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Humidifiers - Accessories

Humidifiers - Accessories

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  1. Essick Air Replacement Space Saver Humidifier Wick 1043

    Essick Air Replacement Space Saver Humidifier Wick 1043


    It’s simple - it’s all in the paper. Our wicks contain more paper than the competition. The quality of our paper has greater absorbency, lasts longer, and requires less energy to provide the same amount of humidification as the competition. Each Super Wick is made right here in the USA under our high quality control standards.

    Product Features:

    • AHAM certified output
    • High output, long-lasting
    • Superior workmanship and quality components
    • Lasts a full season depending on water quality
    • Traps and retains mineral deposits to ensure cleaner air
    • Use only original Essick Air wicks for optimal performance of your humidifier
    • Does not include frame
    • Use with Essick Air models EP9 500; EP9 700; EP9R 500 and 821 000
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  2. Essick Air Bacteria Treatment Qt - 32 oz. 1970

    Essick Air Bacteria Treatment Qt - 32 oz. 1970



    • Helps control bacteria and algae buildup
    • Keeps water smelling clean
    • EPA registered
    • Only treatment required for evaporative humidifiers
    • 32 oz. bottle
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  3. Essick AirCare Filter Wick 1051

    Essick AirCare Filter Wick 1051


    Product Features

    • Fits 400 & 600 Series humidifiers.
    • Two-stage air-cleaning filter
    • Removes dust, pollen, smoke, and odors from the air.
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  4. Essick Air Humidifier Wicks - 3 Pack HDC311

    Essick Air Humidifier Wicks - 3 Pack HDC311


    A good humidifier is only as good as its wick. Be sure to always use Essick Air brand wicks/filters which have been independently tested to ensure they meet high standards. Replace your wick at least once per season, or more often under hard water conditions.

    Product Features:

    • Honeycomb construction with anti-microbial and particulate-trapping treatment
    • Specially treated to resist mold and mildew
    • Meets AHAM standards
    • Package contains 3 wicks
    • Compatible with Essick Air models EA1201 and EA1208
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  5. Essick Air Waterwick Replacement H12 Console Wick 1045

    Essick Air Waterwick Replacement H12 Console Wick 1045

    • AHAM certified output
    • Longer lasting, still at 96-2/5-percent after 90 days
    • Less energy consumption
    • Superior product
    • Great value
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  6. Essick Air Space Saver 9 Gallon 2-Speed Humidifier 821 000

    Essick Air Space Saver 9 Gallon 2-Speed Humidifier 821 000


    This space saving humidifier is sure to compliment any decor. Our humidifiers work by adding invisible moisture to your environment by moving dry air through a saturated wick. Maintaining proper humidity levels between 30-50% in your home/office/workplace has been scientifically proven to help prevent the flu and allergies. Proper humidity hydrates your skin, alleviates dry eyes, scratchy throats and can reduce snoring. With a doctor's approval increased humidity can reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. It also protects fine furniture, musical instruments, collectibles and wood floors. Proper humidity makes you feel warmer allowing you to lower your thermostat setting which will save money.

    Product Features:

    • 6-gal. water capacity
    • 1,900 sq. ft. coverage (2,800 sq. ft. tight coverage)
    • Up to 9-gal. daily output
    • Digital controls and display
    • 2-speed motor
    • Adjustable humidistat and automatic shutoff
    • Water refill and check filter indicators
    • Casters for easy mobility
    • Convenient top pour-in door
    • Built in USA of domestic and imported parts
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  7. Luma Comfort New Air 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier AD-250

    Luma Comfort New Air 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier AD-250


    Protect your home and belongings with the compact and efficient NewAir AD-250 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier. This powerful dehumidifier is perfect for small rooms, RVs, boats, bathrooms and storage areas. It will remove up to 25 pints of moisture a day and protect your home and belongings from mold, mildew, dust mites and other allergens that thrive in moist, humid environments.

    Compact and Portable- The NewAir AD-250 is a lightweight and fully portable room dehumidifier, with a built-in handle and casters that make it easy to move from room to room. Its small size – just over 1 ½ feet tall – means that it will go wherever you need it most.

    Quiet Operation- The AD-250 portable dehumidifier delivers relief from excessive humidity without adding extra noise to your environment.

    Simple Controls- The control panel of the NewAir AD-250 portable dehumidifier features a simple control knob and LED light displays, for easy operation. The unit shuts off automatically when the water tank is full.

    Two Drainage Options- The NewAir AD-250 removes up to 25 pints of moisture daily. Set up with the included continuous drainage hose, or simply empty the collection bucket when needed.

