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  1. Hi-Lift Jack Co. Lift-Mate LM-100

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. Lift-Mate LM-100


    Lift directly from the wheel... Plastic bumpers and extreme lift-kits are no longer a problem!

    Many trucks and SUV's have larger tires and/or lift kits that require extensive lifting height ability from the bumper jack. The Lift-Mate is designed to operate in a manner that allows the vehicle wheel to be lifted directly from the wheel, greatly reducing the amount of travel up the jack bar needed to lift the wheel in an adequate and safe height.

    Lift-Mate Features & Specifications:

    • Lift Capacity: 5000 lbs. (2273 kg)
    • Rubber-Coated hooks to protect the wheel
    • Rubber pad for protecting the tire and wheel



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  2. Trailer Jack Swivel/Folding  1000LB

    Trailer Jack Swivel/Folding 1000LB


    Product Description

    • Maintenance free - designed to eliminate the need for lubrication and maintenance
    • Corrosion resistant coatings cover internal and external components - will hold up in salt water and other harsh environments
    • Ergonomic design - crank, release pin and integrated wheel wedge are made of strong, engineered plastic for a comfortable touch
    • Stylish design - compliment your boat and customize your trailer's styling
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  3. Hi-Lift Jack Co. First Responder 60 in. Extrication Jack FR-605

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. First Responder 60 in. Extrication Jack FR-605


    The tool of choice for Extrication, Heavy Rescue, Forcible Entry, RIT/RIC, procedures as well as Stabilization and Shoring. Firefighter-designed, the First Responder Jack is constructed of steel, cast iron, and high-strength aluminum, and available in 36", 48", and 60" sizes. It offers up to 4660 lb. of leveraging, lifting, and winching options.

    No other rescue tool is as easy to use, dependable, visible, and versatile -- giving it unlimited potential at a fraction of the cost of other expensive rescue tools. The First Responder Jack offers the same spreading and ramming options used in extrication as the expensive hydraulic tools at a fraction of the cost. It requires no fuel or power, which makes it ideal for remote access with limited resources, and USAR applications in all types of disasters. From being first on-scene at a rural accident to deploying RIT for a firefighter down during a structure fire, or searching for victims at the largest of incidents, there is no tool in the fires service that offers more versatility than the First Responder Jack.

    Jack Features:

    • Removable top clamp-clevis attachment is rated to the full capacity of the jack for winching, clamping and spreading.
    • Durable powder-coated bright yellow main components with fire red actuating pieces.
    • Safe Use Information including rated load details and operating instructions.
    • Aggressive 36 sq. inch base provides a safe and effective platform, while offering a wide array of rescue options that encompass; cribbing, chains, straps, and has a 360 degree pinnable rotation platform.
    • Luminescent features for use in IDLH and low light atmospheres.


    Size 60" 152 cm
    Min. Lift Height  6.75" 17.14 cm
    Max. Lift Height 49.75" 126.37 cm
    Overall Height 61.75" 156.85 cm   
    Width 5" 12.7 cm
    Depth 9.63" 24.46 cm
    Rated Load (RL) 4660 lbs 2113 kg
    RL on upper 12"/30.5 cm     2660 lbs     1206 kg
    Tested Load (TL) 7000 lbs 3175 kg
    TL on upper 12"/30.5 cm 4000 lbs 1814 kg
    Winching Capacity 7000 lbs 3175 kg
    Clamping Capacity 7000 lbs 3175 kg
    Weight 33.3 lbs 15.10 kg


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  4. Pro-Lift 1500 lb. Utility Lift T-2152

    Pro-Lift 1500 lb. Utility Lift T-2152


    The Pro-Lift T-2152 Utility Lift makes your maintenance tasks a breeze. Lift and lower your motorcycle, ATV, dirtbike and more with the easy to use foot pedal operated by a 2 ton bottle jack. The 3 position safety locks secure the load in place and the 14 in. of lift height lifts your ride to a workable height making for an easier more efficient work space.

