion air flow below and above the cast iron grates creating the maximum fire temperature for every pound of fuel. This heating systems cast iron baffle comes with a lifetime warranty. 
    •  Cast Iron Roller Grates - Designed to roll 360 degrees from either direction, allowing fine ash to drop into ash pit and leaving hot coals in fire box. This heating systems cast iron roller grates comes with a lifetime warranty. 
    •  Thermostatically Controlled Draft - Adds convenience with a full range of comfort determined by the temperature setting of your Fire Chief wall thermostat. 
    •  3-Speed Blower - This heating system motor allows for gentle circulation of air when heating requirements are low and high output when heating requirements are high. 
    • Pre-Wired Electrical System - Fully automatic heating system components are pre-wired for your convenience and to reduce electrical installation time and expense.


    • Weight: 580 lb approx 
    • Height: 50.5'' 
    • Width: 26'' 
    • Depth: 31'' 
    • Maximum Heating Capacity: 2500 - 3500 sq ft 
    • Maximum Btu Output: 150,000 approx 
    • Maximum Log Size: 28'' 
    • Flue Size: 6'' 
    • Fire Chamber Volume: 7.00 cu ft 
    • Plenum Size: 12'' Round 
    • Door Size: 13'' X 14'' 
    • 3-Speed Blower Capacity: 1150,1500, 1800 cfm 
    • Warranty - Firebox: 5 Year 
    • Warranty – Grates, Castings: Lifetime
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  3. Drolet ECO-65 Large Pellet Stove DP00060

    Drolet ECO-65 Large Pellet Stove DP00060


    The ECO-65 is a high efficiency pellet stove. This model is EPA certified and allows for an effective heat transfer to other rooms with the installation of its optional heat distribution kit. Its bottom-feed burner and ultra-powerful blower make it a safe bet in the Large pellet stoves category. This appliance is equipped with a heat exchanger designed to provide air flow with minimum turbulence resulting in a reduction of noise.


    • Model # : DP00060
    • High-efficiency EPA certified appliance
    • Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) : 800 - 2,600
    • Electronic igniter
    • Thermostatic or manual mode
    • Safe and removable handle
    • Ultra-quiet crossflow blower with variable speed control included (CFM) : 500
    • Mobile Home Approved
    • Color : Metallic black
    • Model : Pedestal
    • Easy-to-access ash drawer
    • Glass air-wash system
    • Optimum efficiency : 79.9%
    • Emissions : 2.62 g/h
    • Baffle : High quality stainless steel
    • Minimum burn rate : 1.2 - 7.6 lb/h
    • Combustion Technology : BOTTOM-FEED
    • Maximum Combustion Time : 92 h max
    • Controlled Combustion
    • Variable flame control
    • Constant View of the Fire
    • Hopper capacity : 125 lb (57 Kg)
    • Number of intensity levels : 6
    • Maximum Capacity : 65,000 BTU/h
    • Minimum Capacity : 10,500 BTU/h
    • May qualify for some government incentives.
    • Tested or/and listed as per applicable standards by : Intertek

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  4. US Stove Multi-Fuel Stove with Legs 6041HF

    US Stove Multi-Fuel Stove with Legs 6041HF


    The 6041 multi-fuel stove has evolved into one of the most reliable heating appliances on the market. Not only is it capable of burning compressed wood pellets, it can also burn corn, soybeans, cherry pits, olive pits, biomass fuel grains and processed silage with just a few simple adjustment. This stove is mobile home approved( with the use of a fresh air kit? and is easy to install.

    Product Features:

    • Up to 52,000 BTU's 
    • Heating: Up to 2,400 sq. ft.
    • 60 Pound Capacity 
    • 120 CFM Blower Included
    • LED Digital Control Board 
    • EPA Certified


    • Depth: 28 Inches
    • Width: 29 Inches
    • Height: 31 Inches


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  5. American Energy Systems Magnum Auto Ignition Multifuel Stove WIN-ACP

    American Energy Systems Magnum Auto Ignition Multifuel Stove WIN-ACP


    Product Features:

    • Black Door 
    • 40,000 BTU Capacity 
    • Auto Ignition 
    • Multifuel Firepot
    • Digital Control Center
    • Thermostatic Operation
    • Large Ash Pan
    • 68 Pound Capacity Hopper
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  6. American Energy Systems Magnum Winchester Multifuel Fireplace Insert WIN-ACI

    American Energy Systems Magnum Winchester Multifuel Fireplace Insert WIN-ACI


    Product Features:

    • Black Door
    • 40,000 BTU Capacity
    • Multifuel Firepot
    • Digital Control Center
    • Thermostatic Operations
    • Auto Ignition Available 
    • Heating Capacity: 1,500-2,000 sq. ft.
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  7. WoodMaster Force 30 Pellet Furnace 799-0003

    WoodMaster Force 30 Pellet Furnace 799-0003


    The Force 20 Wood Pellet Furnace is a hot air heat exchanger that is powered by pellets with the Renovator. It conveniently sets up next to your existing forced air system for a simple adaption to your ducting.