    Fresher Air- The AD-250 portable room dehumidifier includes a washable, reusable air filter to help keep the air you breathe fresh and clean.

    Automatic Defrost- The NewAir AD-250 room dehumidifier turns off automatically in low temperatures to defrost, ensuring reliable performance.

    Product Features: 

    • Compact unit fits easily into your small space
    • Lightweight and portable moisture control for RVs, boats, storage, more
    • Quiet operation – you’ll hardly notice it running
    • Removes up to 25 pints of moisture daily
    • Continuous drainage option means no need to empty bucket
    • Washable air filters for cleaner, dryer air

    Length (in.) 11.00"
    Width (in.) 5.70"
    Height (in.) 19.70"
    Product Weight  16.50 lbs
    Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
    Voltage 115 Voltage
    Watts 190 Watts
    Amps 1.6 amps
    Frequency  60 Hz
    Dehumidification Capacity  25 Pints per Day
    Dehumidification Technology  Compressor
    Water Tank Size 6 Pints
    Drainage Options Manual, Continuous
    Hose Connection  Yes
    Full Tank Alert Yes
    Air Filter Yes
    Automatic Defrost Yes
    Casters  No
    Control Type Manual Dial
    Certifications ETL

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  8. Essick Air Humidifier Wick Console 3 Speed Wood H12-300HB

    Essick Air Humidifier Wick Console 3 Speed Wood H12-300HB


    Replenish the needed moisture to the air with a console humidifier that restores and maintains healthful levels of humidity reduced by home heating. Also provides an ideal environment for home furnishings and electronics. 12 gallons of output per day. Humidifies 2500 square feet. Three moisture settings. Three speed operation, includes quieter nighttime setting. High-output evaporative wick. Easy-fill water bottle No messy white dust or spray. Helps prevent chapped lips, parched throat, and cracked skin Reduces static electricity to protect computers and electronics. Protects plants and furniture from harmful dry air. Removable Power Pack for safe easy cleaning. EZ-Roll casters - humidifier moves easily from room to room.

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  9. Essick Air Super Wick Humidifier Replacement 1041

    Essick Air Super Wick Humidifier Replacement 1041


    Replacement SuperWick® for 400, 600, & ED11 series.


    • AHAM certified output
    • Longer Lasting - still at 96.4% after 90 days
    • Less energy consumption
    • 17 x 10 x 5
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  10. Luma PureClean Air Purifier AP170W

    Luma PureClean Air Purifier AP170W


    We spend up to 90% of our time indoors. And with harmful airborne particles such as dust, smoke, chemicals and mold circulating in the air we breathe, that makes breathing contaminated air unhealthy.

    The Luma Comfort AP170W PureClean Air Purifier removes harmful airborne particles in small to medium size areas up to 170 square feet.  Designed for localized particle removal, this compact air purifier is ideal for use in bedrooms and small offices. Once contaminated air is drawn into the unit, it’s passed through Luma Comfort’s advanced 5-step PureClean purification system:

    • Step 1 - Carbon pre-filter deodorizes the air and traps larger particles such as dust, pet dander and lint
    • Step 2 - HEPA filter traps over 99% of some of the smallest particles down to 0.3 microns
    • Step 3 - VOC filter absorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are carbon-based airborne chemicals commonly found in wall paint, carpet, varnishes, solvents and more
    • Step 4 - TiO2 filter is coated with titanium dioxide, which, when working with a UV light source, destroys harmful gases and bacteria
    • Step 5 - UV bulbs destroy biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and mold

    The AP170W Air Purifier also features a sleek, space-saving flat panel design with LED control panel and has a SmartClean sensor that detects and alerts you when the filters need to be replaced.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Color: White
    • Dimensions: 12.2” x 7.7” x 14.4”
    • Weight: 8.8 lbs.
    • Electrical: 110V-120V / 60 Hz / 48W
    • Coverage Area: Up to 170 square feet
    • Purification Methods: HEPA filter, carbon pre-filter, UV light, TiO2 filter and VOC filter
    • Fan Speeds: 3
    • Noise Level (dB): 53.24/52.4/50.5
    • Adjustable Timer: 1-7 hours
    • Filter Life Indicator: Yes
    • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


    • Advanced 5-step PureClean purification system effectively reduces odors and removes over 99% of pollutants that enter the unit
    • Uses no more electricity than a standard household light bulb
    • Purifies up to 170 square feet
    • Controls a wide range of contaminants, including dust, pet dander, smoke, chemicals, mold, bacteria and more
    • Combines form and function with its sleek panel design and advanced cleaning system
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