    • 1,500 lb. Weight capacity
    • 3 Position safety lock
    • Low profile clearance of 4-1/2 in.
    • Anti-slide stops
    • Multiple tie down points
    • Removable handle for easy storage
    • Speed sensitive foot pedal release
    • Lift height over 14 in.
    • Protective rubber padded lifting saddles 11-1/2" long
    • 4 Steel casters for sturdy mobility and two rear swivel casters for easy positioning
    • Durable welded reinforced steel construction
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  5. Hi-Lift Jack Co. Neoprene Jack Cover NJC

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. Neoprene Jack Cover NJC


    Protect your jack from the elements! Keep your Hi-Lift Jack's lifting assembly protected from mud, dirt and road grime. This product is designed to greatly reduce the amount of dirt and mud that can accumulate in the working mechanism of the jack. It WILL NOT eleminate ALL moisture or dirt.

    • Easy On, Easy Off
    • Tight Fit
    • Fast Drying
    • Machine Washable
    • UV Protected
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  6. 3M Professional Chemical Splash/Chemical Impact Goggle 91264

    3M Professional Chemical Splash/Chemical Impact Goggle 91264

    • Helps protect eyes from certain airborne particulates and chemical splash.
    • Anti-fog lens
    • Meets requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2003
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  7. 3M Blue Fuel Safety Sunglasses 90988

    3M Blue Fuel Safety Sunglasses 90988


    Platinum frame and blue mirror lenses. Streamline geometry with vented Torsion-Lock temples for head-hugging fit. Meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 industrial safety standards. Triple reflex-coated for scratch resistance and extreme 99.9% UV protection. Carrying case. safety glasses sunglasses fuel


    • FUEL Safety Sunglasses
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  8. Gripon Tools 1 Ton Chain Hoist Lift 18103

    Gripon Tools 1 Ton Chain Hoist Lift 18103

    • The Grip 18103 1-Ton Chain Hoist is an excellent way to lift and move heavy objects.
    • Features: 10-Foot lift, 2000-Pounds weight capacity, Drop forged hooks for extreme durablitly
    • What's In The Box: Grip 18103 1-Ton Chain Hoist
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  9. Hi-Lift Jack Co. Handle-All Multi-Purpose Tool HA-500

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. Handle-All Multi-Purpose Tool HA-500


    A Handle-All is a multi-functional tool with telescoping handle and 4 full-sized implements. Compact and rugged, while maintaining full-size utility. Perfect for camping, off-roading, recreation, farming, ranching, and forestry. Stores compactly alongside other accessories.

    When driving off-road, it is essential to have recovery equipment. Most reliable sources strongly suggest a Hi-Lift jack, a shovel, and an axe as minimal gear. In fact, many off-road parks consider these items mandatory equipment. A compact set of tools ideal for off-road vehicles where storage space for supplies, equipment, and tools is limited.

    Handle-All Features Include:

    • Branded gear bag for storage
    • Telescoping implement handle
    • Full-sized shovel head
    • Full-sized sledge hammer head
    • Full-sized axe head
    • Full-sized pick-axe head
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  10. Hi-Lift Jack Co. Handle-Keeper HK

    Hi-Lift Jack Co. Handle-Keeper HK


    The rugged polyurethane Handle-Keeper holds the Hi-Lift® handle to the upright steel bar, keeping it in place when not in use and eliminating "rattling" during transportation and storage.

    The Handle-Keeper easily slips on and off over the Hi-Lift® Top Clamp-Clevis to allow for proper use of the Hi-Lift® Jack. The unique design eliminates the need to remove the Top Clamp-Clevis for putting on or taking off the Handle-Keeper.


    Handle-Keeper Features & Specifications:

    • Fits all models of Hi-Lift® brand jacks
    • Available in two colors - Black & Red
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