    Product Features:

    • Heat output 102.000 BTU/hr
    • Measures 13.39 inches wide X 55 inches high X 22 inches deep (with burner and fan: 53 inches deep)
    • CC smoke pipe from floor: 52 inches
    • Outside diameter flue pipe: 6 inches
    • Ventilation connection: 12 inches
    • Air flow 0-3400 m3/h
    • Ash box volume: 1 cubic foot
    • Power: 120 Vac
    • Fire year limited manufacturer warranty


    • The Force furnace must be installed in a location that has enough space for easy cleaning and maintenance of the furnace
    • There  must be ample room for the storage hopper and auger assembly
    • The furnace must be on a level surface that can support the weight of the unit, as well as the weight of a fully pellet hopper
    • The furnace room must have a vent to allow ample fresh air for the combustion process
    • A vent size of at least 20 square inches is recommended


    Sweeping the heat exchange tubes:

    • Regular cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes is made from the top by taking the top door and cover off the furnace. Ensure the furnace had had ample time to cool before cleaning the heat exchanger tubes and emptying the ash box. Dispose of ash in a metal contained away from combustible materials. When cleaning the heat  exchanger tubes ensure that you do not damage the ceramic insulation in the process. The Force has an extra large ash box in the bottom to help with cleaning and maintenance. The ash box should be checked and emptied regularly, and can hold approximately 1 cubic feet or ash or 1 to 2 weeks worth of ash.

    Cleaning the burner:

    • Air cleaning is a simple process. Removal of the firepot takes only a few minutes. Always disconnect the power source first.
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  8. WoodMaster 20KW Renovator Boiler 720-0004

    WoodMaster 20KW Renovator Boiler 720-0004


    The WoodMaster Renovator Natural Energy heating system is and economical solution that burns abundant, renewable and affordable wood pallets. The renovator is designed to convert your existing fossil fuel boiler/ furnace system into a Natural Energy heating system. No need to replace that old outdated system when you can just Renovate it! 

    Product Features:

    • Efficient heat from wood pellets that supports local economy.
    • Approximately 68,000 BTU for larger applications.
    • Automatic Ignition for heat demand
    • Air cleaned firepot to help keep maintenance to a minimum and retain high efficiency.
    • Easily connects to existing systems, convert your fossil fuel heat to pellets for independence from foreign oil.
    • Fully automatic PLC for user friendly operation.
    • Low maintenance, just makes life easier.
    • Compact design that easily fits into tight areas. 
    • Burn back protection to keep everyone safe.
    • 5 Year limited manufacturer warranty


    • Manual cleaning is a simple process. Removal of the firepot takes only a few minutes. Below is a step by step process for burner removal. Always disconnect the power source first!
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  9. US Stove Single Blower Outdoor Furnace 1600EF

    US Stove Single Blower Outdoor Furnace 1600EF


    This furnace is designed to use in conjunction with your existing HVAC ductwork and works with your existing furnace while leaving the mess outside. With up to 180,000 BTUs, it is designed to heat a home up to 3,000 sq. ft. This unit has an all weather steel shell that is overlapped for a tighter weather seal. Connection to your existing ductwork is easy with the 10” warm air outlet and 12˝ return duct.

    Product Features:

    • Up to 180,000 BTU's
    • Heating: Up to 3,000 sq. ft.
    • 28 Inch Log Length
    • 160 Pound Coal Capacity 
    • 1,600 CFM Blower
    • Motorized Damper
    • For Outdoor Use 
    • Add on


    • Depth w/ Blower: 65.5 Inches
    • Width: 29.5 Inches
    • Height: 55.625
    • 7.1 Cubic Feet Fire Box
    • Weight: 735 Pounds
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  10. American Energy Systems Magnum Baby Auto Ignition Multifuel Stove BC-AC-E

    American Energy Systems Magnum Baby Auto Ignition Multifuel Stove BC-AC-E


    Product Features:

    • Black Door
    • 32,000 BTU Capacity
    • Auto Ignition 
    • Multifuel Firepot 
    • Thermostatic Operation
    • Multi-Programs
    • 50 Pound Capacity Hopper
    • Large Ash Pan
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